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Freeware by Miraplacid
71 x 824Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...MSCExec allows you to call OS command or launch an application right from your script. You can set...
activexasp componentchilisoftfreewarejavascriptvisual basicvbscriptspicescripting hostchiliaspiissharewarecomponentslinux
newObjects ActiveX Pack1 family

Freeware by newObjects
39 x 2590Kb downloads

...non-visual ActiveX based run-time freeware library intended for scripting and aby COM enabled applications. It has wide...offers the same functions on wide range of Windows variants thus providing convenient component library for applications...and providing the same features for all the Windows based devices. In contrast to the most ActiveX...binary, text, record (flat file) level. 2) Active script hosting and background threads running scripts.
Scripts Encryptor (ScrEnc)

Shareware by dennisbabkin-dot-com
34 x 3152Kb downloads

...obfuscate their classic ASP/HTML code, as well as JScript and VBScript running under the Windows Script Host....Developers can also benefit from Scripts Encryptor`s ability to obfuscate or minify client-side HTML,...C++ source code. On top of this, the Scripts Encryptor still supports Windows Script Encoder method (originally...screnc tool.) Features: 1. Obfuscation of JavaScript, JScript, VBScript standalone files. 2.
jscriptdecodersource codewindows script decoderscripts encryptorclassic aspobfuscatorscrencde-scramblingmfcvbscriptjavascriptencoderjavascript obfuscatorhtmlwindows script encoder
dbQwikReport OnTime Designer Pack

Shareware by TheDevShop Ltd.
19 x 10171Kb downloads

...both internative and batch reports. It generates all script code for you in ASP or PHP for...both windows and Unix/Linux. Works with all databases including: MS...of reports, Create reports using almost any database, Host your reports on either Windows or Unix servers,...Create report that work using ASP or PHP scripting languages, Allow unlimited number or people to view...
databaseweb reportmysqlaccessreportingphpcode generatorasp
Script Editor

Shareware by BrineSoft
26 x 3710Kb downloads

...Universal, easy-to-use editor for Windows Script Files (*.wsf) and scripts (*.vbs, *.js, ...). Re-usable...parts of a script code can be referenced as external script files,...Smart syntax help and syntax highlighting. User-defined tools. Script and projects can be executed by Windows Script...
vbscriptjavascriptscriptingeditingwindows script filescript projectsjscriptwsfwshscript editor

Shareware by ARCHTEON.COM
12 x 440Kb downloads

...standard ECMA 262 3rd Edition implementation for embedded scripting in C/C++, Delphi applications. The ECMA 262 standard...defines the requirements for languages similar to JavaScript or JScript. The blackj.dll library is targeted to...Windows programmers and developers who want to add scripting capabilities to their software easily and fast. The...been implemented) Easy integration - extension in a host environment Here are some of the things you...

Shareware by Fast Reports, Inc.
23 x 1922Kb downloads

...FastScript is cross-platform multi-language scripting engine. It is useful for the programmers who...want to add scripting ability to their projects. FastScript is written on 100% Object Pascal and can...4-6, Kylix 1-3 and Lazarus. Unique feature of FastScript is ability to use several languages (PascalScript, C++Script,...JScript and BasicScript), so you can write scripts using your favourite language.
XLnow OnScript

Shareware by XLnow
17 x 5029Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...XLnow OnScript is an integrated tool for writing, maintaining and...running scripts on Microsoft Windows desktop and server systems. With OnScript you can:...Create VBScript and JScript files, Windows Script Files and Script Components from template files with...are supported as well - as are the PerlScript and Python script languages. Add custom file types,...for example Transact-SQL.
wsh editorwmijscript editornetwork administrationadsivbscript editorscripting tooldebug scriptsscripting idewindows script hostautomationscript referencesystems managementremote machinewindows scripting
Advanced Script Host

Shareware by Computron Inc.
21 x 443Kb downloads

...Advanced Script Host (engine.exe) enables to run scripts from Windows. If you have installed Advanced Script...use WScript.exe or Engine.exe, you still run the scripts in the same manner. The difference is only...objects: Window, TCPIP, System, Plugins. The additional Advanced Script Host has registered file extension : .w_js and...or .w_vbs(VBScript) for advanced scripts.
vbscriptwindowftpjscriptdialogchild windowsmenu barhostwshwindow controls create

Commercial by Softomotive Ltd.
20 x 13197Kb downloads

...is a tool that helps you visually create scripts that can automate tasks on a Windows computer...or network. With ScriptAhead you can pick from a vast collection of...pre-written scripts that cover a wide range of tasks. Using...a quick and easy process to create standard windows scripts that fulfill your needs. You may use...scripts created by ScriptAhead to monitor and manage different aspects of the...on your network.
wshwmiwscriptwindows automationvbscriptautomatewindows scripting hostprocessservicesevent logsnetwork automationcscriptregistryscripts
MySQL Service Center

Shareware by SQL Maestro Group
29 x 3314Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...MySQL Service Center is a multi-functional Windows GUI utility for MySQL server maintenance and data...- task explorer with possibility to maintain several host at a time; - possibility of backing data...database host; - optional possibility of compressing result script after data backup; - possibility of restoring data...

Shareware by Zugg Software
29 x 6611Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...controls the layout of the user interface. Using scripting languages, end-users can also add their own features...for your software. Instead of the normal, plain Windows components, such as text boxes, buttons, etc, zApp...is optimized for Windows, it can use any scripting language that is compatible with the Windows Scripting...Javascript, Perl, Python, and many other languages.
Single Operator Live Support

Shareware by Undelete data
63 x 1146Kb downloads

...chat utility provides visitor’s information with IP address, host name and OS name. Secure web chat software...Live web chat utility supports all versions of windows operating system like 98, 2000, 2003, XP, ME,...and Windows Vista. Features: * Single operator live chat tool...

Shareware by IEInspector Software
22 x 1771Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...essential tool for every developer who uses ActiveX-enabled scripting language, including VBScript and JavaScript (JScript). It can...be connected to any scripting host (for example, Internet Explorer and Windows script host)...
jscript debuggerjavascript debuggeractive script debuggeraxscripter debuggervbscript debuggeractivex script debuggeractivex script editor
Form Mail: eMail Form Processor Pro

Shareware by MitriDAT
21 x 130Kb downloads

...Form Mail: eMail Form Processor Pro script is the program that will process any form...can be setup to work as a multi-user script - so an ISP only has to install...server. In short, Form to Mail Processor Pro script is the most powerful, easiest to setup Form...Works with any form. You can use one script for as many different forms as you please....per invocation. Environment Settings (i.e. current time, user`s host name etc.
scriptshtmlemailmultiplewindowsprocessinglinuxfreeunixpagesbuysharewarewebcontactdownloadspurchasesetupautomatedformsprocessormitridatsend mailperlwwwe-mailcgi
Easy File Sharing Web Server

Shareware by EFS Software, Inc.
44 x 3110Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...Easy File Sharing Web Server is a Windows program that allows you to host a secure...then build your system with HTML pages and scripts of PHP, Perl, ASP, VBScript, Javascript, and so...Server, multi-threads database system, Bulletin Board System, Server Script system, Password Protection system. Users just need to...
bulletin board systemweb server softwarefile sharing softwarefile shairng programsforumsecure serverssl serveriis
Stauri Solo

Shareware by Victauri LLC
22 x 3079Kb downloads

...Microsoft® Agent technology and deploy them on your Windows based host. Stauri Agent This module allows you...having some plain good fun! System Requirements: Microsoft® Windows 98/2000/ME/XP Microsoft® Word Microsoft® Internet Explorer Microsoft® Agent...your server must be based on a Microsoft® Windows host with CGI script running capabilities....

Shareware by Pivari.com
19 x 766Kb downloads

...a command line tool, that can run on Windows (DOS), Solaris, Linux, AIX, HPUX (if you need...in the same way. You need an SMTP host (in your company o in your ISP). With...

Shareware by Daniele Pedrazzini
28 x 542Kb downloads

...Terminal emulator for Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Windows phone. Compatible with Telnet, Vt102, Vt100, Vt52 and...menus even for pasting to host. Features a script interpreter to automate repetitive tasks such login, terminal...settings can be saved and edited as sessions. Script commands and syntax are documented as integrated help....and Italian localizations. For Pocket PC 2003 SE, Windows Mobile 5.x Pocket PC (phone too), Windows Mobile...
...program related queries. Application shows all connected user`s host name, IP address, browser name and other related...to modify look and feel of existing chat windows with user specified button or icons. 24 *...
addressonlinelookupreal timetextwebsitehostbrowseroperatorserverutilityscriptajaxcustomerchatmessagingusersoftwareaspsupportinstancetoolinternetlivemultiplecommunication