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Site Map Builder .NET

Freeware by SiteMapBuilder.NET
55 x 1362Kb downloads

...create the Google SiteMaps XML needed within your root directory in order to provide information about your site...
sitemaps buiildersitemaps validatorxmlsitemaps generatorsite mapsgoogle sitemaps
...is a small tool for installing onto the root directory of your USB drive. You can store My...
quick launchusb menu barusb diskusb drive

Freeware by Olexandr Lykho
23 x 25Kb downloads

...relative size of files and subdirectories in a directory on disk using columnar diagram. It allows you...quickly estimate how many space a file or subdirectory occupies on parent directory and how space is...It also allows you to: - change parent directory - view files` metadata (creation date etc) -...and by name) - select linear, logarithmic and root scale of diagram columns - view size in...
Virtual Drive Creator

Freeware by TedCo Software, LLC
64 x 403Kb downloads

...folder on your Hard Drive, not to the root directory. Make that folder a Virtual Drive (see...
virtualsubstemulatorvirtual cd-romvirtual drive

Shareware by Genutronics Ltd
19 x 4268Kb downloads

...Once you scan each CD or DVD, DisCat`s root directory displays the entire directory structures and files from...you need will be in a compact DisCat directory on your hard drive. You can custom configure...DisCat scan settings to archive only your CD directory and file name data, thereby making the DisCat...photographs, text files etc all in ONE compact directory located right on your hard drive. 250 mixed...
CryptoStorage for Pocket PC

Shareware by SinanTech Group
31 x 191Kb downloads

..."safe" is a folder in your Pocket PC root directory created by CryptoStorage and visible only if the...
Partition Table Doctor

Demo by YIWO Tech Ltd
59 x 4582Kb downloads

...surface test, rebuild MBR (Master Boot Record), browse root file and root directory, edit sectors, copy sectors...
undelete partitionfix boot sectorrepair boot sectorrebuild partition tabledata recoveryrepair mbrrebuild mbrpartition recoveryrecover partitionrepair partitionpartition undeleterestore partition
GetDataBack Data Recovery for FAT

Shareware by Runtime Software
37 x 2625Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...hard drive`s partition table, boot record, FAT/MFT or root directory are lost or damaged, data was lost due...It can likewise be used even if all directory information - not just the root directory- is...
ntfsformatrecoverydrive recoverylost datapartition tabledata recoveryfilesdeletedmbrbootlost partitiondrive lostdata lossrestoretoolboot recordfatmftdisk
GetDataBack Data Recovery for NTFS

Shareware by Runtime Software
40 x 2595Kb downloads

...hard drive`s partition table, boot record, FAT/MFT or root directory are lost or damaged, data was lost due...It can likewise be used even if all directory information - not just the root directory- is...
recoverfilespartitiondrive recoverydiskboot recordmftdata recoverylost partitionlost datadeletedfatmbrformatrestorepartition tablentfsdrive lostdata losstool
Windows Data Salvage Software

Shareware by System Utilities
18 x 734Kb downloads

...Windows Vista partition data rescue software restores complete directory structure from inaccessible FAT NTFS file system partitioned...even master boot record, master file table and root directories are inaccessible. Windows files recovery tool provides...
restorerecoverycrashedsoftwareutilitydiskpartitiondatainaccessibleretrievaldeletedsatatoolretrieveaudioerasedlostimagerescuecorruptedfatformatteddrivesalvagewindowsvideontfsfile system

Shareware by ImageDupeless
25 x 2960Kb downloads

...movement, and update of files, change of gallery root directory binding. Main Features of ImageDupeless: - it is...
...Copy a directory structure only. No files. Easy directory copy program to copy folder trees, without the...directories) have to be copied and what destination root you will use. In most cases there will...be only one directory tree to be copied but you can select...are copied to the destination using the same directory structure as in the source. In this way,...
filesemptyexplorerfolderswithout filesutilitytooldirectoriesprogramdirectoryupdatetreesynchronizestructurecopy
...even if MBR, MFT or FAT tables or root directory is corrupted. 5) Recover data after reinstall the...
windows disk recoverywindows data recovery toolfat data recoveryrecover windows datantfs data recoverywindows data backup
...considered as disaster recovery tool for logically damaged root directory bad sectors. . FAT data recovery software is...corrupted deleted entries of mbr, dbr, fat table, root directory * Multi storage support( up to 128 storage...
crashlaptoprootmbrretrievedbrdamagedpartitiondeletedbootcorruptedrestorefolderdatadrivedirectorystoragesoftwaresectorvolumerecoverydisktablevfatwindowsformattedfile system

Shareware by EZB Systems, Inc.
49 x 2938Kb downloads

...2. Only adds one additional file to the root directory of your CD, does not destroy the original...
...Windows FAT FAT32 FAT16 FAT12 VFAT hard disk drive partition data recovery software recovers your accidentally deleted formatted files folders. Utility can restore, repair, fix system hard disk crashed, damaged...
sectorlaptoprecoverytablecorruptedretrievewindowspartitionvolumedrivedatasoftwarerootdirectorystoragefolderformattedbootdiskdamageddeletedmbrfile systemvfatrestoredbrcrash

Shareware by iPod Restore
28 x 622Kb downloads

...file system data. Software provides restoration of corrupted root directory, MBR master boot record, DBR dos boot...
bootsectorwindowsstoragesoftwaremftdeletedundeleteretrievepartitionntfsbackupdatambrfat32corruptedunformatdbrfilescrashedhard diskformatteddrive restoretablerecoveryfat16unerasefolders
Kernel Recovery for Solaris Sparc

Demo by Nucleus Data Recovery
24 x 1047Kb downloads

...SPARC recovers data lost due to VTOC corruptions, ROOT directory corruption, Super block or I-nodes table corruption and...
ufs data recovery softwareunix data recovery softwaresun sparc recoverysparc data recoveryrecover sparc data
...JPEG, RIFF, TIFF, missing master file table MFT, root directory, recover corrupted NTFS5 partition file system, master...system. * Provides recovery of lost data, missing root directory, NTFS NTFS5 partition file system, partition table,...
...software which recover all deleted formatted files folders root directory NTFS FAT partition system folders and other lost...
filesbackupfat16bootntfswindowscorruptedformattedretrievefat32storageunformatsoftwarembrrestoremftundeletehard diskdatadeleteddbrrecoverypartitionsectorunerasefoldercrasheddrive