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Pro Shamrocks Solitaire

Freeware by Shamrock Solitaire
10 x 3402Kb downloads

...Pro Shamrocks Solitaire, a free solitaire card game for the PC. Pro Shamrocks Solitaire...of Shamrocks Solitaire. The primary difference between Shamrocks Solitaire and Pro Shamrocks Solitaire, is that the first...foundation card is chosen randomly. Like Shamrocks Solitaire the cards are dealt into 18 piles. While...
free solitairecard gamesshamrocks solitaire
24/7 Scorpion Solitaire

Freeware by 24/7 Solitaire
12 x 8017Kb downloads

...Scorpion Solitaire is one of the hardest versions of solitaire...you are looking for yet another version of solitaire to liven up your day. Scorpion Solitaire is...
solitairespider solitairefoundationsklondikeyukon solitairescorpion solitairewasp solitairecardsfreecellsuitscard games
...2 Suited Scorpion Solitaire is harder than spider solitaire, and tons of...the same suit, and you win. This scorpion solitaire card game also has an undo button and...one of the world`s favorite derivatives of spider solitaire in a whole new way, and always online...
klondike solitaireyukon solitairecard gamespider solitairepatiencescorpion solitaire
...Pro Scorpion Solitaire is an advanced version of Scorpion Solitaire for...turned face down for a greater challenge. Scorpion Solitaire is played without foundations and the goal of...
klondike solitairesolitaire card gamescorpion solitaire game
Spider Solitaire

Freeware by Sport Solitaire
15 x 5265Kb downloads

...1 Suit Spider Solitaire plays with spades and is for beginners who...to learn the card game. This version of solitaire is played with two decks and can be...to ace, in the tableau. Our 1-suited spider solitaire card game even has an auto-save feature that...again and again to see how much your solitaire abilities have improved. Great for those days at...
patiencesolitaireklondikewasp solitairecard gamesspider solitaire
2 Suit Wasp Solitaire

Freeware by Sport Solitaire
17 x 5265Kb downloads

...king to ace. Played with two decks, wasp solitaire takes the challenge of spider...
solitairepatiencecard gamesspider solitairewasp solitaireklondike
24/7 Wasp Solitaire

Freeware by 24/7 Solitaire
13 x 8017Kb downloads

...that you can win this puzzle game. Wasp Solitaire is not for the novice card player. After...mastering standard solitaire card games, Wasp Solitaire will provide you with an exciting challenge to...
card gamesscorpion solitaireklondikefreecellspider solitairefoundationswasp solitairecardsyukon solitairesuits
...Klondike Solitaire is a free Klondike Solitaire card game for the PC. Klondike Solitaire is...the worlds most popular solitaire card game. If you have only played one...version of solitaire it is probably klondike solitaire. Microsoft popularized Klondike...Solitaire with the release of Microsoft Solitaire with the Windows Operating System....
free klondike solitairecard gamefreewarecards
Infinite Pass Klondike Solitaire

Freeware by Sport Solitaire
18 x 5265Kb downloads

...Infinite Pass Klondike Solitaire is not just regular solitaire. This version of...excellent collision detection, and bold, powerful gameplay.Beat this solitaire card game by getting all 52 cards from...the 4 foundations at the top. Watch your solitaire skillz soar as you come back, time and...
klondikesolitairewasp solitairecard gamespatiencespider solitaire
...Pro Batsford Solitaire is a freeware solitaire card game similar to Klondike Solitaire but played...in order from Ace to King. Pro Batsford Solitaire is a single pass version of the game,...
cardssolitaire gamesbatsford solitairecard gamesfree solitairefreeware solitaire
Batsford Solitaire Game

Freeware by Batsford Solitaire
18 x 3510Kb downloads

...Batsford Solitaire is a freeware solitaire card game similar to Klondike Solitaire but played...
free solitairefreeware solitairebatsford solitairecardscard gamessolitaire games
1 Suit Spider Solitaire

Freeware by Hippie Solitaire
22 x 5290Kb downloads

...1 Suit Hippie Spider Solitaire card game is spider solitaire with a fun...hippie theme! Peace, love, solitaire is our motto--and this solitaire card game, with...one suit, so it`s perfect for the casual solitaire gamer. Build stacks of cards, from King to...
card gamessolitairefree card gameshippie solitaireklondike solitairefree gamesonline solitaire
Wasp Solitaire

Freeware by Solitaire
33 x 2416Kb downloads

...Wasp Solitaire is very similar to the card game Scorpion...is in the overall family of the Spider Solitaire card games. The goal of Wasp Solitaire is...of same-suited cards from King to Ace. This solitaire card game is extremely difficult, but is made...slightly easier than Scoprion Solitaire by your ability to place any card you...and brag to all your friends about your solitaire card game prowess!...
wasp solitairepatienceonline solitairespider solitaireklondikescorpion solitairefreeonline gamescard games
24/7 Yukon Solitaire

Freeware by 24/7 Solitaire
13 x 8017Kb downloads

...Looking for a combination solitaire game that will blow your mind? Yukon solitaire...is a blend of other solitaire card games. It is one of the most...in descending order (King to Ace). Unlike other solitaire games, you can move any visible card in...the tableau of Yukon Solitaire. To win this solitaire game, fill the foundations with the eliminated cards....
card gameswasp solitairefoundationsspider solitairefreecellcardsklondikescorpion solitairesuitsyukon solitaire
Two Suited Spiderette Solitaire

Freeware by Spiderette Solitaire
22 x 2485Kb downloads

...Two Suited Spiderette Solitaire is a medium difficulty of the card game...is an easier variety of Spider Solitaire. Spiderette solitaire is played with two decks of cards and,...
free card gamesspiderettecardsspider solitairescorpion solitairespiderette solitaireyukon solitaire
...Pro Colorado Solitaire is a free 2 deck solitaire card game for the PC. Pro Colorado Solitaire...without regard to rank or suit. Pro Colorado Solitaire has 8 foundations, four of which are built...four are built down by suit. Pro Colorado Solitaire has been modified to make it more difficult...than traditional Colorado Solitaire by moving 4 Kings and 4 Aces to...
solitaire gamecolorado solitaire card gamecards
1 pass solitaire

Freeware by Sport Solitaire
16 x 5265Kb downloads

...1 Card 1 Pass Klondike Solitaire is the most difficult solitaire card game around!...
wasp solitairespider solitairecard gamespatience solitaireklondikeklondike solitaire
2 Suited Yukon Solitaire

Freeware by Yukon Solitaire
17 x 2500Kb downloads

...2 Suited Yukon Solitaire is an easier version of the card game...game. But unlike spider solitaire, you win yukon solitaire by getting all cards onto the four foundations...right. This version of the card game yukon solitaire has an undo button so you can step...
solitairetwo suitspider solitairecard gamesklondike solitairefour suityukon solitairecards
Pro Yukon Solitaire

Freeware by Yukon Solitaire
13 x 3418Kb downloads

...Pro Yukon Solitaire is a free solitaire card game for the PC similar to Klondike...at the beginningn of the game. Pro Yukon Solitaire is more difficult than traditional Yukon Solitaire because...
solitaire card gameyukon solitairesolitaire gameklondike solitaire
Calculation Solitaire

Freeware by Solitaire
15 x 2459Kb downloads

...Free online dog-themed solitaire card game. Calculation Solitaire is like most other solitaire card games, but...a bit more involved. Our dog solitaire card game features interesting graphics and enthralling gameplay....by the website. Play calculation solitaire, and other solitaire card games, directly out of your browser without...
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