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...free to try! Do you want to have telnet and SSH client connection functionality in your program?...it is easy to implement this feature with Telnet SSH ActiveX. Support RAW, Telnet, SSH, Rlogin connection...; .Net ready component; Support send text to telnet window now!...
rlogintelnetssh client activex controlfree try
KpyM Telnet/SSH Server

Freeware by Kroum Grigorov
169 x 1668Kb downloads

...KpyM Telnet/SSH Server (KTS) is a free telnet and SSH server for Windows. KTS runs as...provides access to the host computer via the telnet or SSH protocol. Supports character graphics (applications like...
free telnet ssh serverktskpymwindows

Freeware by Klever Group
143 x 100Kb downloads

...source Win32 implementation of client side of the telnet protocol, described in detail in the RFC854 and...and in fullscreen character mode. Unlike some other telnet clients it implements many telnet options, like "are...
ansitelnet clientterminalterminal emulation
Telnet Server for Windows NT/2000/XP/2003

Shareware by GoodTech Systems
56 x 415Kb downloads

...turns a Windows NT/2000/XP system into a multi-user Telnet server. Gives Telnet users full access to Windows...NT command line. Telnet users can run a variety of character-based applications....Accepts any telnet connection from any client (Unix, NT, 2000, 95,...
low pricedaemonfreetelnet serverbarcodehand heldgoodtechwindows telnetnetwork productsterminal serverremote administration
...Windows application that seamlessly integrates modem dial-up, Internet Telnet and SSH2 capabilities. Secure CommNet supports high performance...Zmodem file transfers with dial-up, Telnet and SSH2; and Ymodem-G with dial-up sessions. For...Arcfour and Cast-128. Secure CommNet supports FTP during Telnet and SSH2 sessions; and TTY, VT100, VT220, PC...ANSI and SCO ANSI terminal emulations. A unique Telnet Host Mode Server allows other Telnet clients to...
Mocha W32 Telnet/SSH

Shareware by MochaSoft Aps
25 x 716Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...Mocha W32 Telnet is a Windows 98/2000/NT/XP application. It makes it...connect to a host via TCP/IP with the Telnet or SSH1/2 protocol and emulate a VT220 terminal....Mocha W32 Telnet Features: Supports VT100/VT220 emulation Small and fast. The...
BFTelnet -Telnet Server

Demo by Bytefusion Ltd.
38 x 1374Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...BFTelnet is a telnet server for Microsoft Windows NT/2000/XP/2003. It facilitates remote...
remote administrationwindows telnet server
...TelnetXQ is a full featured Telnet Server with a multitude of enterprise level features...
telnet daemonremote processremote controlremote shellrasserver maintenancedialconsoletelnetdremote administrationfreewindows 2000 telnet serverremote accesswindows telnet server
Quick Tftp Server Pro

Shareware by TallSoft
32 x 1095Kb downloads

...Server Pro is a multi-threaded tftp server and telnet server for Windows. It designed to allow network...also supports communication between the users who have telnet onto the Quick Tftp Server Pro and execute...other enhanced telnet commands, such as to list or kill tftp...and telnet processes. The Tftp server supports TFTP Option Negotiation...security. The Tftp server is a a multi-user Telnet server of Windows 98/NT/2000/XP/2003.
tftp servertelnet server
UnixSpace Terminal

Shareware by SofteX Plus Inc.
29 x 456Kb downloads

...In other words you could open 4 different telnet sessions and be able to switch between them....
secure shelllinuxgraphical interfacessh2unixterminaltelnet
SSH Explorer SSH Client

Shareware by SSH Client
71 x 3389Kb downloads

...them anymore. VT100 terminal emulation, SSH1, SSH2 and Telnet protocols are supported....
telnet clientterminal emulatorssh client
Free Vista Files award
...Erics TelNet98 is the sophisticated Telnet and SSH client for Intranets and the Internet....with an easy to use interface. Support of telnet and SSH protocol as well as IPv4 and...function, automatic connect and logon. A lineprinter emulation, telnet file objects with shell extension. Session logging, quick...

Shareware by Perception
28 x 1664Kb downloads

...is a powerful, full-featured Web, Mail, FTP, and Telnet server. This server software is perfect for personal...

Shareware by WeOnlyDo Software
18 x 4468Kb downloads

...wodTelnetDLX is a telnet client component ready to connect to various terminal...based clients, most commonly to UNIX telnet daemon. Besides supported Telnet protocol, it also supports...include: - Supports Telnet, SSH1, SSH2, SSHAuto, SSL, SSLTelnet and Raw protocols - Includes both COM Component...for auto determining SSH1/SSH2 protocols - Automatically upgrades Telnet session to SSL if available - Connects with...

Freeware by neteject.com
15 x 476Kb downloads

...AnyConnect is a a free FTP/FTPS/SSH/Telnet/Terminal client software. AnyConnect supports multiple connections at once in a mixed mode where you can both FTP and make a...

Shareware by TIGME.COM
32 x 1957Kb downloads

...2511 Terminal server. The IPCOMServer acts as a Telnet server, connecting the user directly to a chosen...can be connected to by either using a Telnet program or a custom written Telnet Client. A...and a personal computers Serial/COM port. When a Telnet program or client connects to IPCOMServer, it will...

Shareware by Celestial Software
34 x 1986Kb downloads

...CSTelnet is absolutely the *best* telnet and Secure Shell (SSH) client you will ever...tool tips, descriptive icons, and intuitive scrolling gives CSTelnet a look and feel that you will find...comfortable and familiar. Over all, the *best* telnet around. CSTelnet is trial-ware and limited to a...If you prefer FREE advertising supported software, try AbsoluteTelnet from this listing. It contains the same great...
ymodempassthroughvt100sockssharewaresecure shelltapixmodemsshpassthruclienttelnetzmodem

Freeware by Mario Viara.
91 x 68Kb downloads

...This useful program is a complete telnet ANSIX364 emulator, written in c++, for the Win32...
...or scripts with client/server network socket communication, automated telnet sessions, wake up on lan (Wake On Lan,...ActiveX control for different purposes: - To automate Telnet sessions; for instance, configurations for network switches (3COM,...Cisco) are normally done via telnet sessions. You can use ActiveSocket to automate these...the web-interface; the web-application (ActiveSocket) establishes the actual Telnet session; - To create your own client/server...
vbscriptunixwinsocksocketsocket toolkitwake lanciscotcpip toolkitasp3comscriptingtoolsautomated telnet sessionrshclient server
Wise Telnet & Serial Terminal

Shareware by John Popplewell
80 x 836Kb downloads

...Win32 emulation of WY50, WY50+ and WY60 terminals. Part of the WiseTerm suite of telnet/serial emulators. Features: programmable keyboard; protect/write-protect modes; 24/25/42/43 line by...