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Time Calculator

Freeware by M-Azlan Software
153 x 1260Kb downloads

...Time Calculator is a useful little utility to perform arithmetic...on time units. Unlike `regular` calculations, time values are different. Adding, subtracting, dividing and multiplying...can be a tedious task. Not anymore! With Time Calculator, you can do all those things easily...
Simple Mortgage Calculator

Freeware by OnlineMortgagePlace
77 x 308Kb downloads

...Simple Mortgage Calculator instantly determines your monthly mortgage loan payments, total...interest rate schedule. Monthly prepayment calculation or one time prepayment (down payment) options are also available....

Freeware by Files Repository
93 x 5752Kb downloads

...EngCalc is a new calculating software with extended capabilities. This is an essential application for math, algebra, calculus, geometry, physics and engineering student. The main advantage of the software is...
Free Vista Files award
...This easy-to-use program will save you countless time and hassle by determining how much of a...
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Freeware by Elmore Software
47 x 527Kb downloads

...This is a small calculator that will stay on top all the time...
Mini Finance Calculator

Shareware by FarsightSoft inc
23 x 1026Kb downloads

...Mini Finance Calculator is a easy-to-use Finance calculator.It give you the...ability to calculate the time value of money, interest rates, cash flow, and...
finance calculatorfinancial calculator
ESBUnitConv - Freeware Unit Conversion

Freeware by ESB Consultancy
45 x 1272Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...User friendly FREE Windows Utility to easily convert between 613 units of measurement in 21 categoriess. Includes Units for Temperature, Distance, Mass, Area, Volume, Pressure, Velocity, Acceleration, Force, Energy, Power,...
Calorie Calculator

Freeware by LifeForm Inc.
38 x 43Kb downloads

...Calorie Burn Calculator - Find all possibilities to burn your calories....
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Free Loan Calculator

Freeware by TedCo Software
50 x 793Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...This free loan payment calculator for Windows allows you to quickly calculate and...Quarterly, Biannual, and Annual payment periods. Free Loan Calculator is a financial calculator designed for 2000, XP...
time value moneycompare loanspayment calculatorloan calculator
...documents and applications without having to waste precious time on searching for the desired window! As we...
...Numero is a calculator program that I made because I don`t like...the calculator that comes with Windows. Microsoft`s calculator program only lets you type in one number...
...Easy Mortgage Calculator allows you instantly determine your monthly mortgage payments,...savings with a fixed interest rate schedule. One time down payment or monthly prepayment calculation options are...

Freeware by Christoph Hohmann
38 x 1107Kb downloads

...RF21 for Windows is a scientific calculator, plotter, programming and numeric system in one. It allows for permanent installation of a user`s own commented functions and libraries. Such user...
graphingrunge kuttaplotnonlinearcalculatorminimizermatrixfunctionmonte carlogifuser defineddatabasesolverintegrationinversion
...Display remaining work time based on start time, ending time, and hours...
and hours worked timeending time
APSW Instant Converter

Freeware by All Purpose Software
29 x 3840Kb downloads

...If you`ve ever had trouble converting units, or don`t know how to turn on a calculator, this is an invaluable tool. A universal conversion program that provides conversion...
unit converterinstant converterconversion programsuniversal converter

Freeware by kwiqMAD
26 x 2832Kb downloads

...second while you work. Pay is shown in realtime on the taskbar or system tray without opening...they want to save and continue an elapsed time to avoid losing your progress. CalcuWage software is...
iSharesoft PS3 Video Converter

Shareware by iSharesoft.com
14 x 16123Kb downloads

...Customizing the output file size with a Bitrate Calculator tool is available now; Function of creating video...quality supported, yet very efficient tool to convert multimedia file and play it on PS3, without wasting...
ps3 converterps3 video convertersony ps3

Freeware by Detlev Schaefer
62 x 893Kb downloads

...ClipSort, text trim, exe browser, Val2Words, tray manager, time calculator, WinOnTop, AutoCopy, MultiReplacer, Tour, CheckASC, Manual-Browser, CountDownWatch,...
shortcutsscreen saverclockcalendar weekwatchboardgameeurowebdesignhtmlasciicurrencyconverthexclipboardcalculatorxml
...not like to miss. EasyCalc is a Daily-use Calculator with Memory and History function. Budgetbook is used...and Query, view Balances. Worldclock utility for Atomic UTCtime and displays time for over 200 cities with...
...your daily Calculations needs. It is a 16digit Calculator with upto 6digits of Precision well-suited for Professionals...all the ready functions available in any normal calculator plus scientific functions plus Formula Evaluator for Arithmetic...a Separate file. There is a Flat-Interest Loan Calculator for those who wish to find EMI. There...is also a WebCalculator which can for a given number of Kilobytes...tell you the download time on different speeds.
loan calculatormemorycommericialcurrency converterformulascientific