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Spring Stream Animated Wallpaper

Shareware by EleFun Multimedia
23 x 6707Kb downloads

...and the first spring butterflies appear. And spring stream like a waterfall and you will love it....

Freeware by ADSTools
47 x 3652Kb downloads

...Alternate Data Stream files are potentially harmful and cannot be detected...developed to find, make and use alternate data stream files on computers with NTFS file systems. With...ADSTools you can: * Find all Alternate Data Stream files on your system * Edit Alternate Data...Stream files * View Alternate Data Stream files * View the size, attributes and contents...of Alternate data Stream files * Copy or move an existing visible..
spywareadspasswordsmalwarentfsntfs utilityalternate data streams
MP3 Stream Creator

Shareware by Guangming Software
6 x 1536Kb downloads

...speak the content aloud to your visitor? MP3 Stream creator is just what you need . MP3...different bitrate to fit your bandwidth best. MP3 Stream Creator also provides nice audio controller in flash...movie format so the streaming audio can be easily controlled. Batch convert MP3...to SWF, WAV to SWF Add streaming audio to your website easily Support various encoding...
mp3 swfstreaming audioaudio stream

Shareware by Aspose Pty Ltd
19 x 2122240Kb downloads

...PDF file stream; Convert an existing FO file stream to a new PDF document or a PDF...
...user with a visual representation of the multiplexed stream structure of MPEG-2 Program Streams (ISO/IEC 13818-1). The...allows the user to investigate the basic program stream packets with their fields. The application also allows...the user to manipulate with program streams by demultiplexing to PES and ES streams. Features:...Visual representation of MPEG-2 Program Stream Visual representation of DVD VOB Stream Hex data...
vob analysisdvddvd analysismpeg program streammpeg-2dvd stream mpeg analysis
Wondershare Dream Stream

Shareware by Swesoft Studio
9 x 51302Kb downloads

...and Tablet to HDTV, How to? Wondershare Dream Stream is the World`s First and an intelligent program...their computer or tablet, onto their TV. 1) Stream all of your media from your Windows PC...
tablet moivewondershare dream stream

Shareware by MSincome.com
6 x 244Kb downloads

...MP3 Sound Stream is so simple to install on your computer...

Freeware by Informacija d.o.o.
6 x 9999Kb downloads

...StreamSink is enterprise-grade stream logging solution. Unlike other stream rippers, it offers some unique features: absolute stability...
...representation of the structure of AC-3 audio elementary stream according to the ATSC A/52 specification. The AC3...view. Hexadecimal representation of the AC3 audio elementary stream file is available in the Hex View module....Features: Visual representation of AC-3 audio elementary stream AC-3 syncframes list view representation AC-3 syncframes tree...Information Header (syncinfo) tree view representation AC-3 Bit Stream Information Header (bsi) tree view...
ac3 audio elementary streamadvanced audio coding
CRM Stream

Demo by it-stream.com
11 x 3003Kb downloads

...CRM Stream — budget, flexible «Customer relationship management» for small...the ability to adapt for your requirements. CRM Stream gives you ability to: * manage client information...change history; * organize newsletter campaign; * CRM Stream has useful and powerful access right management, which...
client managementclient relationshipcrmlotus dominocompany managementlotus notes
HiFi Audio Stream

Demo by MSIncome.com
15 x 2048Kb downloads

...Now you can use the Hi Fi Audio Stream software to produce your own streaming audio just...Internet marketing technology instantly injects the power of streaming audio into your Websites and emails … even...Let me show you how easy HiFi Audio Stream is to use....
hifi stereo streamingaudio streaming softwarestreaming audiomusic streaming
URL Getter

Shareware by UrlGetter.com
9 x 830Kb downloads

...Url Getter is a tool which get the streaming audio and video Urls, Many stream`s Urls are...is very difficult to get video and audio stream from social media websites. URL Getter provides a...
get urlfind urlsniffurl getter
...user with a visual representation of the multiplexed stream structure of MPEG-2 Transport Streams (ISO/IEC 13818-1) and...DVB Streams (ETSI EN 300 468). The application allows the...user to investigate the basic transport stream and DVB packets with their fields. The application...also allows the user to manipulate with transport streams by filtering specified PIDs and exporting to file,...
dvbdvb stream mpeg analysismpeg transport streammpeg-2dvb analysis
Direct Stream Recorder

Shareware by Sytexis Software
42 x 664Kb downloads

...Direct Stream Recorder is a handy and powerful tool for...capturing all kinds of video and audio streams and then turning them into a standard .avi...edited with any video or audio editor. Direct Stream Recorder has a diverse applicability. You can record...live streams like Windows Media, Real Media, and QuickTime, save...is encoded or has an unknown format. Direct Stream Recorder is also capable of recording password protected...MSN or Yahoo.
webcam recorderyoutube recorderwindows media recorderreal media
...The leaves of Autumn flowing in a stream. The waters- crystal clear and the image superimposed on a screensaver. Download and watch this Thanksgiving...

Demo by Alvas.Net
22 x 1669Kb downloads

...(mp3) and others; - record data to the stream (file stream, memory stream); - pause and resume...compressed audio data; - play data from the stream (file stream, memory stream); - play mixed audio...the audio stream; - merge two mono audio streams into one stereo. 5. Convert audio wave stream...to mp3 stream. 6. Convert Dialogic .vox (adpcm) stream to Mp3 stream. 7. Checks audio signal silence....
pcmconvert soundaudiodisplay audio datarecordencodecompressedaudio librarymixed audio datadecode voxvbnet componentsmp3uncompressed

Shareware by Verysoft
63 x 3000Kb downloads

...two or more applications cannot use the same stream from the same webcam at the same time....of input/output resolutions. You can use a video stream of any resolution mode from the list of...with WebCamSplitter. 3) Preview for the output video stream dependent application that is used by WebCamSplitter. 4)...frame rate in a video stream. 6) Video stream desirable processing quality. 7) Ability to use Local...
virtualcameradriversimultaneous accessduplicatesplitdevicewebcamvideo stream

Shareware by Intellidriver Inc.
29 x 322Kb downloads

...only to serial port - Allows taking serial stream and converting data using any other protocol. In...physical devices presence - To implement serial data stream convertation - To encapsulate your protocol into serial...- To insert any data into serial stream - To represent your data stream as serial...- To present any stream of data in a convenient way for terminal...
control virtual portmanage virtual com port
ChrisPC Media Streamer

Shareware by Chris P.C. srl
11 x 1627Kb downloads

...ChrisPC Media Streamer is a powerfull broadcast software application with a...and ergonomic user interface that allows you to stream your favorite TV shows and multimedia files to...connect using an internet address to watch the streams you broadcast, with any multimedia player software that...with DirectX and Windows Media Encoder. ChrisPC Media Streamer it is capable of handling & broadcasting up...to 3 (three) distinct stream sources in parallel.
...structure of Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) audio elementary stream (ISO/IEC 13818-7). The AAC audio frames sequence can...view. Hexadecimal representation of the AAC audio elementary stream file is available in the Hex View module....representation of Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) audio elementary stream ADTS frames list view representation ADTS frames tree...the selected block Supported Structures: AAC audio elementary stream - ADTS sequence ADTS fixed header ADTS...
aac audioaac audio elementary streamadvanced audio coding