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Freeware by Heidi Computers Ltd
159 x 2344Kb downloads

...Eraser is an advanced security tool, which allows you to completely remove sensitive data from your hard drive by overwriting it several times with carefully selected patterns. You can drag...
Data Eraser

Shareware by Data Eraser
6 x 4495Kb downloads

...them in a backup folder. Kernel File shredder wipe out all sensitive Windows data in an efficient...Windows data. File Shredder Windows 7 software can wipe out all types of Windows data such as...
document shreddingdelete files permanentlyfile shredder windowsdata shredderhow permanently delete filessecure deletefile eraserdata eraserwipe free space

Demo by Abhishek Arya
25 x 1711Kb downloads

...data. 1. Unlike other commonly available security softwares, SecureLock prepares an Output Secure File without which the...Your data remains locked. 5. Very fast and Secure Encryption method is used to scramble your secret...concept "Simultaneous Encryption" which means that the Output Secure File and your Data are encrypted simultaneously so...world can decrypt your data without the output secure file. This type of encryption does not operate...
unknownfilehidefat16shieldsecurelockfolderfat32abhishek aryawipeunlocksecuritysecretdeleteconcealprotectdrivebreakfat12
AEVITA Wipe and Delete

Shareware by AEVITA Software Ltd.
34 x 1331Kb downloads

...AEVITA Wipe and Delete is a reliable and ultra-fast shredder...that will help you securely erase any file or folder without any chances...file, folder or disk and selecting the AEVITA Wipe and Delete menu option. Before erasing a file,...snooping on your computer activities. The consequences of insecurely erased information can be extremely damaging. Your confidential...
Hide Secret Files 3

Shareware by E-CRONIS Software
24 x 1175Kb downloads

...the ultimate tool allowing you to have exclusive secured access to sensitive information based on a password....the password, will be able to access the secured data. Not even your own operating system will...your secrets! Here is the ultimate solution to securely protect your valuable data: Hide Secret Files...
secretsafeerasehide filesunhideevidencefolder guardlock filesprivatesecuredeletehide folderssoftwareprotectlock foldersecurityfolder lockdiskinvisiblewipeprivacy
Mutilate File Wiper

Shareware by Craig Christensen
56 x 1775Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...OVERWRITTEN, by analyzing latent magnetic traces. Mutilate File Wiper is a file shredder or file eraser that...
privacyswapfilewasherwipeevidenceshreddersecure deletiondisk eraserremovalpagefilefile wiperforensicdeletedata recoveryundeletetrackscleansecuritypurgeswap file
Secrets Protector Pro

Shareware by E-CRONIS Software
37 x 1232Kb downloads

...you the features of a folder locker, a secure eraser and a privacy manager. The Hide Secret...File’s proud successor, enforced with strong encryption, secure file deletion technique and a smart built-in trace...your online and offline activity traces will be wiped for good. Secrets Protector Pro is the ultimate...Protector Pro assures an extra protection for your securely hidden files. The program allows you to permanently...
evidencesafewipeunhidelock folderprivate filesecuresecurityguarddiskprotectsensitivelock fileseraserdeletesecrethide foldersprivacyinvisible
Advanced Encryption Plugin for Explorer

Shareware by InterCrypto Ltd
20 x 4862Kb downloads

...256-bit AES. Additionally it provides all methods of secure files deletion (actually it supports 20 file wiping...algorithms including Quick Wipe and Peter Gutmann method). AEPE can read decryption...
Secure Clean PC

Shareware by SoftFolder Inc
43 x 1177Kb downloads

...need to clean up your PC to the secure state by removing evidence traces and other garbage...that may be used against you. Secure Clean PC program will do this job for...automatically, and also with scheduled operations. Try our Secure Clean PC for free....
Blancco - Lite

Commercial by Blancco Oy Ltd
25 x 1474Kb downloads

...for simple sanitization needs. It guarantees a 100% secure hard disk erasure for PC and laptop computers...Lite makes data recovery impossible. Blancco - Lite wipes away all data including confidential, secret and top...
data leaksdiscarding the computersecurehard diskpartitionidentity theftremovalwipedeletecleanererase historyerasureeraseroverwritehard driveblanccopersonal datadoddonating computersecurity
Blancco - Pro

Commercial by Blancco Oy Ltd
27 x 1474Kb downloads

...HPA and remapped sectors. Blancco – Pro effectively wipes the drive clean, completely eliminating the risk of...
personal dataidentity thefthard diskerasurewipepartitioneraserdiscarding the computererase historyhard drivesecuritydodblanccoremovaldata leaksdeletedonating computeroverwritecleanersecure
Uninstall Plus

Shareware by BiTQueue Solutions
57 x 2260Kb downloads

...on the Uninstall Plus icon from the desktop. SECURE DELETE (wipe)FILES/FOLDERS wipe your sensitive data clean making...(temporary files, old files,empty folders,etc.). CLEAN ACTIVITY TRACES, wipe your computer clean when you are done using...
technical solutionsadd remove listsystem improvementjunkadd remove programbackup registrydeletebad uninstallsecureapplicationcleancomputerserroruninstalleroptimizeshareware products
...other service that involves private data, identification and secure transfers of information. And in fact, to erase...privacy requirements. It can be used to safely wipe useless files or even clean traces of junk...this representing your preferences and actually your ID. Securely scan for and delete temporary Internet files, erase...
recover spaceerasehistorydeletesweepstop intruderscookiesremovetotal privacytemp filesclean datacachesystem cleanercleanupurlinternet privacyprivacy analyzer
CyberScrub Privacy Suite tools

Shareware by newqite.Inc.,
24 x 3875Kb downloads

...of your online activity, erases data beyond recovery, secures your files with strong encryption and enhances overall...party application. Privacy Suite also allows you to secure your files with powerful encryption to prevent discovery...
wipeprotectdiskprivacyonline activitysecuritycleandriveencrypt datainterneteraseerase filesdeletion
Encrypt Easy

Shareware by Baltsoft Software
18 x 1254Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...click. After encryption, information may be stored on unsecured drives or emailed over the Internet, and only...computer files. Encrypt Easy also has a built-in wipe utility that removes all traces of Internet and...
shred filesencrypt filesfile encryption softwarefile shreddingencrypt easyencrypted filesshredder file
...Security Manager also provides the useful features of Secure file deletion (removal), which means the file you...
addsharesrightsmodifyaccessntfswindows homelockunlockuserfolderdenymanagedeletionassignsecurityownertabwiperestrictcontrolfilepermissionsnetbooksetlaptopsecureremovaldrive
...as fresh one then you must use Data Wiper Software, it surely wipes all existing contents including...etc. Features: * Hard disk data remover safely wipes the entire logical drive, unused disk space, offline/online...internet application. * Data Wiper Software completely erases records including Microsoft word, Power...files and other data on your computer. * Wipe the entire disk drive (Destructive wiping) and provide...
Free Vista Files award
...magnetization of hard drive`s surface). Master Shredder can securely delete your important files using 18 wiping algorithms,...
quick wipefilesdeletionshreddingvsitrshredderwipingschneiersecuredodgutmanndeletinggost

Shareware by Elcor Software
29 x 1029Kb downloads

...of SFX packages (like WinZip). It also features secure deletion (Wipe) option providing you with the powerful...
wipeprotect your sensitive dataanti spyfastdata securitygostshellsecure deletion3desencryptdata encryption toolkitencryption softwarecastblowfishrc2sfx

Shareware by Affinity-Tools
14 x 4174Kb downloads

...FastDataShredder deletes information securely off your hard disk. Using a number of...see gone is actually gone - forever. Using secure data wiping algorithms conforming to established government and...takes care of sensitive data in the most secure way. Unlike many so-called information shredders, FastDataShredder knows...its job when it comes to securely destroying sensitive data. Featuring a variety of data...
data shreddersecure delete filedeleted file shredderdisk wipedisk wipe freedisk file shreddershift deldod file shreddersecure erase filedestroydisk wipe utilitiesdod hard drive wipe