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Free Vista Files award
...tool that gathers detailed information about your system properties and settings. A utility that includes detailed specs...
computer hardware inventorysystem informationsoftware licensesoftware auditassetasset inventory softwarepassword recoveryasset trackingbehind asteriskslost password

Freeware by CKCI
184 x 396Kb downloads

...The rows are tracks, and the columns are properties which can be adjusted for each track: name,...

Freeware by
109 x 658Kb downloads

...WinID resembles Spy++ from the MS Visual Studio toolset but it also incorporates lots of its own...icons, bitmaps, image lists, enhanced metafiles, fonts, window properties from controls on the screen; (7)Retrieves information about...
titlesmemory leakscontrolswinidstylesclasseswindow handlehwndresource leaksdebugging
AdvancEd NC Editor

Demo by NC systems laboratory
140 x 5837Kb downloads

...AdvancEd presents itself to be a multi-functional problem-oriented editor of flow programs for NC (Numerical Control) systems; this editor could be either embedded into the NC-system software...
iso-7bitg-code editorpart programm editor

Shareware by Jon Hoke
114 x 2549Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...and enter a distance. To change an angle setting for any function, simply click on it`s and enter a new value. Draw confined to an angle or free...
Media Catalog Studio Lite

Freeware by ManiacTools
183 x 2926Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...can be conducted using multiple parameters, like file properties (name, size, etc), tag information or lyrics. Media...
wma tag editorcollection managervideo managerid3 tag editoroggmovies organizeraudiomp3 taggervideo organizermusic organizerwmvcddbmpegmedia organizerpalylist managermp3 organizermp3 managerape

Freeware by INFOS
257 x 5988Kb downloads

...process. -Personalize the sender, you can for example set the name of your company as sender, so...
...document is created it is complemented with such properties as the author, corporate name, document changes, editing...
AlphaControls Lite Edition

Freeware by AC Team
93 x 2328Kb downloads

...A package of standard and unique skinable VCL`s for professional UI design development using "AlphaSkins". AlphaControls is an easy-to-use universal and powerful tool for developing original skinned...
advancedgradientalphablendapplicationsbordersbuildingblendingtransparentskinablepagecontroldesigndelphialpha blendedshadowvclskinned componentsgrayedthemesinterface
Free Vista Files award like it. There are a lot of properties that can be used to customize the resulting...
...private application network is just a matter of setting the same crypto key on two or more...interface while maintaining maximum bandwidth efficiency. Carefully designed set of properties, methods, and events offers great flexibility...

Freeware by Marek Jasinski
228 x 2387Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...verify MD5 checksums * File splitting * File properties and context menu * Calculation of folder size...
JPEG IFilter

Freeware by AimingTech Company
78 x 1137Kb downloads

...supported by Windows XP. The JPEG files summary properties that you can edit in Windows Explorer are...

Freeware by Ingo Schmoekel
60 x 6095Kb downloads

...the extended pro-version! The pro-version offers additonally password resetting and many more functions....
xmlextractionpdftotxtdocumentstextjavascriptattributes128 bitprintpasswordanalysisbrowser256 bitrdfproperties
Site Map Builder .NET

Freeware by SiteMapBuilder.NET
55 x 1362Kb downloads

...from a single page Edit and delete link properties Generate Google Site Map XML or TXT Save...
sitemaps buiildersitemaps validatorxmlsitemaps generatorsite mapsgoogle sitemaps

Freeware by Turbo Developer Ltd
54 x 2140Kb downloads

...header and error handler. Property Builder Quickly create new properties. Word Complete Associate a small string with...
programming utilitiesdevelopment toolsturbovbliteadd-in suiteaddinsfreewarevisual basicide toolside enhancementsfree toolscode
...item and scrolling down to and clicking on Properties allows the user to create a significant range...can have one, two or many different blog settings loaded in, so that you can post the...
Vitamin Test

Freeware by LifeForm Inc.
43 x 310Kb downloads

...recent studies show lycopene`s crucial anti prostate cancer properties and effects. This user friendly Windows OS based...
healthy livingnutritionsportslifestyleweight lossvitamin testdietfitnesslosing weightphysical activitysteadyhealthvitaminssupplements
ChrisTV Lite

Freeware by Chris P.C. srl
224 x 3809Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...ChrisTV Lite - The best way to control your TV Card - TV on your PC with High quality image and sound- developed by Chris P.C. srl for TV Tuners with...
bt8x8cipleahigh quality imagephilips saa713xxchristvwdm driverstunersrecordingradio
Balthers Graphic Groove Box

Freeware by Balther
52 x 20368Kb downloads

...checks the PC and guides you through wrong settings and QT installation. The structure of the software:...moving mask effect. 5. An interactive real-time live setup function working on all layers. The trigger is...
animationreal timemidivideodigital art toolmoving visualsinteractivesoftwareeffect