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Free Sun Screensaver

Freeware by CustomAquariumScr
8 x 3037Kb downloads

...Free Sun Screensaver shows abstract and beautiful sun photos on your desktop. This sun screensaver presents...user with a variety of space scenes including sunrise and sunset picture. The sun is the star...plasma interwoven with magnetic fields. Download free desktop sun screensaver and see photos of the sun....
sun screensaverfree
...snapshot imprinted in the solar wind! Feel the Sun magnetic field bringing you power, light, and happiness!...
...The Sun is the most prominent feature in our Solar...
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7art Sun and Moon ScreenSaver

Freeware by 7art-screensavers.com
21 x 7810Kb downloads

...Shining Sun and tender Moon will delight you very soon...manager and enjoy the amazing scenery of golden Sun and silver Moon! Let your desktop become a...
Sun Blast Demo for Windows

Demo by OBLONE Software
7 x 54759Kb downloads

...Two of the most feared enemy races joined forces to launch the ultimate attack, known as "Sun Blast". Your mission is to seek and destroy all enemy...
Art of War Screen Saver

Freeware by About the Art of War
25 x 1962Kb downloads

...Scenes of ancient China and quotes from Sun Tzu`s "Art of War". Around 2,000 years ago,...and Lao Tzu had developed their solutions but Sun Tzu`s philosophy, born of his direct experience of...the ruling class. In The Art of War, Sun Tzu recommended a strategic method to win that...
businesssun tzustrategychina
Digital Sun Screensaver

14 x 553Kb downloads

...from your dark office the animated artistic digital sun screensaver is here for Windows with a computerized...
sun screensaverscreen saverscreensaver for windowsanimated screensaverdigital screensaverfree screensaverdigital sun screensaverwindows screensaver
Sun & Moon Calculator

Shareware by Douglas Software
14 x 3282Kb downloads

...This shows the position of the sun and moon for any place on earth between...1900 and 2049. It can show the sun or moon for any day or the horizon...
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Rise Sun

Freeware by Reohix
31 x 3785Kb downloads

...webcam motion detection software called Rise Sun. Rise Sun gives you the ability to have your own...(you just need to buy a webcam). Rise Sun keeps watch over your home, office, or any...complete motion detection software package right away. Rise Sun also offers a very flexible motion detection algorithm...
risesunmotion detection softwarereohix rise sun
...snapshot imprinted in the solar wind! Feel the Sun magnetic field bringing you power, light, and happiness!...
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Hot Sun Screensaver

Freeware by Box2k.com
30 x 2307Kb downloads

...river. It`s such an early hour that the sun hasn`t shown its bright face yet. We can...
screensaverbeautyhot sun screensaverfree screensaverfree hot sun screensaver

Freeware by Sureshot
18 x 700Kb downloads

...JExpert is a free test simulation engine based on the latest pattern of Sun`s Java Programmer Certification. The simulator contains a large number of questions and mock exams. For...
Fine Morning Screensaver

Freeware by Freesavers2k
32 x 2433Kb downloads

...Your eyes are directed at the east, where sunrises every day... Orange sun, which make an appearance...) begin to disperse in the crystal air. Sun is almost rise and it illuminate all nature...And it begin with such majestic phenomenon as sun rising! This cheerful free screensaver will immediately make...
screen saverfree screensaver
Equinoxes, Solstices and Cross-Quarter Days

Shareware by Hermetic Systems
16 x 1435Kb downloads

...method and the `true sun` method. The mean sun method assumes (erroneously) that the Earth moves at...a circular orbit around the Sun. The true sun method calculates a cross-quarter day based on the...
autumnmean sunsolsticeequinoximbolcorbityearsamhaincalendarperiheliondatevernalcalculationcross-quarterlughnassadtrue sunearthbeltanesummerwinter
3D.Third Stone from The Sun

Demo by Crystalillusions net
23 x 3416Kb downloads

...See our planet at your desktop and touch endless universe with this eye-catching, high detailed 3d screensaver! More screensavers you...
3D Solar System Screensaver

Freeware by CustomAquariumScr
6 x 3037Kb downloads

...every planet and space object that circles the sun with Full 3D environment. The Solar System consists...of the Sun and the objects including the planets Mercury, Venus,...
The Earth is our homeland

Freeware by FreeStone Group
27 x 3486Kb downloads

...Free 3D ScreenSaver. The Earth is our homeland, or third planet from the sun. We can imagine view...
screensaverplanetsunearthfreewarescreen saver
3D Space Asteroids

Freeware by EIPC
32 x 3920Kb downloads

...asteroids and rocks in the space.watch the golden sun rays reflected on the rocks and asteroids giving...
World Saver 3D

Shareware by 3D Wonders
27 x 938Kb downloads

...a backdrop of nebulae and stars, with the Sun and Moon correctly positioned in relation to the...above any city. Accelerate time and see the Sun and Moon zoom around Earth in moments. But...
Living Landscape ScreenSaver

Shareware by 7art-ScreenSavers.com
23 x 10107Kb downloads

...The Sun is our nearest star. It gives us warm,...Living Landscape screensaver and just remember that the Sun always shine in the sky even when it...