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Freeware by Yippee Soft
159 x 97Kb downloads

...Behind the welcome word that uses the tape recorder program to record you deposits in addition changing...one sound channel ) leave word Stirring the telephone as user, the procedure is carried on speech...group call, user in this locality uses the telephone comes into contact with tin, the side transmiting...reception push botton, the procedure receipt facsimile. The telephone worked as the user in this locality group,...

Freeware by RecOnPhone
129 x 1390Kb downloads

...Full-featured phone recording software. Records through a modem or through a RecOnBox. Audio compression to MP3, ADPCM, ... You can store hundreds of hours of recordings in your hard drive....
surveillancephone recordingtelephoneeavesdroprecorderwiretap

Shareware by Tanseon Systems
31 x 5970Kb downloads

...Fast Recorder 3.0 is a one-touch advanced Audio Recording Software...VCR, CDs etc. You can use the sound recorder to record any audio including music from media...broadcasts, microphone input, voice recorder, game sounds, internet telephone talk etc, from your local computer or the...offers professional sound recording quality with multiple sound recorder save settings. The audio recording program is designed...your sound card at near-perfect quality.
Stepvoice Recorder

Shareware by stepvoice.com
30 x 970Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...StepVoice Recorder is software for real-time recording with MP3 file...settings allows you to vary sound quality from telephone (3.5 to 7.0 MB/hour) to CD (3.5 to...
tapemp3 recordervoice activationaudio recorderinternet radiomicrophone
Easy Hi-Q Recorder

Shareware by Roemer Software
34 x 7300Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...Easy Hi-Q Recorder is the easiest way to record absolutely any...will satisfy advanced and professional users. Easy Hi-Q Recorder records directly to: MP3, (Constant Bitrate: CBR or...Audio 9), WAV or OGG Vorbis. Easy Hi-Q Recorder has the widest range of settings you can...Mini-Disc, video tape sounds, T.V. sounds, video games, telephone or from any other external device. It also...system, keep on top and more.
hotkeyssound recorderconvertinternetwavbroadcastsvistamicrophonesilence detectionrecordsmp3streamingoggwmahigh qualitytapeswaveaudiomusic
...Recording telephone conversations is essential nowadays. With a hard-copy of...a telephone call, you will be able to prove your...popups and logs caller ID information. Phone Call Recorder can work as a powerful answering machine too....
...Sound Card Recorder. For example, you can record telephone calls, or radio broadcasts. Or maybe you want...
voxcarddictaphonemikemicrophonevoicetelephone callsoundwavmp3recordconversation
EzPhone Recorder

Shareware by EzSoftTek.com
74 x 683Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...EzPhone Recorder Pro is full-featured telephone recording software that runs on your Microsoft Windows...tax officers or friends. It further monitors your telephone line for all outgoing calls, and automatically records...can quickly retrieve and find these messages. EzPhone Recorder Pro also provides other useful features such as...
Virtual Personality

Shareware by Triplebit
34 x 2078Kb downloads

...A professional telephone - internet voice changer voice changer utility. High...your PC speakers as well as over a telephone line or with internet applications like Skype and...the PC speakers as well as over a telephone line with a standard modem. Doesn`t need any...heard on your computer speakers or on the telephone at the other end of the line. Ideal...transmitted by your modem for use across the telephone network. Its voice sounds very natural. If you...
computer voice changersspyingvoice changingpcrtelephone recorder
Modem Spy

Shareware by SoftCab Inc
83 x 400Kb downloads

...Modem spy is handy utility for telephone calls recording. Features: 1) record phone conversations. 2)...microphone recorder. 3) WAVe files playback via telephone line. 4) Sound card playback of recorded mesages....
store phone callwave phonephonecalltap phonecall wavenote taking calldivorce phonecallrecordnote cell takingremember cell callphone call mp3litigate conversatedictaphone harddriverecord phonecallezphone recorderlitigation conversationtap m
Auto Recorder

Shareware by Ivan Sorokin
20 x 721Kb downloads

...Multichannel (up to 6 channels) MP3 recorder carries out independent recording of the audio signal...
...Atropos-SB is a multi-channel system to record and archive sound. The system records sound data (such as, speech, discussions, telephonic conversation, etc.) received through microphone, telephone, voice modem,...
phonerecordercompressionmp3archivevoice activated systemnotebooksounddatabasevaslogger
...that records your voice from a microphone or telephone connection and saves the recording as a compressed...
phone recordingmicrocassttecall recordingwav playerdictationvoice activationmonitoringspeech recordercall-center recordingmicrophoneaudiosound recorderwavetranscriptionvoice recordingcassettesoftwaremp3
...a 4.7G blank DVD-R/DVD+R! It is a perfect recorder as well, which can record online radio, CD...
Smart Phone Recorder

Shareware by Kengolf.com Inc.
74 x 648Kb downloads

...modem. Another unique feature that is Smart Phone Recorder can start recording automatically even you lift your...an action for an incoming call. Smart Phone Recorder is answering machine program that supports DTMF (Dual...pop caller ID window and more... Smart Phone Recorder does not support ISDN,Cable or DSL Modems! Due...
record phone callcalleranswering machine softwarerecord telephone modemvoice modem
QuickVoice for Windows

Shareware by nFinity, Inc
21 x 4830Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...recording. QuickVoice is also ideally suited for recording telephone conversations. QuickVoice is uniquely integrated to work with...
voice emailnotesreminderaudio recordervoice recorderrecordingmanagereditoritunes
Advanced Phone Recorder

Shareware by Concel Systems
70 x 1866Kb downloads

...Advanced Phone Recorder is a piece of software that let you...costly mistakes. - Sales and marketing data. A telephone recorder gives your sales and marketing departments valuable data...
modemanswering machinecommunicationstext speechvoice modemcall recordercall loggertelephonetelephonyremote accesstapiautomatic recordercaller
Sticky Notes

Shareware by Sticky Notes Team
29 x 625Kb downloads

...others. Use them for reminders, for messages, for telephone notes, to-do lists, web and email addresses, office...anything else that occurs to you. Built-in Voice Recorder lets you record and store voice message for...
post notesreminderpost-it notessticky notesclockalarm
Easy MP3 Recorder

15 x 1415Kb downloads

...Easy MP3 Recorder is a shareware to record audio to WAV...
...A1 Jummfa Mp3Recorder can record online radio, CD music, music played...