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Free Vista Files award
...Memory Washer is a smart memory and process manager tool...of available memory by up to 95%. Memory Washer prevents Windows crashes by freeing up unused memory,...levels based on time intervals or have Memory Washer automatically attempt to free RAM whenever your memory...reaches a crucial level. Memory Washer will automatically speed up games and programs when...
ramcleanermemory washercache
Internet Tracks Washer

Shareware by softcows.com
18 x 1303Kb downloads

...Internet Tracks Washer protects your privacy by cleaning up the tracks...the Internet. With simply one click, Internet Tracks Washer allows you to delete Window`s temp folder, search...search history of Google Toolbar etc. Internet Tracks Washer allows you to safely clean, repair, backup and...with easy. You can also setup Internet Tracks Washer to delete files completely to protect them from...
washerinternet washerprivacy guarddelete cookiewindows wsher
Webroot Pop-Up Washer

Freeware by Webroot Software, Inc
35 x 2214Kb downloads

...Pop-Up Washer stops annoying ads other pop-up blockers can`t, like...ads that plague nearly every Internet user, Pop-Up Washer is the perfect addition to your online world....Pop-Up Washer stops pop-ups at the Internet Explorer engine before...which sound you want to hear when Pop-Up Washer blocks an ad. Pop-Up Washer installs quickly, operates...
pop-up removerpop-up killerwindowspop-up stopperpop-up blocker
Free Internet Window Washer

Freeware by Eusing Software
343 x 1275Kb downloads

...Free Internet Window Washer is a free and easy to use software...beneficial. With a simple click Free Internet Window Washer securely erase your internet tracks, computer activities and...they could not be recovered. Free Internet Window Washer allows you to erase Window`s temp folders, run...up to 100 popular applications. Free Internet Window Washer has a very easy to use interface which...
window washerinternet washerfree window washerfree internet eraserwindow cleanerdisk cleanertrack eraserhistory eraserprivacy eraserweb eraser
Free Internet/System History Washer

Shareware by PCGasStation Corp.
20 x 2344Kb downloads

...Free Internet/System History Washer scans and removes traces of your Internet and...and use them against you. Free Internet/System History Washer clears all aspects of your browser activity, including...
system controlerase traceinternet washererase activitiesprivacywashing system

Freeware by Kalavath Infotech
41 x 146Kb downloads

...Ki-Washer is an Internet and PC cleaning freeware utility from Kalavath Infotech. Developed using the latest Microsoft .NET technology, Ki-Washer erases all traces of your internet browsing and...
safetemp files removertemp cleanerhistorycookiesprivatebrowser cache removersecurefree windows cleanerdelete temporary fileseraseinternet cleaner
Window Washer

Shareware by Webroot
110 x 3138Kb downloads

...Webroot Window Washer and Iternet Eraser. As you work on your...disk space but also jeopardizes your privacy. Window Washer simply and safely wipes your tracks clean and...has the following features: Extensive Wash Areas Window Washer scrubs hundreds of areas on your PC to...up valuable disk space. Browser Activity Eraser Window Washer cleans all aspects of your browser activity, including...old and previously deleted files and documents.
webrootinternet eraserevidence eliminatorwindow washer
Fast System Washer

Shareware by AdvexSoft LLC
18 x 815Kb downloads

...Fast System Washer protects your privacy and improves PC performance by...and external applications history. Fast System & Internet Washer recovers hard disk space and speeds up system...performance.. Fast System & Internet Washer allows you to define custom clean folders that...
clean windowsfile cleanerfast windows washerdisk washerdisk cleanerwindows cleanerwindow washersystem cleanergarbage cleanerclean filesclean diskinternet washer
Webroot Window Washer

Shareware by Webroot Software,Inc
26 x 3480Kb downloads

...by privacy advocates around the world, Webroot Window Washer scours your hard drive with a single click...files and stored user names and passwords. Window Washer also removes the opened file list within Windows...QuickTime®. Once these traces are removed, Webroot Window Washer ensures they are gone forever. In addition, by...every time you use your computer. Webroot Window Washer version 6.5 has many benefits including Windows Vista™...
webroot softwarewindows system cleanerinternet history erasersystem optimizerinternet privacy
Evidence Washer

Shareware by Allera Software
32 x 1226Kb downloads

...Evidence Washer protects your privacy by cleaning up all the...and many more. Protect your privacy with Evidence Washer and completely eliminate sensitive data! All this can...easily recovered by some data recovery tool, Evidence Washer completely removes those files from your hard disk...Navy, German Standard, Russian Standard and more. Evidence Washer supports free plug-ins to extend cleaning features to...support for Netscape, AOL and MSN Explorer.
Drive Washer

Demo by StompSoft
29 x 9321Kb downloads

...Drive Washer will permanently render all of your data unrecoverable...any other personal information from identity thieves. Drive Washer meets and exceeds most government and military standards...
hard driveformatcleanhow wipe datadisk erasersecurity
Power PC Washer

Shareware by PC Power Soft
20 x 1247Kb downloads

...Power PC Washer is a powerful system cleaning software that allows...computer and slowing down the system, but PC Washer will sweep your PC and keep it running...the most important database of the Windows, PC Washer uses high performance technology to scan more than...
registrywill clean hard diskadware spyware
...Deleting Internet cache and history will not protect you. Your computer keeps records of all your online and offline activity. Any Web sites you view, emails you send, and everything...
privacy softwarefile shreddeclean hard diskinternet washerdata eliminatorevidence eliminatorhistory cleanerdisk cleanercache cleanerwindows washerwindow washer
Andromeda Internet Explorer Washer

Shareware by AndromedaApps.com
10 x 1733Kb downloads

...have been doing on-line. With Andromeda Internet Explorer Washer you get absolute privacy and just a few...
history erasersweepercleanerclear browserprivacy eraserclear internet historyinternet cleanerinternet eraserinternet logclear cacheclear historyweb eraserlog eraser
1-abc.net Surf Trail Washer

Shareware by 1-abc.net
19 x 665Kb downloads

...you surf through the web. 1-abc.net Surf Trail Washer lets your internet trail simply disappear as you...
...totally non-recoverable way. Evidence Eliminator is an internet washer that deletes in one click your cache, your...
evidence eliminatorevidence cleanerprivacy softwareinternet washer

Shareware by Viaden Inc
16 x 2600Kb downloads

...ViaCleaner 7.1 is an Internet Privacy Software, which allows users to clean PC from spyware as well as to delete search history and...
internet privacyreg cleanersystem cleanerclean diskregistry cleanerwindows washerdisk cleanerinternet washerdelete search historyclean registryinternet erasercomputer cookiecookie internetdelete history
1-abc.net File Washer

Shareware by 1-abc.net
25 x 381Kb downloads

...`un-erase` or `un-delete` with Google. Fortunately, 1-abc.net File Washer makes all these programs useless! By deleting files...
...the most advanced internet history eraser and cookie washer in its category. It is an innovative solution...
cookiecacheevidenceinternet eraserprivacywindowhistory cleanerwasherfreebrowsereliminator
1-abc.net Hard Drive Washer

Shareware by 1-abc.net
31 x 473Kb downloads

...deleting when possible or necessary. 1-abc.net Hard Drive Washer does what all these programs forget. It searches...easily with this program. Additionally, 1-abc.net Hard Drive Washer can delete the whole content of temporary folders...