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VisNetic MailServer

Demo by Deerfield.com
31 x 31335Kb downloads

...features support for Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and Spam URI Realtime Blocklists (SURBL). Instant Anti Spam is...a complete spam filtering solution built into VisNetic Mail Server. Instant Anti...Spam combines the most effective anti spam technologies into one powerful solution that blocks more...spam than any other mail server. Spamming techniques change at a rapid pace. By layering...
spam filterspam preventionemail serverinstant messagingantispamsmtpldapweb mailwapanti spampop3mail transfer agentimapweb admin
POP3 Sweeper

Shareware by Devicode Technology
60 x 1171Kb downloads

...your mailbox. Your email program will download the filtered e-mails. In addition, you can also create powerful...rules to automate the deletion of spam mails from your mailbox. POPSweeper allows you to...set up a variety of spam filtering rules based on the sender, recipient, subject, message...Create advanced rules based on regular expressions. - Spam filter, anti spam, junk mail filter, email filter...
large emailpopsweeperpop sweeperunsolicited emailmailboxanti-spamremove spamanti spamemail filterpop3junk mail removerimappop cleanerspam filterunwanted emails

Shareware by SPAMfighter
34 x 2368Kb downloads

...brought to you by SPAMfighter, Europe`s leading Anti Spam Filter developer....
antivirusanti virusantivirus programantivirus solutionantivus software
Free Vista Files award
...Do you receive more and more spam every day? Use Antispam Scanner! Antispam Scanner will...for those who receive dozens or even hundreds spam letters during a day. The program`s interface looks...
spam filterspam blockerantispam
SpamBrave for Outlook Express

Shareware by Digital Turtlets
33 x 2989Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...A Spam filtering plug-in for Outlook Express and Windows Mail prevents...annoying spam and junk emails from polluting your Inbox. You...you want. Bounces emails back to spammers. Reports spam to the sender`s ISP. Automatically cleans the Spam...
stop spamplug-inoutlook expresssharewarebayesianspam blockerwindows mailspam filter
SPAMfighter Pro

Shareware by SPAMfighter
34 x 2529Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...Express, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail or Thunderbird. SPAMfighter is easy to install and use. With SPAMfighter...You are also protected against the dangers of spam and phishing mails, such as harmful attachments, and...identity theft. Download SPAMfighter and protect your computer and personal information in...minutes. SPAMfighter works in a unique way by harnessing the...
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No Spam Today! for Servers

Shareware by byteplant GmbH
30 x 15516Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...NoSpamToday is a powerful SMTP/POP3 spam filtering solution with a number of useful security features...that will help you do away with spam messages and will keep you safe from viral...threats and suspicious attachments. NoSpamToday is compatible to every known mail server software...and combines the award-winning SpamAssassin filter, an attachment blocker, a remote blacklist filter...
lotusspam filterpop3dominoemail filterexchangesmtpmail serverinternet server
No Spam Today! for Workstations

Shareware by byteplant GmbH
39 x 11469Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...No Spam Today! for Workstations was created for users of...your mail client and your mail server No Spam Today! for Workstations scans all incoming emails and...marks spam emails so you can sort out the unwanted...emails. With NoSpamToday`s easy-to-use installation wizard, the filter can be activated within minutes. The flexible filter...pipeline architecture allows combining the award-winning SpamAssassin filter, an attachment blocker,...
internet serverspam filteremail filtermail serverpop3
Spam Reader

Shareware by LuxContinent LLC
26 x 1159Kb downloads

...cure? Various techniques were developed and tried. But spammers quickly make them obsolete using even newer tricks....difference is its ability to evolve with time. Spammers develop new tricks to fool spam-protection systems, but...Bayesian filters learn to catch these tricks immediately. Spam Reader is an MS Outlook plugin that extends...this powerful e-mail software`s functionality with a Bayesian spam filter. There is no need to run an...

Shareware by SoftInform
24 x 1413Kb downloads

...incoming advertising messages (spam) on the mail server. Spam Blocker helps to get rid of annoying email...analyzing correspondence before it is loaded from server. Spam Blocker checks all mail and receives the headings...message subject, etc.) and analyzes the messages for spam content. In addition to the already existing rules...allows setting the program according to individual needs. Spam Blocker works with several mailboxes and allows users...
spamspam blockerblock spamspam blocking
Antispam Software

Freeware by AntiSpam Software
44 x 1838Kb downloads

...Antispam software that lets you get back at spammers that choose to spam your e-mail. Better than...a regular email anti spam filter (i.e., for outlook express, etc) because you can...spammers. And better still, this is free anti spam software! So check it out now!...
anti spam emailanti spam outlookantispam softwareantivirus antispamfree anti spam softwareanti spam filterexchange anti spam
...The time has come to move to 100% spam rejection. Nearly every Internet user has access to...some level of spam filtering but spam leaks through no matter how good the filter....then try to evict people after the fact. SpamAI version 4 now controls your inbox the same...everyone initially is wrong. Well, tough. Immediately after SpamAI is installed, no email reaches your inbox until...only from the same organization in the future.
...Chrysanth Mail Manager is a spam blocker designed from the ground up to help...users effectively stop junk emails or "SPAM". This spam blocker helps users automatically identify, filter and stop...everyone more productive and email more useful. This spam blocker has a range of useful features and...The user interface is intuitive and makes this spam blocker easy to set-up and use. This spam...emails back to those who sent it.
Spam Bully 3 for Outlook Express

Shareware by Spam Bully
26 x 3958Kb downloads

...Outlook Express Bayesian spam filter intelligently keeps your Inbox spam free. Easy to...block email addresses, IP`s, words/phrases you choose. Block spam by country and language. Bounce spam back to...spammers. Report spammers to their hosts and the FTC. Forward only...good emails to your cellphone. Auto delete spam as it downloads. Send challenge emails to unfamiliar...emailers. Comprehensive statistics.
spam bullyoutlook express spam filteremaile-mailspambullyspam killerbayesian spam filterspam blocker
ORF Enterprise Edition

Commercial by Vamsoft Ltd.
23 x 3573Kb downloads

...enterprise-level anti-spam solution that helps you to block spam before it reaches your network. It wedges into...the above, e.g. regular expression-supported keyword filtering, attachment filtering or Active Directory-based recipient validation. Using the self-learning...
dnsblanti-spamopen relayexchangespam filteremail filterrbl
Spam Bully 3 for Outlook

Shareware by Spam Bully
35 x 3928Kb downloads

...Outlook Bayesian spam filter intelligently keeps your Inbox spam free. Easy to use toolbar. Allow or block...email addresses, IP`s, words/phrases you choose. Block spam by country and language. Bounce spam back to...spammers. Report spammers to their hosts and the FTC. Forward only...good emails to your cellphone. Auto delete spam as it downloads. Send challenge emails to unfamiliar...emailers. Comprehensive statistics.
emailspambullybayesian spam filteroutlookspam blockerspam bullyspam killeroutlook spam filtere-mail

Shareware by Xtreeme GmbH
29 x 1692Kb downloads

...Anti-spam software for Windows. It accepts emails from senders you trust while asking unknown senders to verify themselves by replying to an email. After positive verification it adds them...
spam filteringemail filterstop spamspam utilityspam toolantispamspam solutionanti-spamanti spam
Mail Snoop Pro

Shareware by Rainbow Innovations
36 x 6503Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...monitor any number of mailboxes, finding and destroying spam without disturbing you and alerting you when there...is new mail you need to see. The filter system rapidly checks new emails for any suspicious...wizards to get your mailbox protected quickly. Powerful filter system. Mail Snoop Pro includes a powerful filter...system to help block unwanted spam. A New Filter Wizard allows you to quickly add new filters...
pop3anti-spamimapemail notificationjunk mailstop spamsmtpmspspam blockerspam filtermail snoop pro
UseBestMail Personal Edition

Shareware by Signal Trading LLC
22 x 5343Kb downloads

...Immediately Block 100% of spam from your inbox. Uses whitelist, challenge-response and preview....transmitted securely and confidentially through normal email infrastructure. Spammers can`t use this channel. Installs automatically with Outlook,...
blockeranti-spamjunk mailantispamchallenge responseemailwhitelistfilter

Shareware by k.soft
28 x 654Kb downloads

...SpamDummy! is a powerful and easy to use spam blocker for all POP3 email clients including Microsoft...DNS blacklist databases. These databases contains thousands of spam IP addresses and are updated daily. Emails sent...emails to plain text. This protects you from spammers and viruses which might embed harmful HTML commands...
spam filterspam blockere-mailemail filter