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Toad for SQL Server

Freeware by Quest Software
26 x 18096Kb downloads

...our DBA module which features a compare and synchronize tool for database schemas, servers, and data. These...changes can be implemented across multiple databases immediately, or saved to a script and executed...in our powerful SQL Editor interface. This is an invaluable time saver,...beneficial to any administrator managing multiple machines. Toad’s SQL Optimization for SQL Server is the most comprehensive...
sql serveradministrationdevelopmentdatabase
...MicroOLAP Database Designer for MySQL is a visual development system intended for database...also simplifies database maintenance. MicroOLAP Database Designer for MySQL is specially developed for popular MySQL database and...takes into account its features: various MySQL tables types: InnoDB, BDB (Berkeley DB), MyISAM, ISAM......MySQL references (InnoDB tables only: only this MySQL table type supports references); all MySQL field types...
Backup-2006 Studio

Shareware by RD Technologies
25 x 15114Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...backup or copy any file in use, including SQL databases like Oracle, SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange... Backup-2006...can also replicate one partition to another. The Synchronizer allows you to synchronize folders, disks or computers....
zip recoverysynchronizationdisk imagedatabackupdisastersave filerestore
NetMarks Manager

Shareware by Weta Software
17 x 4228Kb downloads

...a new bookmark - Support for multiple bookmark databases - Minimize to the system tray with instant...access to favorites or recently accessed bookmarks - Synchronize with one or multiple websites - Full integration...
internet bookmarksbookmarks softwareinternet explorerurlorganizernetmarkswetaorganiserfavourites softwarefavourites managerbookmark managerbookmarks managerfirefoxfavorites softwarefavorites managerweb bookmarks

Shareware by TheDevShop Ltd.
18 x 5632Kb downloads

...dbQwikSync Pro Moves and Converts Databases using a simple wizard interface. Connect to two...tables and data between them. Supports connecting to databases of different types. Creates tables and indexes on...you invertory your database. You can also prepare SQL scripts by running in off-line mode....
Data Loader

Shareware by Interface Computers
34 x 12256Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...2003, Win 2000, XP, Win ME,Win98 &Win95  MS SQL Server Bulk Inserts are now supported. Data Loader...Bulk Insert support is also added for MS SQL Server. Bulk Insert will load data several times...conventional insert statements. Data Loader Ver. 4.5 can Synchronize databases by using UPDATE and INSERT feature. Data...
extractiontransferaccessmigrateconversionmigrationdbasemssqlimporttextmysqlms-sql serverloadingexcelconverttransformationtabexportcommacsvfoxprodelimitedoracle

Shareware by dbweigher.com
19 x 918Kb downloads

...(queries). As a result of the comparison a sql script and a text report are created. The...sql script can be used to synchronize databases` structures....
sqlschemarelationshipfieldcolumnindexddlvisuallydatabaseshow differencetablecomparedbweigherdata definition language
Free Vista Files award
...complete flexibility by allow connectivity to any standard SQL Database. -2 way synchronization -Attachments synchronization -Extract attachments...to a folder -Public folders support GeniusConnect will synchronize Outlook or Exchange data with any relational database...that supports ODBC (MS Access, mySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle etc.). A folder (Calendar, Contacts, Mail,...
watcomsql servercontactcrmibm db2outlookjournalmailsqlbasesybaseinterbasetaskodbcadabasbackupexchangesynchronizepostgresqloraclemysqlcalendarparadoxaccessinformixdbasemsdedatabasefoxpronote
Free Vista Files award
...networkable and offers the ability to share complete databases or just one area such as a shared...on a network can even use the same databases at the same time to collaborate without being...Chaos 8 can also be installed on and synchronized with a USB portable flash drive for working...the optional Chaos Data Hosting service, you can synchronize your data between multiple machines through the Internet...
calendarpimsharedcrmcontact managerorganizeralarmsschedulertime management
Simply Safe Backup

Freeware by Cannon Technologies
37 x 2462Kb downloads

...& Restore Wizards, and much MORE! With the MySQL backup agent, you can backup any number of...MySQL servers and databases with your backup job (unattended). Use the file...synchronization feature to synchronize files and folders before you backup. You can...
file systemcd-rcompressionwindows 2000ftpremoterecoverysafedisastercompressedhandy backupdvd-rpkzipeasyopticalveritaswinzipsimplynetworkcrashstompdvdrencryptencryptedcompare
ZSKSoft Synchronizer

Shareware by ZSKSoft Lab
12 x 1549Kb downloads

...between two folders, and much more. Unlike other synchronizers that merely compare which of two files is...If certain files or folders should not be synchronized - just drag them to the "off" category....

Freeware by Somebytes
22 x 2557Kb downloads

...OLContactSync allows you to easily synchronize your Outlook contacts with any other Outlook user’s...synchronization partner. OLContactSync is very convenient to: - Synchronize your Outlook contacts from home with your office....on the other side of the world. - Synchronize contact addresses with friends and family. - Synchronize...your contact databases across your team. - Synchronize Outlook contacts on your laptop with your desktop....
SQL Balance for MySQL

Shareware by Desktop Software
25 x 3752Kb downloads

...Now there is no need to compare and synchronize databases run by MySQL manually, wasting valuable and...quite expensive DBA`s time. SQLBalance compares different databases, highlights the differences and synchronizes...database entries are side by side). Then, the databases are synchronized. There are two ways to do...back and look how the database was changed. SQLBalance requires very low system resources and disk space,...
database utilityschemasql parserdatabase schemasql editorschema managementdevelopemnt environmentdatabase compare toolschema differencemysqlpreprocessordatabase toolsmysql toolssql preprocessor
DB SynchroComp

Shareware by e-dule Software
19 x 2798Kb downloads

...DB SynchroComp compares two SQL Server (7 - 2005) databases, determines differences between...structure. After you execute the synchronization script, two databases will have the same structure, and existing data...to select the objects that are to be synchronized or to synchronize all the objects (this is...
comparesynchronizescriptsql 2005tooldatabasecollationdifferencesstructure
DB Explorer

Shareware by SLIK Software Ltd
21 x 9205Kb downloads

...utility that allows you to compare any two databases and report the structural and/or data differences between...them. It then enables you to synchronize the differences. DBExplorer supports any OLE DB or...ODBC compliant database which includes all the mainstream databases including MS SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, Access etc....Database Catalog Browse a databases schema and/or data. Provides a built in reporting...can document the database schema and records.
synchronise databaseschemacompare tablesmetadatadatabase differencecompare recordscompare databasedatabase utilityview database
KLS Backup 2013 Professional

Shareware by KirySoft
25 x 15345Kb downloads

...synchronization program that allows you to backup or synchronize your data to local and network drives, cloud...network locations, cloud storage, FTP, WebDAV servers and databases (MySQL, SQL Server). Advanced version management, makes possible...seconds. The synchronization feature allows you to easily synchronize the contents of two different folders. Running as...

Shareware by Best SoftTool, Inc.
19 x 2649Kb downloads

...What is SQLDBCompare? SQLDBCompare is the powerful database schema/data comparison and synchronization...tool for SQL Server database development projects. SQLDBCompare integrates with SQL Server, providing an effective and...for individuals and project teams to compare the SQL Server databases on either the same server or...It also provides the functionality for developers to synchronize the SQL Server objects from one database...
schemaserverbest softtoolsynchronizesql scriptsqldbcomparedatabasesql compare
AdeptSQL Diff

Commercial by Adept SQL Tools
24 x 4540Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...fast and intuitive tool to visually compare and synchronize two MS SQL Server databases. The program scans...both databases and displays the schema tree view, with all...color-marked. Navigating through the tree, you can see SQL definitions for individual objects (tables, view, stored procedures,...unique schema matching engine generates the minimal non-destructive SQL for any schema changes you you need to...and synchronization module.
sql serverrelationalschemacompare databasedatabase utilityddlcompare sql
Database Comparer VCL

Shareware by CleverComponents
23 x 1542Kb downloads

...The Database Comparer VCL (DBC VCL) compares and synchronizes databases structure (metadata) and table data for many...list is constantly updated and support for other databases will be added soon. Most popular database engines...script with SQL/DDL script. - Can compare and synchronize data between two database tables. - Extracting the...
ApexSQL Diff

Shareware by ApexSQL Tools
36 x 17696Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...ApexSQL Diff is an SQL development tool that can compare SQL Server database...tables, views, and all other SQL Server objects.. Features: - Automate database comparisons, synchronizations...scripts, Source control projects, and native backups - Synchronize unattended with the Command Line Interface - SQL...
database synchronizationsql comparesql serversql diffdatabase comparisondatabase toolsschema syncingdatabase softwaredatabase compare