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Freeware by Lucky Downloads
66 x 468Kb downloads

...downloads in Internet. The program resides in your system tray and waits until you click the icon. After...
freewaresoftwaresharewaredownloadsfind similarluckytoolsearch

Freeware by mSunSoftware
113 x 1346Kb downloads

...automatically upon Windows startup and minimized to the system tray (are near the system clock). Keep all your...
calendarnotepadpimpersonal managementpasswordsnotebookaddress bookreminderfreeware

Freeware by Kephyr
91 x 1000Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...a period of time. ConnectBuddy resides in the system tray and keeps you online by periodically retrieving information...does everything automatically. It is light on your system resources and can start up automatically when you...
disconnectedmodemproviderconnectbuddylogconnectiontimermousesignkeeperonlinemovementspreventinternetstayingkephyrstay connectedsurfkeepalivekillerfreewareaolservicestayonisp
...menus, convenient right mouse clicks on the windows system tray, drag and drop file merging, tip of...
privacyinternet securitywindowsbrowser hijackhosts filefree block
...that runs unobtrusively while being minimized in the system tray. With an easy to use interface, you...
file backupbackup file programeasy file backupfile backup softwarefile backup programautomatic backupdata backupfree data backup programs
Scotts Lansonic Remote

Freeware by SB-Software
28 x 498Kb downloads

...anymore. This remote control sits in your windows system tray and let`s you control the lansonic -- play,...that`s what prompted me to write this little system tray tool. It should work with all models of...
dasdas-750lansonic remotedigital audio server
Remind Me Please

Freeware by Spacejock Software
61 x 2088Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...on. Remind me please will run in the System tray, and optionally plays a WAV file when...
Emsa Save My Work

39 x 440Kb downloads

...you just need to keep it running in system tray while doing your day by day work at...Once it is started, the program runs in systray and records your keystrokes as you type in...any documents. You may click on the systray icon at anytime to show the main window...
data recoverysave workkeystroketext editorkeyloggerdocuments

Freeware by John Foster
31 x 239Kb downloads

...easily add a collection of shortcuts to the System Tray (Notification Area in Microsoft speak) It allows you...instance, to add a single icon to the System Tray to launch Calc, you could use: BeTrayed c:\windows\system32\calc.ex...e,Calculator This would create a new Tray icon (with the default icon from Calc.exe), which...the controlling text file, prefixed with "/batch:" ie. BeTrayed /batch:Standard.
minimize traysystem traylaunchersend traynotification area
iFlash Market Alert Software

Freeware by InvestorFlash.com LLC
44 x 5093Kb downloads

...computer screen as the tool functions from your system tray. You will be provided with the most...
analysisstock picsfreestocksforecastfibonaccicommoditiesinvestfutureselliott wavereportsalertstrading
Alert Calendar

Freeware by VXZ-Spectrum
18 x 692Kb downloads

...run, a small icon will blink in the system tray (right on Windows Taskbar) and will remind you...your machine. Alert Calendar does not modify Windows system files and does not modify Windows Registry. The...
system trayscheduledatesblinkagendaremembercalendar

Freeware by IP Detective
19 x 2937Kb downloads

...desktop.IP Desktop Viewer will show up as a system tray icon. If you hold your mouse over the...
showaddressdesktopsystem tray iconcheck

Freeware by IP Detective
31 x 2937Kb downloads

...IP Desktop Viewer will show up as a system tray icon. If you hold your mouse over the...
desktopcheckaddressshowsystem tray icon

Freeware by Denis Rakita
78 x 10Kb downloads

...to browse your TrueType fonts without waste of system resources. Major FontsOnCD feature - tiny size and...
view fontsttf file viewerfont browse formcompare fontsbrowse truetype fontsbrowse for font faces
...pad to actions and stays quiet in the system tray while you`re using it....
The PC Timer

Freeware by Buffalo Software
73 x 645Kb downloads

...May start automatically with Windows. Minimizes to the system tray. Reappears, and plays a sound file, opens...
alarmscountdown timersalarm clocktime clocks

Freeware by Axel Benz
27 x 11Kb downloads

...klick on the wheel which appears in the system tray when you have started WheelKeys. Suggestion: If you...
simulate keystrokesmouse wheelmousewheel
Emsa Time Synchronizer

56 x 26Kb downloads

...atomic internet time server. The program runs as system tray icon. It can be configured to run automatically...
time synchronizertime utilityatomic time synchronization
Emsa Bandwidth Monitor

35 x 166Kb downloads

...It is very simple to use; runs as system tray icon and shows a small, transparent-able, repositionable window...whole. It can be set to autorun at system startup. This program has been designed with simplicity...
monitorbandwidth monitorutilitysystem utilitiesnetworknetwork speed
News Central Lite

Freeware by Accusoftware.co.uk
25 x 2169Kb downloads

...aggregator" that runs as an icon in your system tray. It allows you to subscribe to various...
competitive edgefeedsblogsrssweblogsnewsxml