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Freeware by Heidi Computers Ltd
159 x 2344Kb downloads

...you to completely remove sensitive data from your hard drive by overwriting it several times with carefully...to effectively remove the magnetic remnants from the hard disk. Other methods include the one defined in...
...HDD Wipe Tool is a freeware utility for low-level hard...disk drive erasing. This small program will erase and re-certify...a SATA, IDE or SCSI hard disk drive. Will work with USB and FIREWIRE...external drive enclosures. Low-level erasing of Flash Cards is supported...too. HDD Wipe Tool will clear partitions, MBR, and every bit...
llffujitsutoshibahddzero fillmaxtorhitachiwestern digitalsamsunghard disk driveseagatesmartlow-level formatwipeerase disk
Free Vista Files award
...after you have completely deleted information from your hard drive, it is still there? There are a...this file later. Smart Data Scrubber allows to wipe completely all the information about the file you...
wipe hard drivewipe informationwipe data
Hide Secret Files 3

Shareware by E-CRONIS Software
24 x 1175Kb downloads

...so the Safe Mode booting or moving the hard drive in another PC won’t make possible the...to really store your data safely on your hard drive. In the most of cases the data...system in safe mode, or to move your hard drive in another PC to avoid kernel level...
secretsafeerasehide filesunhideevidencefolder guardlock filesprivatesecuredeletehide folderssoftwareprotectlock foldersecurityfolder lockdiskinvisiblewipeprivacy
Mutilate File Wiper

Shareware by Craig Christensen
56 x 1775Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...the file, ALL THE DATA REMAINS ON YOUR HARD DRIVE. The remaining data can be easily recovered...OVERWRITTEN, by analyzing latent magnetic traces. Mutilate File Wiper is a file shredder or file eraser that...attempts to recover sensitive deleted files from your hard drive by data recovery or forensic software. The...remover to destroy previously deleted files on your hard drive. And, you can store up to thirteen...
privacyswapfilewasherwipeevidenceshreddersecure deletiondisk eraserremovalpagefilefile wiperforensicdeletedata recoveryundeletetrackscleansecuritypurgeswap file
Acronis Drive Cleanser

Demo by Acronis
30 x 5400Kb downloads

...of an old PC, upgrading to a new hard drive, returning a leased computer, or redeploying a...to completely destroy all data from the old hard disk. Acronis Drive Cleanser guarantees the complete destruction...deletes all the data and partitions on a hard disk - Allows to format the disk drive,...process - Full review of the results of hard disk wiping through built-in DiskViewer utility - Extremely...
wipe partitiondelete datawipe hard drivedestroy dataformat diskdisk cleanupdelete partition
Acronis Power Utilities

Demo by Acronis
26 x 26620Kb downloads

...If you want to upgrade to a new hard disk, Acronis Migrate Easy helps you to install...you can easily back up and restore critical hard drive sectors or edit contents of hard disk...spyware use Acronis Privacy Expert Suite. It completely wipes any evidence of your work in Windows system...are getting rid of an old PC or hard drive and want to destroy confidential data, Acronis...
disk cleanuponlinedata protectionpersonal privacyfile wipeinternet securitytrace removalsystem cleanupinternet cleanupcache cleanupwipe diskinternet privacypop-up blockercookies cleanuphijackersspyware removaladware removal
Free Vista Files award
...are stored in the encrypted form on virtual hard drive with password authentication, but when it is...that the user attempts to write to this drive is intercepted by CryptoExpert, encrypted, and written to...support for command line. Support for USB Flash Drives to mount containers without passwords. Works on Vista...new feature: Disk Firewall to protect your virtual drive contents from malicious applications like viruses, trojajns and...
Blancco - Lite

Commercial by Blancco Oy Ltd
25 x 1474Kb downloads

...simple sanitization needs. It guarantees a 100% secure hard disk erasure for PC and laptop computers with...unlimited erasure for one IDE hard disk drive per computer. A confirmation report is generated after...formatting do not erase data stored on your hard drive. High-speed erasure performed by Blancco - Lite...makes data recovery impossible. Blancco - Lite wipes away all data including confidential, secret and top...
data leaksdiscarding the computersecurehard diskpartitionidentity theftremovalwipedeletecleanererase historyerasureeraseroverwritehard driveblanccopersonal datadoddonating computersecurity
Blancco - Pro

Commercial by Blancco Oy Ltd
27 x 1474Kb downloads

...high-speed, simultaneous disk sanitization of up to 16 hard disks of any size per computer server. Blancco...erasure of locked and hidden sectors on a hard disk such as DCO, HPA and remapped sectors....Blancco – Pro effectively wipes the drive clean, completely eliminating the risk of any possible...data leaks when disposing of computers/servers. Once the hard disk(s) are erased, the software automatically generates a...
personal dataidentity thefthard diskerasurewipepartitioneraserdiscarding the computererase historyhard drivesecuritydodblanccoremovaldata leaksdeletedonating computeroverwritecleanersecure
...privacy requirements. It can be used to safely wipe useless files or even clean traces of junk...of your computer such as safe cleaning of hard drive, free up disk space and keep everything...
recover spaceerasehistorydeletesweepstop intruderscookiesremovetotal privacytemp filesclean datacachesystem cleanercleanupurlinternet privacyprivacy analyzer
CyberScrub Privacy Suite tools

Shareware by newqite.Inc.,
24 x 3875Kb downloads

...picture or video viewed is written to your hard drive? Simply opening an email can put you...
wipeprotectdiskprivacyonline activitysecuritycleandriveencrypt datainterneteraseerase filesdeletion
Powerful Cookies

Shareware by PCookiesSoft
31 x 359Kb downloads

...the recent documents list, remove temporary files, free hard drive space, erase typed URLs, wipe autocomplete-form data,...
firefoxoperawindowsinternetpowerful cookiesexplorermonitorccleaneroptimizationtrackshistorytechnologyvistaprivacynetscapedisk cleanermsie
...it means data become deleted permanently from their hard disk. But it’s not true most of the...software. If you want to use existing storage drive as fresh one then you must use Data...Wiper Software, it surely wipes all existing contents including files, internal data, their...flash memory devices, removable media etc. Features: * Hard disk data remover safely wipes the entire logical...unused disk space, offline/online internet application.

Demo by WhiteCanyon Inc.
194 x 2276Kb downloads

...Wipe your hard drive completely clean. Use WipeDrive to wipe all data from your computer and...start fresh with a clean hard drive. Deleting a file or formatting your hard...files, emptying your recycle bin, or formatting your hard drive only removes the hard drive`s table of...contents - it doesn`t erase hard drive data. Identity thieves target donated, sold, and discarded...
donating computerdiscarding the computerpersonal dataerase hard drive datamediawipererase hard drivescleanwipedrivedepartment defense
Free Vista Files award
...by any third party software, even by special hardware devices (analyzing remanent magnetization of hard drive`s surface)....files not only on FAT16 and FAT32 formatted hard drives and other media, but it includes special...algorithms for NTFS formatted hard drives, it recognized and destructs NTFS compressed and...
quick wipefilesdeletionshreddingvsitrshredderwipingschneiersecuredodgutmanndeletinggost
Drive Wipe Program

Demo by Drive Wipe Software
8 x 5539Kb downloads

...confidential files from any storage devices such as hard drives (SATA /SCSI / IDE etc.), FireWire Drives,...(SD, XD, MMC, Memory Stick etc.), USB external drive with ease. Drive Wipe tool has ability to...sanitization methods. First try the demo version of Drive Wipe Program to check its capability and once...with it then go for complete version to wipe your all confidential files. In case, if you...
drive wipe programdisk wipehard drive wipedrive wipe softwarepermanently wipe drive
...when you sell, donate, or recycle your computer. DriveScrubber permanently erases hard drive data so that that...part ways with your PC. Erase the entire hard drive, or wipe just the free space on...your hard drive to scrub file remnants while leaving the operating...system and applications intact. DriveScrubber works within Windows, and cleans unwanted data from...
scrubscrubberhard drivehdddata securitywipebleachdiskdeletehard diskformaterasedepartment defensesanitizefiledodcomputercleanreformat

Shareware by Affinity-Tools
14 x 4174Kb downloads

...FastDataShredder deletes information securely off your hard disk. Using a number of secure, government-standard data...of files, and entire folders, FastDataShredder can securely wipe sensitive data in just minutes. FastDataShredder supports USB...memory drives and USB memory cards, using special algorithms to...
data shreddersecure delete filedeleted file shredderdisk wipedisk wipe freedisk file shreddershift deldod file shreddersecure erase filedestroydisk wipe utilitiesdod hard drive wipe
Free Vista Files award
...be recovered. Whether you want to erase a hard drive or wipe a file, ShredIt for Windows...job. It shreds files, folders, disk free space, hard drives and external hard drives. It comes with...
secureprivacywipedestructionremovecleanerhard drivealready deletedrecycle binpermanentlyfree spaceshredderfileeraserhard diskdata