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Freeware by CoronaSoft, Inc.
57 x 3844Kb downloads

...By working with many different applications and platforms, CoronaSync simplifies your life by allowing your information to...automatically, follow you wherever you go. The Folders Synclet is for easy syncing of your documents, pictures,...music,and other data among all your computers. Synchronize your favorite Internet sites with theBookmarks Synclet. Supports...any of your computers.
data synchronizationdocumentsfastbookmarkscalendarwindowsfilesmaclaptopcell phonepdacontactsrsyncmultiple computers
Easy2Sync for Files

Freeware by ITSTH
24 x 4892Kb downloads

...This great sync software provides an easy and safe solution to...Starting with version 5.00, it`s now possible to sync shell/MTP folders as provided by iPhone/Android/other mobile phones...Or multiple computers in your office. This program synchronize all your files and automatically transfer the changes...even work as NT service. Furthermore you can sync not only local files and files in the...recognizes renamed directories automatically.
notebooksyncnetwork toolsynchronise fileslaptop
Easy2Sync for Outlook

Freeware by ITSTH
53 x 9250Kb downloads

...This program can sync your computers` Outlook and copy any new or...well as Exchange server accounts. You can either synchronize your data or make copies (for a backup)...one team calendar / team contact folder. The sync can be done manually with confirmations or completely...tray icon or running as NT service. The sync of e-mail is even possible for folders that...have different names (like contact and contactos).
sync outlooknetzwerknetzwerktoolsmicrosoft outlooklannotebooksynchronize outlooksynchronize pstlaptop
Sync Now!

Shareware by Liuxz Software
25 x 4674Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...Sync Now! is a Powerful & Easy-to-use sync utility. Sync Now! can back up your files...and synchronize PCs, servers, ZIP disks, network folders and laptops....It Designed for Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003. Sync Now! can synchronize your important data with the fastest speed and...the simplest operation. With task scheduler, you set-it-and-forget-it. Sync Now! can keep your important data synchronized automatically....
backup softwarefile backupsynchronizebackup filessynchronization softwarefile sync softwaresyncnow
...quality music and video automation from your personal laptop or PC. Non stop, no repeat music, 24-7...Skins, Live DJ, Album covers, Video mode, Visualizations sync to music, Voice over, Fading skip out, Instant...
multimediarandomwav playerdisc jockeystreamingriaabroadcastjukeboxmixingdigitalmusicaudiomp3dmcawmaddjams
AJC Directory Synchronizer

Shareware by AJC Software
21 x 2127Kb downloads

...AJC Directory Synchronizer makes it easy to synchronize files and compare folders between any two locations....Synchronize large numbers of files between computers, sync laptop to desktop, mirror to backup drive, sync mp3...Wizards make it very easy to setup your synchronize task which can be saved as a project...to indicate which machine the files are on. Synchronization is achieved via an easy to read list...list, etc.
synchronize folderscompare directoriessync laptopdesktopfilesynccompare filescompare foldersfile syncdirectorysynchronize directoriessync filessynchronise

Commercial by Avanquest Software
799 x 31250Kb downloads

...Use Mobile Phone Tools with your laptop to create a complete mobile office. Install it...on your laptop and synchronize your PC and your cell phone. Your contacts,...calendar and tasks will always be in sync and you’ll be able to get on line...online, even if there’s no network. Connect your laptop to your cell phone, and using your cell...operators to make it easy to configure. 2. Synchronize you cell phone with your PC. Send and...
bvrp phone toolscell phone syncphonetoolmotorolamobile phone toolsoutlook integrationgprsringtone software
ShareCalendar for Outlook

Shareware by 4Team Corporation
170 x 8153Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...Share and synchronize Outlook calendar on multiple PCs without Exchange server....is a Microsoft Outlook add-in for sharing and synchronizing Outlook calendar folders. Sync calendar folders, sync appointments,...sync meetings in a few clicks. Synchronize and share outlook calendar items automatically or manually....and view calendars of your family or coworkers. Synchronize your PCs Outlook calendar information between your desktop,...
appointmentsync outlook calendarshare calendarcalendar itemsynchronize outlook calendarmeetingoutlook calendar syncsync calendarshare outlook calendarsync calendar outlook

Demo by IP Worx
20 x 4604Kb downloads

...easy to use and reliable file and folder syncronization tool. Make instant backups of project data, laptop...data, user data. Sync Logic can sychronize files and folders between different...to removable media such as USB pen drives. Sync logic makes file and folder synchronization as easy...as 1-2-3. You can run Sync Logic from the GUI or command line. Not...scheduler and never worry about missing files again.
DirSync Directory Synchronizer

Shareware by Archersoft Inc.
19 x 2898Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...for Daylight Saving Time, detailed log, etc. The synchronization is based on the policy specified by user...are different between source and target folders. Using DirSync you may define multiple jobs and execute them...files from one location to many other computers, synchronize data between desktop and laptop, backup your working...
ViceVersa PRO

Shareware by TGRMN Software
17 x 3054Kb downloads

...an easy way to backup, mirror, replicate and synchronize files and folders. ViceVersa works with any type...
file replicationbackup softwarefile backupsynchronize foldersfile synchronizationfile distributionsynchronize filesfile mirroringfolder synchronization
ShareContacts for Outlook

Shareware by 4Team Corporation
24 x 8170Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...Share and sync Outlook contacts on multiple PCs without Exchange server....ShareContacts is a Microsoft Outlook add-in for synchronizing and sharing Outlook contacts. Sync contacts folders, sync...address book, sync distribution lists in a few clicks. Synchronize and...people e.g. your coworkers, teammates, friends or family. Synchronize your PCs Outlook contact information between your desktop,...
outlookcontactssync outlook contactsshare contactssharing outlook contactssync address bookoutlook sync contactsoutlook sharing contactscontacts outlooksynchronize outlook contacts
OutShare for Outlook

Shareware by 4Team Corporation
27 x 10767Kb downloads

...a hosted by us service (OutShare Service) for synchronizing and sharing your Microsoft Outlook data with Outlook...is simple: select Outlook folders you want to sync or share on one of your PCs and...your OutShare Service account from that PC and synchronize your folders; the program will automatically download all...to your new PC; any changes in the synchronized or shared folders will automatically propagate to the...other machine.
sync outlookshare calendarsynchronize outlookshare outlooksynchronizationaddinspluginshare contactsworkgroupsharing
...CAMagic Mobile is PC-mobile phone Bluetooth sync software with advanced multimedia functions. Version 3.1 works...GPRS service, use the program to connect your laptop to the Internet using your phone as a...

Shareware by ImmenseTech
14 x 375Kb downloads

...Looking for a file synchronize tool but worry if it will not under...become simple and intuitive. simple yet powerful file sync tool no special training or knowledge required your...important files in your laptop and home PC are synchronized files sync over...

Shareware by RLeg Software
17 x 1554Kb downloads

.../ File synchronizer. It`s main function is to synchronize critical files in a selected directory and it`s...a network. It is ideal for keeping files synchronized between a desktop and laptop or between multiple...drives on you desktop. It can synchronize to / from a Network Drive, floppy, Zip...watches for changed files as you work and Sync Two Drives which does it all at once,...Scan will get all opened files. Select to sync sub folders.
Backup SafeKeeper

Freeware by SpeedApps Inc
165 x 1077Kb downloads

...Backup SafeKeeper Easily backup, synchronize, or restore your files to another drive, ZIP file, networked drive, or removable media. Highly configurable, Backup SafeKeeper includes: simulated backups and restore; sub-directory...
removable medianetworked driverestorezipsynchronizebackup
Mobile PhoneTools 4.0 - Bluetooth

Shareware by Avanquest Software
262 x 35160Kb downloads

...Use Mobile Phone Tools with your laptop to create a complete mobile office. Install it...on your laptop and synchronize your PC and your cell phone. Your contacts,...calendar and tasks will always be in sync and you`ll be able to get on line...online, even if there`s no network. Connect your laptop to your cell phone, and using your cell...operators to make it easy to configure. 2. Synchronize you cell phone with your PC. Send and...
gprsbluetoothcell phone syncmotorolaringtone softwaremobile phone toolsphonetooloutlook integrationbvrp phone tools
Synchronizer for Outlook Express

Shareware by Yarrowsoft
16 x 1005Kb downloads

...messages between different installations of Outlook Express with Synchronizer for Outlook Express. Keep mail on your laptop...and desktop computers synchronized without duplicates or missing emails. Synchronizer for Outlook...message, ensuring that everything is in perfect sync. Synchronizer for Outlook Express recognizes and preserves different mail...USB flash drive to keep your computers synchronized.
synchronizertwo computersoutlook express
Bulk Messaging Program

Shareware by Group SMS Software
78 x 930Kb downloads

...windows mobile (connected to PC via Microsoft active sync for windows XP and windows mobile device center...messaging program provides one way communication in a synchronized manner and sends group sms in any language....sender’s mobile connected to PC via Microsoft active sync and windows mobile device center. * Tool provides...