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JetStart Free

Freeware by Code Sector Inc.
66 x 909Kb downloads

...launched programs and system commands. Just point your mouse to the Start Menu button! You can also...place your most used programs and documents into the handy toolbar and quickly run any program by...typing few starting letters. Reorder taskbar buttons by drag and drop!...
TERAVoice Server

Freeware by TERASENS GmbH
68 x 84670Kb downloads

...via e-mail. Increase customer satisfaction by optimizing hotlines with voice menus and managed waiting queues and create...order to cut down cost for call agents. With its MMC-based management console, TERAVoice can be administered...to support a wide range of telephony hardware starting from simple voice modem up to Multi-PRI ISDN...boards even in mixed configurations. Flexibility TERAVoice combines the ease-of-use of simple voicemail solutions and the...

Freeware by Calcute.com
41 x 149Kb downloads

...are used to prevent common rounding errors associated with computer hardware. Many scientific functions are supported: logarithms...all past expressions and results are retained on the tape so you can edit previous work, recalculate...it, cut and paste directly on the tape or other documents, save your work to...all past calculations are retained you can modify them and recalculate them individually at will. Select any...on your system, in any size.
binaryfreeware calculatorlogarithmsrational numbersoctalcalcutetrigonometrichexadecimalhyperbolicfree tape calculatorpowers
Mail Checker

Freeware by NMZ labs
66 x 521Kb downloads

...small, but useful program for checking mail via the POP3 and IMAP protocols. It solves two problems...that usually appear when work with e-mail: 1) Checking for new messages automatically. 2)...Deleting messages from the server without downloading them to the local computer. Mail Checker automatically checks...all your mailboxes and if there are any new messages, it displays a popup...window.
email cliente-mailmail checker
The Goalkeeper (Pc)

Shareware by Winter Wolves
35 x 6800Kb downloads

...Ever wanted to take the role of a great goalkeeper? Now with The...choosing between Handling, Reflexes, Jumping and Charisma skill. Then select your starting team from 6 different leagues:...Italy, Spain, France, Germany and Netherland.The game features the Training Screen, where you can train yourself to...skills and your chances to do well in the next match. Then there`s the Statistics Screen, where...
...is an exciting solitaire card game based on the classic game Spider, a challenging 2 deck game...Spider Wizard contains not only Spider, but 15 other similar games. Variations include Spider One Suit and...Suits, which have card moving rules that make the game easier to win. In addition, it contains...You can create your own Spider variations using the Spider Wizard. Just set the rules that you...
card gamepatiencesolitairespider
Invisible Launcher

Shareware by Segobit Software
18 x 140Kb downloads

...to provide a fast way for organizing and starting up your applications and for opening the folders,...it is invisible and does not take up the the valuable place on your space. When you...move your mouse to the program icon into the system tray, it pops up, allowing you to...file, shortcut or folder by dragging it to the program window, but cannot accidentally drag them off....
actionsprocessfile systemlauncheractivityapplication
Active Keys

Shareware by Softarium.com
25 x 1268Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...Modern operating systems offer the increasing number of breathtaking features that bring computing...to new edge. These days, computers transform into entertainment and information centers...of our homes and offices. There is one major drawback of such miraculous integration,...hierarchical interfaces which makes controlling various system actions rather a memory quiz than a comfortable living. Each...

Shareware by QUESTER
16 x 774Kb downloads

...fully automatic to any FTP server. QSynFTP checks the local file system for changes (new files, changed...files automatically to one or more FTP servers. The integrated FTP client allows easy manual upload, it...displays both, the ftp directory and the local directory in one window, if the directory...in one pane and it switches automatically to the corresponding directory at the other site. The main...
web master toolftp syncweb editorweb managementweb hostingftp uploadweb publishingftp synchronizationweb softwareweb actualizationwebsite promotionftp programftp-serverweb updater
Change Folder Icons

Shareware by Nesoft Inc.
60 x 2543Kb downloads

...use as folder icons. Program features: - change the icon of a folder simply and quickly by...pressing the right mouse button on it and selecting "Change Folder Icon"...- search for icons on your computer files starting with the selected folder (Drag&Drop and advanced search...for several folders at one time - change the icon of a drive as well as folder...

Demo by AS Computer Software
16 x 82Kb downloads

...C/C++,VB,Delphi,XBASE++ you can use ASFAN functions. We program them very carefully, so there is minimum parameters and...most of them are of type LONG, INT, LPCSTR and LPSTR,...communication is here, to support some basic communication with some devices connected to serial ports. If you...don`t want to allowed user to interrupt execution with keyboard or mouse activity. If you need information...
transparent windowdesktop controlget ide hdd modelserial communicationrevisionresolution changesafe modeserial numberdll

Shareware by FuzLez.com
34 x 588Kb downloads

...record every sound you computer system makes, expect the noise made by the fans and hard disk....What comes out of the speakers is recorded so you can store it...Designed to be totally easy to use and starting the actual recording involved no more then a...single mouse click. The recordings are stored in MP3 or uncompressed WAV...on your portable media player (Mp3 player), recording the sounds of games so you can let...
GYRODROME Screensaver

Shareware by ZERGE.COM
30 x 1912Kb downloads

...you many hours of interesting and fascinating animation. The corner stone of the Gyrodrome Screensaver animation are...few rings placed one inside another and rotating around all the three world axis...relatively to world as relatively to each other. Another mobile element of virtual world on a screen...is camera. This camera is permanently looking to the rings observation point. It can fly around the...
WebMixer 3

Shareware by Cd-rom Studio
16 x 4978Kb downloads

...Realize, without programming, your animated web site or interactive animations...for the internet. Place your digital medias (pictures, sounds, videos,...and variables) and of 50 columns to define the order of appearance. Parameterize easily each media :...timing, action , action (to a click, to mouse movement, to going, printing, starting, opening, internet...). Visualise...
webmixerinteractiveuploadimagessoundinteractivitymultimedia applicationsinternetactivexanimationspresentationsflashtutorialcreate web sitevideoftp
Advanced Clipboard Utility (ACU)

Shareware by DLAO Software
33 x 1218Kb downloads

...this! It makes you more productive by making the windows clipboard work better. It adds the functionality...that Windows leaves out, starting with the ability to hold more than one item! (The...from one application as you typed it into another because cut `n` paste would take too long,...act more like an extension of Windows itself, rather than a separate application. It sits quietly and...back into your document.
latestclipboard managertimesaveradvanced clipboard utilitycopypastesharewareacunewsversionsmulticlipboard extenderreleasehistoryfree
Apis Ceratina

Shareware by Mavrsoft
23 x 5541Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...replaying macros. Save millions of clicks and keystrokes with Apis . Reduce repetitive tasks to a single...software to record, replay and schedule keyboard and mouse activities. With Apis, you don`t need to learn...as creating and showing windows and drop-down menus, starting applications, etc. It also monitors the position of...windows on the screen. A intelligent kernel suspends macro replay as...
macro toolkeystoke recordermacro automationrepetitive taskautomation taskkeyboard macromacro recorderkeyboard automationauto macromouse automationmacro programmouse recordermouse macro
...is a compact program to synchronze your computer with any computer on your Local Area Network or...one of the hundreds Atomic Time Servers. Elprime Clock Pro also...your desktop or automatically disappear when you move the mouse cursor over it. It allows you to...set up alarms with messages, WAV files or PC-speaker sounds, run files...and documents. The clock is fully skinable and comes with a...lot of nice-looking skins already.

Shareware by DeskSoft
20 x 604Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...and easy access to folder contents and files. Without opening each and every folder, you can browse...the directory structure starting at any point by clicking the right mouse...button on a file, folder or drive. The program adds a menu item to the context...menus of shell objects, which displays the directory structure and item size on demand. If...
...Rapid Key for Windows 7,Vista,XP,2000,2008,ME,9x provides you with a new Windows functionality: After starting RapidKey you...find the RapidKey icon on the taskbar. You can use Autotexts, macros (keystroke, mouse...

Shareware by nnSoft
19 x 877Kb downloads

...scheduler, scripting tool and automation manager. Besides possessing the traditional scheduler features (starting programs, displaying reminder messages...as a service, - run tasks as if they were started by specified user, - handle and...tasks and reminders, - shut down and hibernate the computer or put it into sleep mode at...a specified time, - "wake up" the computer in order to run a task, -...
forth languagesoundfile existhotkeyregexcrontabautomationclipboard monitorautomation managerremote administrationwinspyreminderwindow existfile monitorschedulermacroscripting