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DNS Watcher

Shareware by SB-Software
25 x 636Kb downloads

...DNS Watcher is a program designed to monitor and query...DNS servers. DNS Watcher is mainly intended for use by webmasters and...sure the name servers are responding correctly. DNS Watcher allows you to enter a list of server...names and host names, and DNS Watcher will query those servers periodically to make sure...the servers are providing the correct results. DNS Watcher also includes an interactive query tool, similar to...
dns monitoringname servermonitor dnsdns records
USB Stick Watcher

Freeware by FosSoft
16 x 530Kb downloads

...USB Stick Watcher is a useful utility for people, who transfer...is still plugged in PC. Also, USB Stick Watcher will show warning message every time when you...off without unplugging your pen drive. USB Stick Watcher will ensure that you never leave your USB...
pen driveflash drivereminderusb stick
BT Watcher

Shareware by Zu-Fi Software
163 x 4147Kb downloads

...and you can forget about locking screen: BT Watcher will do it every time you will leave...To get more security, you can protect BT Watcher by password, if set, password will be needed...to deactivate BT Watcher. BT Watcher show only small icon in system tray and...work. You can define time after which BT Watcher will show warning message, and separately time after...BT Watcher will lock your screen. You can define custom...
Free Vista Files award
...Webcams Watcher is powerful easy-to-use webcams viewer which allows viewing...
webcam watcherfreewaredownload software tools
Free Vista Files award
...WebSite-Watcher checks your favorite websites for updates and changes with a minimum of time and online-costs. When changes are detected WebSite-Watcher saves the last two versions of...
offline readerupdate checkerwebsite downloadlink checkerfavorites checkeroffline browserwebsite watcherbookmark managerinternet monitoring software
DHCP Watcher

Shareware by ALSEDI
29 x 453Kb downloads

...DHCP Watcher is a protection and analizing tool for users...parameters. Most networks are used a DHCP. DHCP Watcher is unique tool for controlling a network properties...have been used only in ALSEDI Group. DHCP Watcher 5 is developed for usage outside a ALSEDI...Group. When DHCP Watcher starts it`s scans network properties. When network properties...
Site Watcher

Shareware by Oak Systems
21 x 1806Kb downloads

...Watches your web sites from your own PC and alerts you if they go down. Operates in background, with bubble alerts and emails when...
PC Watcher

Shareware by Thinker Software
28 x 696Kb downloads

...you are`t on the scene. How? The PC Watcher is an intelligent software, is it not? System...
File and Folder Watcher

Shareware by DataMystic
28 x 6924Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...File and Folder Watcher continuously watches a folder or group of folders...grouped together or processed individually. File and Folder Watcher can be used to: * Pre-process photo shoots...files are created * and much more. File Watcher can process only those files that match a...time (subfolders are handled with a checkbox). File Watcher can also prevent triggering new actions while an...
photoshop dropletwatch ftpfile watchermonitor filewatch directorywatch fileftp watcherwatch folder

Shareware by Digi-Watcher.com
47 x 1829Kb downloads

...system for home security or office security. Standalone, Watcher does motion detection, auido/video logging, broadcasting and more....do real time remote surveillance. Key features of Watcher are: - Watcher is very stable, it can...advanced motion detection algorithm, including masking feature. - Watcher support various alert functions upon motion detection, such...logged video clips can be accessed remotely.
home securityvideo surveillancewebcam softwaremonitor homeremote surveillance
...Remote Network Watcher is a new sophisticated software designed by Softinventive...or system utilities fail to perform, Remote Network Watcher will immediately alert you about such failures and...continuous lawless performance of your network. Remote Network Watcher makes it possible to obtain all necessary information...away from the work place as Remote Network Watcher will take care of your LAN. Whenever something...about any problem as is possible.
remote softwareasset monitoringserver monitoringnetwork trackingnetwork management softwarenetwork checksnetwork watchernetwork mapnetwork control
IP Watcher

Shareware by Gear Box Computers
59 x 3194Kb downloads

...IP Watcher is a powerful application that monitors your public...Windows XP Remote Desktop, PC Anywhere, etc... IP Watcher also has an icon that sits in the...of changed IP address Not only can IP Watcher detect a change in an IP address, but...computer whose IP address has changed. Configure IP Watcher to notify you and you will be able...access the remote computer. Email Alert Notifications IP Watcher can send notification emails when it detects an...
updatecomputer namedynamic address monitoringwatcheremailsoftwarelocalsms text messagepublic addressremote
Connection Watcher

Freeware by Bushin SOFTWARE
16 x 675Kb downloads

...Connection Watcher is small but powerful Gadget which watch for...If connection lost - play alarm sounds. Connection Watcher is small but powerful Gadget which watch for...If connection lost - play alarm sounds. Connection Watcher is small but powerful Gadget which watch for...If connection lost - play alarm sounds. Connection Watcher is small but powerful Gadget which watch for...If connection lost - play alarm sounds.
SMTP Watcher

Shareware by SB-Software
33 x 615Kb downloads

...SMTP Watcher is a tool designed to monitor your SMTP...won`t be able to send you mail. SMTP Watcher sits in the windows system tray and continuously...
smtp serverssmtp monitormail monitor
...Turn Watcher is an Initiative Tracker or Initiative Manager for...your players guessing at the same time! Turn Watcher tracks player characters, non-player characters and monsters easily...letting easily distinguish between PCs and monsters. Turn Watcher handles delays and readied actions in a snap,...your players without them being the wiser. Turn Watcher manages the current hit points of your PCs...handling damage, automatic bleeding, healing and stabilization.
listenspotplayrolegamemanagerplayinginitiativerpgdamageultradragonsmasterdungeonssavestrackerrollhit pointsskill
...Want to know what others are doing on your own computer while you are not at home (or office). Yes, Infine keylogger can Records every word entered to your pc...
kid watcherkeyloggerencrypted filepassword protectspywarekey loggermate cheating onlinemate watcheremployee watchermonitoring
NIC Watcher

Freeware by Bushin SOFTWARE
31 x 738Kb downloads

...NIC Watcher is a simple and useful Windows gadget that...
network interface controllerwebsite connectionurlnetwork interface cardwatch connectionaddressnic watchertrack connection
Email Watcher

Demo by Pyxia Development
21 x 838Kb downloads

...Email Watcher is an e-mail notification program that can check...potential viruses. When your computer is online, Email Watcher checks e-mail at intervals determined by you. When...your computer is offline, Email Watcher can automatically dial up your ISP to check...
Syslog Watcher Pro Edition

Shareware by SnmpSoft Company
60 x 3874Kb downloads

...syslog data from network appliances and workstations. Syslog Watcher Pro Edition collects syslog information from network devices...and works in IPv4 and IPv6 networks. Syslog Watcher Pro records, stores, organizes and displays system logs,...standard for logging network appliances and workstations. Syslog Watcher Pro Edition empowers your network with a full-featured...on the network to view the logs! Syslog Watcher Pro Edition conveniently integrates all of the...
windows syslog servercisco syslogwindows 2008 syslogsyslog viewersyslog servicesyslog watchersyslog parsersyslog reportsyslog messagenetwork monitoringwindows 2003 syslogsyslog collector
Easy Web Page Watcher

Freeware by Patrick DiRienzo
26 x 588Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...Easy Web Page Watcher continuously watches web pages that you specify for...appears or an update occurs, Easy Web Page Watcher will alert you with an audible sound and...work. Thus you can use Easy Web Page Watcher to monitor a business news wire web site...for the latest news. With Easy Web Page Watcher your computer will continuously watch web pages for...alert you by email. Run Easy Web Page Watcher on your home computer and set it up...
web pagemonitorupdatesweb toolinternet utilityinternet browsermonitoring softwareblogmonitorsweb browserwatchweb siteword searchsearch toolstocksweb searchwatchesinternet toolsearchespagessitesbrowsingchecks