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Freeware by Bitvise Limited
152 x 4336Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...is a fast, robust, easy to use SSH client for Windows (all versions) with an advanced graphical...VT100, xterm and bvterm terminal console; scriptable console-mode clients for SFTP, terminal console and remote execution; flexible...forwarding; supports server-configured port forwarding rules for easier client administration; forwards Windows file shares; has strong auto-reconnect...
vt100port forwardingvt-100sockstunnelingsecureterminalxtermfreedynamicsftpgssapiproxybvtermremote desktopfile transferconsolekerberosencryptedpublic keyssh2encryptiontelnetsecurity
EngInSite DataFreeway

Freeware by Luckasoft
50 x 1622Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...is a freeware SSH (SSH1,SSH2,SFTP), WebDAV, FTP, FTPS Client for Windows. EngInSite DataFreeway allows you to access...

Freeware by Olmer
152 x 120Kb downloads

...its separate Administrator Interface. FREE SSH, telnet, ftp client with powerful terminal emulation capability. It runs on...
ssh clienttelnetshellconnectfastftp clientperfectuploadporttool
SSH Tunnel Client

Freeware by delight software gmbh
103 x 3417Kb downloads

...SSH Tunnel Client allows to connect to different SSH-Servers. With the...SSH Tunnel Client it is possible to connect each TCP/IP Service...

Shareware by VanDyke Software Inc.
126 x 17100Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...SecureCRT for Windows, Mac, and Linux provides rock-solid terminal emulation, secure remote access, file transfer, and data tunneling with advanced session management and automation. Access an array of network...
tunnelingremote accessssh2data tunnelingencryptionreplace telnetfile transferssh clientsftpsecure shellterminal emulationsecure remote administrationport forwardingssh1

Shareware by VanDyke Software Inc.
23 x 11776Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...Mac, and Linux is a secure file transfer client with advanced features like site synchronization and automation...
ssh2van dykesecuresftpsecure shellsecure ftpsecurefxtransferwindowsfile transfer
Cerberus FTP Server

Shareware by Cerberus, LLC
40 x 7721Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...FTP, FTP over TLS/SSL (FTPS and FTPES), the SSH2 File Transfer Protocol (SFTP), and web client access...
Private Shell SSH Client

Shareware by Imposant
45 x 2950Kb downloads

...Private Shell is an easy to configure SSH client for Windows. Autoconfiguration wizard helps you to setup...(such as Oracle, MySQL, SVN, CVS, VNC, e-mal clients and other software). With Private Shell you can...allows you to connect to any SSH1 or SSH2 server in the most secure way by choosing...tunneling and X11 forwarding. Use built-in Secure FTP client (SFTP client) to transfer files between computers securely....and scp.
sftpsftp clientssh clientssh windowssftp windows
...SSH enabled hosts. It optionally includes a FTP Client with full awareness of AS/400 objects and z/OS...
3270 emulatorvt100 emulationvt420telnet clientansisslssh1terminal emulatoribmssh2ftp clienttn52505250 emulatorvtxxxterminal emulationunix emulationmainframevt220tn3270as400encryptionvt320
AbsoluteTelnet Telnet / SSH Client

Shareware by Celestial Software
117 x 3041Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...AbsoluteTelnet/SSH is a FIPS validated SSH terminal client that also supports telnet, SFTP, dialup, and serial...
dynamicvt220freetelnetssh2ssh2 clientfipssftppassthrussh clienttelnet clientscriptingpassthroughzmodemxmodemsecure shellsharewarextermcacforwardingtapidynamic port forwardingterminalrsa securiddodx11dod cacemulatorssh1utf8vt1

Freeware by Bitvise Limited
37 x 4620Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...configuration. Supports server-configured port forwarding rules for easier client administration. Ideal for remote server administration; as file...
file transfergssapiport forwardingkerberossecuritysftpencryptionvt100tunnelingencryptedbvtermtelnetconsolesspissh2remote desktopntlmsecurevt-100xtermterminal

Demo by TurboSoft, Inc
32 x 9886Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...TurboFTP is a secure FTP client equipped with a wealth of features to offer...
sslauto uploadresumefirewallcute ftpsecureautomaticstallclienttlsdirectory compareproxyfile transferpreserve file timeftp serversoftwarereconnectpassword encryptionftp programsupload wizardssh2sftp
...3D-FTP is a lightning-fast and secure FTP Client for transferring files between your computer and FTP...secure file transfers using FTPS and SFTP over SSH2 protocols. Advanced features like bookmarks, syntax highlighting remote...
fastsyntax highlightingresumeftps3dftp3d-ftpschedulingsftpclientmultithreadedsecureremote editorsshbookmarkssynchronize
SecEx Secure Shell Client

Demo by Bytefusion Ltd.
40 x 3610Kb downloads

...Shell. SecEx seamlessly interoperates with either SSH1 or SSH2 servers on both Unix and Windows operating systems....
...ZOC is a professional SSH/SSH2/telnet client and terminal emulator. An elegant user interface with...
zaSFTP for Smartphone

Shareware by zaTelnet
27 x 292Kb downloads

...different protocol, you can`t use a standard FTP client to talk to an SFTP server, nor can...you connect to an FTP server with a client that supports only SFTP. zaSFTP is graphical SFTP...
SSH Explorer SSH Client

Shareware by SSH Client
71 x 3389Kb downloads

...SSH Explorer is a new generation SSH/Telnet client and terminal emulator that makes remote Linux server...home computer. The integrated text editor and SFTP client are always at your fingertips when you need...and type them anymore. VT100 terminal emulation, SSH1, SSH2 and Telnet protocols are supported....
telnet clientterminal emulatorssh client
z/Scope Classic Terminal Emulator

Shareware by Cybele Software Inc.
44 x 20572Kb downloads

...SSH enabled hosts. It optionally includes a FTP Client with full awareness of AS/400 objects and z/OS...SSL 2.0, and 3.0, TLS 1.0 and SSH1, SSH2 security protocols. * Open multiple emulation sessions simultaneously...together in tiled view! * Full multi-session FTP client also integrated into the tabbed interface. * Integrated...
emulationas400ansivt420vt220mainframe5250tn3270terminal emulationvt100 emulationssh2terminal emulatorssh1vtxxxunix emulationtn52505250 emulatoribmftp clientencryptiontelnet client3270 emulatorvt320ssl
UnixSpace Terminal

Shareware by SofteX Plus Inc.
29 x 456Kb downloads

...UnixSpace terminal - it`s a graphical telnet/SSH client for Windows. Protocols: telnet, SSH1, SSH2 and rlogin....
secure shelllinuxgraphical interfacessh2unixterminaltelnet

Shareware by zaTelnet
55 x 292Kb downloads

...different protocol, you can`t use a standard FTP client to talk to an SFTP server, nor can...you connect to an FTP server with a client that supports only SFTP. zaSFTP is graphical SFTP...