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Secret Media

Shareware by Direct Logic Systems
31 x 1884Kb downloads

...in virtually any media file. Unlike encryption, embedded Secret Media files are virtually undetectable. Files created with...people you tell) will know that there are secret messages embedded in the graphics or audio file....interface to guide you from creating your own secret media file to viewing the hidden messages within...a secret media file. An embedded password helps keep your...even more secure.
media filesencryptmessageshidesecretmp3picturesjpg
Ace Secret Disk

Shareware by DoGoodSoft
16 x 2084Kb downloads

...Ace Seret Disk allows you to create a secret disk on your PC. By setting up a...will not even appear in search results. Ace Secret Disk works as usual hard disk but completely...
personal secret diskace secret disk
Secret Disk

Shareware by Secret Disk
40 x 1678Kb downloads

...disk to store your files, pictures, videos. When Secret Disk is visible a small icon blinks in...the tray. Just click it and Secret Disk will disappear within one second and all...be protected. You can set to hide your Secret Disk when Screen Saver starts (computer is idle),...
..."What is the secret of your success?" People never ask a man...who is a failure, "What is the secret of your failure?" It is quite easy to...all want to know how to open the secret door to success. For each man there is...be behind a door or wall".  Discover the Secret Door That Leads to Achieving Anything that Your...Heart Desires in This Powerful Book  Secret Door is a series of talks on various...
home businessresale empireresell rightsprofits 100online business opportunityebooksultimatepackage
Secret Messenger

Shareware by Usingit.com
31 x 1240Kb downloads

...over the Internet. The receiver can then use Secret Messenger to retrieve the message back from images...
Pod Secret

Shareware by Pariahware, Inc.
28 x 3199Kb downloads

...Pod Secret allows one to store encrypted notes, medical vaccinations,...
Hide & Secret

Shareware by HideSecret.com
20 x 31441Kb downloads

...escaping Jacques` sinister traps will you find his secret hidden base! Follow these entertaining characters in their...
hide-and-secrethide secretpuzzlegame
Secret Disk

Freeware by PrivacyRoot.com
33 x 530Kb downloads

...store any files and folders on the disk. Secret disk works as usual hard disk and compatible...have installed. You can have more than one secret disk and you can also choose disk letter....outage or fatal error of OS Windows your secret disk will be locked and become invisible automatically....because information are stored in the virtual memory. Secret Disk does not encrypt any files, it just...
Ace Secret Folder

Shareware by DoGoodSoft
58 x 3031Kb downloads

...DoGoodSoft Ace Secret Folder is a professional folder encryption package to...can only be opened or decrypted with Ace Secret Folder. Moreover, folder encryption and decryption in Ace...
hide folderfolder encryption softwareace secret folderencrypt folder
Vinasoft Secret Folder

Shareware by Vinasoft Plus
29 x 1439Kb downloads

...security application to protect your most sensitive and secret data files or documents...
secret dataenigmaencodevaultkeycodepasswordsensitivefolder locksecurityecncryptionsecure folderapplicationdecodeprivatecy
The Omega Syndrome

Shareware by DAVID MOFFATT
46 x 32437Kb downloads

...government agents and aliens! In a world where secret government organizations have the ultimate authority. You are...Agent Max Power, servant of MJ-12, a secret government organization who`s mission is to fight a...
aliengamedemorole-playingfreerpgsecretsharewareconspiracyufoadventureomega syndromeagentsoftware
...Long ago in ancient castle the secret of the philosophers` stone was found. The stone...when many people had tried to disclose the secret with almost no success. Now we know the...
Law of Attraction Notepad

Freeware by Law of Attraction
23 x 400Kb downloads

...your law of attraction objectives, keeping them in secret from your family members or colleagues. If you...
the law attractionuniversal law attractionattraction lawthe secret
...The Xidus have been developing in secret new, more powerful DemonStar ships to destroy Earth....using an enhanced version of the original engine. Secret Missions 1 is DemonStar infused with arcade quality...
Keep It (a) Secret!

Freeware by Simply Data
33 x 390Kb downloads

...Keep all your passwords, userid`s, codes, etc. safe and secure in just one place. - In todays world there are so many codes, that you have to remembers - now you...
Secret Gift Exchange

Freeware by Ignyte Software
29 x 3Kb downloads

...A Secret Santa group is a community of people who...by their Santa before a predetermined gift date. Secret Santa Gift Exchange is a website that helps...the hassle of drawing names from a hat. Secret Santa Gift Exchange solves your holiday problems by...your family, office, or group of friends. The Secret Santa Gift Exchange web application will randomly draw...emails can be resent later if needed.
anonymous gift exchangesecret santarandom name pickersecret santa groupchristmas partyrandomly draw nameschristmas gift exchange
Secret Balls

Shareware by StellaBy
11 x 2205Kb downloads

...Train your memory! Remember that the same drawings inside the magical balls and continue to move forward, overcoming all 100 levels of privacy balls. 3 difficulty levels...

Shareware by EleFun Multimedia
26 x 5704Kb downloads

...and you will learn the Druids’ secret, the secret of the most ancient European civilization....
Secret Explorer

Shareware by LastBit Software
22 x 561Kb downloads

...much more with this new system inspection tool. Secret Explorer is designed to browse, analyze and edit...is stored in undocumented Windows Protected Storage. With Secret Explorer import/export feature you can also move all...
internet passwordsprotected storagesecurity
The Mysterious Past of Gregory Phoenix

Shareware by WhiteZebra
32 x 67806Kb downloads

...distant forefathers kept a secret. For centuries this secret has been passing down from father to son,...to this legacy! YOU have to discover the secret of your ancestors, a secret kept from you...