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Pop-Up Stopper

Freeware by Panicware Inc.
170 x 414Kb downloads

...pop-up windows with the latest upgrade of this small tool, now with added support for Mozilla, and...settings, or add sites to a list. Pop-Up Stopper will not strip web images or slow your...browser. You can allow pop-up windows only when you want them! User...settings allow various pop-up notifications, such as a flashing icon...hold down Control (CTRL) or Shift key to allow selective pop-up windows, but most new links should...
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Ad Nuker Popup Blocker & Spam Filter

Freeware by AdNuker.com
112 x 2668Kb downloads

...Spyware, Adware, Trojans, Viruses, Spyware Cookies. Unique features allow you to block all popups and spam or...ones you want to receive. This easy-to-use popup stopper that gives you control of popup ads. Filtering...& since the installation, You can block or allow banners from being displayed onto your PC, Filtering...
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Stop The Popup

Freeware by StopThePopup.com
45 x 4165Kb downloads

...popups, ads, pop under & spying cookies in all Web Browsers (AOL, Netscape, Internet Explorer, Opera). Can...also be started manually or at windows startup or with your browser...ISDN, T1-3, wireless connections. Block Banner Ads: Remove all the clutter of all the flashing banner ads....Shield technology suppresses bandwidth-sucking banner ads. The interface allows you to monitor the number of pop-ups blocked....
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EndTask Free

Freeware by Osama Abdel-Karim
32 x 1200Kb downloads

...window pops up out of nowhere. Pop-ups are usually annoying advertisements that waste a lot of your...But... pop-ups can be desirable too. When you finally get to your favorite site, there`s a good...window to present information to you. Pop-up blockers normally block all or nothing. There is a problem...next generation of pop-up blockers. Its unique design allows the user to easily hide or show a...want.
anti poppopup killerpop killerpop-upadwarestop popupspopup stopper
Stop-the-Pop-Up Lite

Freeware by Sureshot
55 x 1000Kb downloads

...Stop-the-Pop-Up Lite is a free pop-up blocker preventing all annoying pop-up windows from appearing as you surf...the web. The popup stopper has full support for both pop-ups and pop-under...you will hear a cute sound effect. To allow pop-up windows you can temporarily disable the pop-up...Stop-the-Pop-Up Lite feature is that it will kill all pop ups from file sharing programs and the...
CleanMyPC Free PopUp Blocker

Freeware by CleanMyPC Software
51 x 152Kb downloads

...annoying pop-up ad windows when surfing the web? Stop PopUp with CleanMyPC™ Free PopUp Blocker! Completely FREE!...The built in "Artificial Intelligence" engine will automatically distinguish between popup ads and useful popup window....It will stop all the unwanted popup ad windows without any human...Blocker help you get rid of the annoying popups when you surf Internet and say goodbye to...
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Crawler Weather

Freeware by CRAWLER, LLC
26 x 1285Kb downloads

...our huge gallery! Beautify your desktop with incredible wallpapers from our huge gallery covering popular subjects for...choose metasearch and get the combined results from all available search engines. Rich with advanced plugins like...other malicious software. Crawler popup blocker helps to stop intrusive popup windows while allowing popups from sites...
weather watchstormsnational weatherhurricaneweather forecasttemperaturelocal weatherweather stationweather report
Crawler Download Manager

Freeware by CRAWLER, LLC
31 x 1058Kb downloads

...manager! Perform fast and efficient downloads. Start, pause/resume, stop and set options of the selected download, and...from over 2,000. Beautify your desktop with incredible wallpapers from our huge gallery covering popular subjects for...choose metasearch and get the combined results from all available search engines. Rich with advanced plugins like...other malicious software.
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Crawler 3D Earth Screensaver

Freeware by CRAWLER, LLC
134 x 9102Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...journey around the planet Earth! Real cloud animation allows you to watch storms and hurricanes. Receive weather...our huge gallery! Beautify your desktop with incredible wallpapers from our huge gallery covering popular subjects for...choose metasearch and get the combined results from all available search engines. Rich with advanced plugins like...other malicious software.
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...Messenger is a service that comes with Windows XP, NT, and 2000. Advertisers have taken advantage of this by sending ads over this service. Messenger Pop-up Blocker is a...
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Free Spyware Vanisher - Spyware Removal

Freeware by MicroSmarts LLC
60 x 1990Kb downloads

...With Spyware Vanisher "RV", we guarantee to remove all your Spyware and Adware infections, including all HomePaage...is Safe to use. HomePage Hi-Jacker Protection and Stop Popups. Download Spyware Vanisher now and Get Protected...

Shareware by k.soft
21 x 977Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...only protects your PC from popups, it also stops adware and spyware from running, and keeps them...from ever installing in the first place. PopupDummy! keeps a watchful...safe from new spyware pests which try to install on your PC. Harmful web browser plug-ins and...
pop-upsspybotpopup killerstop popupsspywarepopupdummyblocker
Oxy Browser

Freeware by Oxy Browser
7 x 62012Kb downloads

...usability, fastest and most convenient WEB interaction. We`re all about HTML5 and cutting-edge technologies. You can watch...YouTube in modern HTML5 UI. Ad Free Stop all those advertisers, who are earning on crowding their...pages with useless ads and all those popups. They`re trying to steal convenience of...the web for their ignoble profits. All this gone. We`re bundle Oxy Browser with modern...
browser without adsoxy browserinternet tools

Shareware by Sestus Data
17 x 6535Kb downloads

...NEW! Internet Popup Blocker & Privacy Protector. Block popups AND protect your privacy WHILE YOU SURF the...that is to say, they block only those popups identified by the user. This is a crude...to the `black list`. NetPopper is different. NetPopper automatically blocks all unwanted popups, silently and without any...intervention. Of course, should a user want to allow a popup, NetPopper does feature a customizable white...
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...gray windows. Our IP Ad Blocker software will stop them dead in their tracks with the click...of a button. Can run automatically at startup Can automatically disable Windows Popup Messages...Windows Popup Message to ensure that they are really blocked. Does not Contain any Adware, Spyware, or...
adswindows popupsadvertising
...AdsNoMore is a pop-up stopper and banner ad blocker designed to eliminate all...ads that disrupt your online experience. AdsNoMore will stop adware and spyware pop-ups, web popups from Internet...will result in faster web browsing. It also allows you to block messaging service ads from software...such as Kazaa, AIM, MSN, ICQ, etc... AdsNoMore allows you to define a whitelist and blacklist of...
PopUp Ad SmasheR

Shareware by www.PopUpStop.com
15 x 1652Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...fast, easy to use program that offers to automatically stop pop-up ads and all other internet annoyances....For example it will stop animated flash ads, 3rd party activity links, timer...is packed with tons of features you would normally have to run in separate programs. Works with...
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Deluxe Spy-Kill

Shareware by c-privacy.com
20 x 2386Kb downloads

...spyware, malware, virus, memory and registry scanner for all 32-bit versions of Windows and Windows NT. Also...computer without you even knowing. Do you have popups while surfing the internet? Then you probably have...your computer. Did you have an antivirus program installed and running on your computer? Well, you are...not protected against spywares, antivirus programs do not stop the infection from adware and spyware. Did you...
spy killdeluxe spy-killsoftwaredoctorspam mailspamcontrol
...is a revolutionary spyware and adware removal software. Stop popups, adware, spyware and prevent identity theft with...fully configurable - customize to meet your needs, automatically scans, detects and removes malicious ad/spy-ware, free adware...
popup stopperspyware removaldelete adwareanti-spywaredelete spywarepopup blockerpopup killer
Super Ad Blocker

Shareware by SuperAdBlocker.com
21 x 6174Kb downloads

...Super Ad Blocker blocks all forms of advertising including Flash, Rich Media, fly-in,...
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