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AdventNet ManageEngine OpUtils

Freeware by AdventNet Inc.
137 x 26624Kb downloads

...Receiver and more. AdventNet ManageEngine OpUtils provides real-time monitoring tools to troubleshoot poor network performance, heavy bandwidth...utilization and connectivity or link problems before they turn into outages,...Standard Edition has 27 tools, which includes Network monitoring (Bandwidth Monitor, Network Monitor, Wake-on-LAN, Port Scanner,etc.) and...Server monitoring tools (Disk Space Monitor, CPU Monitor, Process and...
cisco router monitoringnetwork monitoringbandwidth monitoringnetwork toolscpu monitorsystem utilitiesswitch port mappingaddress monitoringmemory utilizationnetwork utilitiesdiagnostic tools

Freeware by Virdi Software
52 x 824Kb downloads

...a tool that keeps an eye on your sites or servers to see if they are accessible...on the net. The services that can be monitored are http, ftp, smtp and pop3. When a...status window shows the current state of all monitored services. Main Features: - Visual and audible alerts....web sites. - No limit to number of sites that can be monitored...
httpservicesite-watcherserverssite connectivity monitorsmtppop3ftp
Website Performance Analysis Software

Shareware by Backlink Checker
10 x 1280Kb downloads

...helpful to check current status of all online websites including response time, uptime, downtime, ping status and...immediately informs you about sites which are down, not accessible, responds very slow...or in offline status. Website status monitoring tool provides an alert notification when website is...found, internal server error, server not found, low connectivity network status etc. Professional website uptime monitoring program...
...searches based on a variety of criteria to monitor Websites, pages and Keywords. You can create a...a search for keywords or changes in a Website and let Monarch Search know how you wish...tasks for future use. Monarch Search also creates site maps in a tree-like view. You can save...for any changes on specific web-sites. Analyze web site changes using the Task History feature. Browse a...web site offline using the Offline Copy feature.
Sentry-go Quick Server Monitor

Shareware by 3Ds (UK) Limited
19 x 33632Kb downloads

...The Sentry-go Quick Server Monitor allows you to easily monitor many aspects of...Microsoft Windows Server straight out of the box. Monitoring options include the status of Windows services, running...Windows processes, network connectivity, TCP/IP port monitoring (e.g. HTTP, HTTPS), Windows firewall status, system &...software performance. You can also monitor messages written to text-based log files & local...are affected.
event logsservicesprocessesserver monitorweb reportsdisk spaceperformanceconnectivityalert

Shareware by softvibe
39 x 247Kb downloads

...clips in random order as your Screensaver. - Website Connectivity. - Use your favorite Flash Clip as...your Screensaver. - Use your favorite news site as a Screensaver. - Update the Screensaver through...mouse movement, or keypress only selectable. - Multiple monitor support. - Save multiple projects. - Smart Install:...
html screensaverweb screensaverfun screensaverwebpage screensaverclips screensaveronline screensavermovie screensaverinternet screensaverflash screensaverintranet screensaverfunny screensaver

Demo by Mataluis.Com
64 x 1Kb downloads

...with the struggle of going trough a web site or a linux prompt. Well, here it is!....a message driven console that allows you to monitor every single aspect of your Asterisk server. From...asterisk in a production environment Glassconsole is amust monitoring tool to have. Features: With the GlassConsole you...the Asterisk server. * Alarm if you loose connectivity to the server. * Alarm if a phone...
Free Vista Files award
...Real time website monitoring software checks uptime-downtime status of sites, remote hosting...server, web host network and network availability. Website status tracker tool instantly alerts the user when...host not found, low bandwidth, connection failed, low connectivity network status etc. Free download web page monitoring...program to identify websites with downtime, slow speed and loads inappropriately. Website...
utilityuptimesoftwaresmtpftpnetworkperformancepop3notifycheckeralertwebsitesupportconditiontoolmonitoringtrackerdowntimeping statusserverhttpsreal timeweb based application
Website Down Link Checker

Shareware by Recover Partition
17 x 1331Kb downloads

...Some studies of websites uptime and downtime performance shows that you can...lost your business and money even when your site is up 99% of the time, it means...month your customers can not reach at you. Website monitoring tool checks web server or network errors,...tool notifies you regularly with an email whenever website services goes down or any problem occur related...services, customers, business, money, clients and reputation.
Free Vista Files award
...quick responding tool that 24 hour checks your website performance like site is running or not, loading...not, online or offline, uptime or downtime etc. Website tracker utility helps you to daily upgrade your...websites. Software provides you a comprehensive report about website current or previous uptime downtime status. Website performance...checker utility informs you about website status by sending an email, by beeping a...
trackermeasuredistributederrornetworknotificationinternetservertooltrafficstatusreal timeperformanceaddressofflinepingcheckeralertwebpageanalysisutilitysoftwaremonitorwebsiteonlineremote
Website Monitor Tool

Shareware by Files Recovery
15 x 1331Kb downloads

...Website monitoring software constantly watches over website and web-based applications constantly and detects web site...performance in real time. Website monitor utilities checks uptime, ping status and downtime notification...of user web pages. website monitoring utility program detects errors includes Host not Found,...Server Not Found, Connection Failed, Low Bandwidth, Low Connectivity Network Status etc, and alert...
Website Performance Checker

Shareware by Accounting Software
13 x 1331Kb downloads

...Web site monitoring services checks uptime, ping status and downtime notification...of user web pages. Website monitor program constantly watches over website and web-based applications...and detect web site performance in real time. Web site web performance...HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, POP3 and FTP server protocols. Website performance checker efficiently supports on Windows XP, Vista,...98, NT, ME, 2000, server 2003 operating system.
Free Vista Files award
...Website checker software analyzes and supervises the website status like sites are found to be available...beeps a sound or executing a specific program. Website monitoring tool check current network connectivity every second...of a day and keeps record of all websites which are available or not, uptime or downtime,...online or offline. Monitoring software is reliable with all kind of web...services including HTTPS, FTP, SMTP and POP3.
networktrafficofflineonlinereal timesupportefficientuptimeservermonitoringsystemcapableinternettoolsoftwareavailabilityperformanceutilitydowntimestatusremoteenhanceservicetrackeralertcheckwebsite
Free Vista Files award
...Download website performance checker utility to keep track of your...different protocols including HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP and POP3. Website downtime analyzer provides functionality to inform you about...like page cannot be displayed, page not found, connectivity error, downtime error, connection failure, host not found,...beep alarm to be alerted instantly when your website is lagging behind its performance or become unavailable....
serversupportsysteminternetdowntimeonlinealertservicetrafficreal timeutilitycheckeravailabilityremotewebsitenetworktoolofflineenhancesoftwarestatusmonitoringperformancetrackeruptime
Free Vista Files award
...Website monitor software tracks site routine and maintains information status of internet connectivity....Website tracker tool monitors uptime and downtime of web site. Website performance...alerts, beep sound or other chosen way. Remote website monitoring utility supports all versions of windows operating...ME, 2000, 2003 server, XP and Vista.
Website Performance Analyzer Tool

Shareware by Data Recovery Tools
14 x 1280Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...destructive simple and easy to use software for website owners, webmasters and non technical users. Website availability...applications uptime, downtime, ping status in real time. Monitoring utility is internet tool to check status and...performance of website and immediately sends alert notification by email or...and host not found type of messages displayed. Website uptime monitoring software periodically checks your internet connectivity...
Website Uptime Checker

Shareware by Chat Software
10 x 1280Kb downloads

...Website monitoring tool helps in keeping track of 24 hours...online website performance and easily finds out uptime status, downtime...status, response time etc of any online website. Website uptime monitor is fully functional with all available...including HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SMTP and POP3 etc. Website uptime monitoring service alerts user by a notification...
applicationvistainternetanalyzeravailabilityservicedowntimeutilityservernetworkmicrosoftweb statuscheckermonitortoolsoftwareprogramsolutiontrackerwebsitewindowsperformanceuptimeprotocol
...Website uptime monitoring software monitors website down status due to many various reasons including...Server Not Found, Connection Failed, Low Bandwidth, Low Connectivity Network Status etc. Website status checker tool monitors...and analyze different website parameters that shows how your website responds to...or downtime status of your website. If your website is down or responding slowly it can quickly...
websitereal timecheck hostsoftwaretrackingnetworkaddresstoolpageservermonitoringnotificationutilitytrackeralertcheckeruptimeremoteavailabilityservicedowntimeperformancetraffic
Website Monitor

Shareware by Undelete
13 x 1331Kb downloads

...Site uptime monitoring software monitors uptime, performances of your site which increases the...chances of your business growth. Website monitoring software can monitor uptime and downtime performance of...your web sites and check your web host, remote hosting server,...pages, IP address and network availability. Real time site monitoring tool alerts you with an email and...
checkprogramtrackingbandwidthpagedowntimesoftwaretoolerrorstatusweb servernetworkavailabilityuptimeutilityconnectiondetectmonitoringservicespingalertprotocolinternetwebsitemaintain
Websites Monitoring Software

Shareware by Data Restore
17 x 1280Kb downloads

...Some serious study of websites represents that if your website is 99% up...you miss business opportunity, customers or money. Downtime monitoring service examines the pinpoint location of faulty and...supervises them. Sites tracking software sends notification via runs a specific...program, email or beeps sound even when your site goes down, unavailable or low speed or response...
bandwidthcheckeravailabilityperformancemonitoringdowntimehostwebsiteaddressreal timepageremotenotificationalertsoftwarenetworkuptimeinternetserviceutilitytoolservertracking