Travelling Salesman problem in the city

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Let`s imagine for an example such situation. You are engaged in delivery of small goods in the city.You need to optimize a route of the courier (traveling salesman or vehicle) to go round some customers in different places of city and to return to a point of departure.There can be such situation.You need to go round, we shall admit, 16 customers. One vehicle can
to not have time to make it. It is necessary to make the plan of use of several vehicles,
having optimized, both the general route, and a route of each vehicle.

Version - Algorithm enhancements
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Update history of Travelling Salesman problem in the city
v1.1.0.0 (October, 17. 2010)
Algorithm enhancements
v1.0.2.7 (December, 22. 2009)
Algorithm enhancements
v1.0.2.6 (September, 20. 2009)
Algorithm enhancements
v1.0.2.5 (August, 24. 2009)
Algorithm enhancements
v1.0.2.4 (July, 24. 2009)
Bug fix and algorithm enhancements
v1.0.2.3 (July, 17. 2009)
Version - works faster.
v1.0.2.1 (May, 25. 2009)
Version - works faster.
v1.0.1.6 (May, 5. 2009)
Version limits number of points in the tour to 56 and max. number of vehicles - 8.
v1.0.1.4 (April, 15. 2009)
v1.0.1.1 (March, 31. 2009)
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