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...week and day in different skins in the Windows system tray clock. Clock Tray Skins is the...advanced replacement for standard Windows tray clock. Over 50 skins are included in...date, month, and time in seconds. I use Clock Tray Skins v2.0 in WinXP and it works...find it at download.com show seconds in tray clock > Hi, > Where or how do I...get the clock in the tray to show > HH:MM:SS? (win...programs do this well.
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Free Desktop Clock

Freeware by Drive Software Company
123 x 2915Kb downloads

...Free Desktop Clock is the advanced replacement for standard Windows tray clock. See the time,...
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Free Vista Files award
...Clock Tray Skins is the advanced replacement for standard Windows tray clock. See the time,...skins are included in the distribution. Support Longhorn clock style. It`s also an atomic-time synchronizer and Calendar....
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Shareware by Skin-clock.com
29 x 2110Kb downloads

...Having bored of ordinary desktop and standard Windows look? Want to add some uniqueness and glance...to your computer? Windows improvements always help to make your PC individual...adding new advanced features to ordinary programs, like Windows tray clock. Alcyonesoft introduces SkinClock – advanced replacement...for standard Windows clock having eye catching skinned interface and providing you...with additional features.
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Talisman Desktop

Shareware by Lighttek Software
43 x 11152Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...Desktop is a desktop manager and shell-replacement for Windows 9x/ME and NT/2000/XP/Vista/7. The program lets users design...themes, which work either atop or as complete replacements for the default Windows shell. Unlike Windows themes,...Talisman Desktop lets you completely customize the Windows interface. Its power extends from adding new toolbars...
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Shareware by Script Software
24 x 2050Kb downloads

...iClock is a replacement/upgrade for the OS clock. iClock is an essential international timepiece, calendar and alarm....
Free Vista Files award
...Atomic Alarm Clock is an application that comes to replace the...standard Windows clock. Offers users a bunch of extra utilities...system, such as an alarm clock, skins for Windows clock, an atomic-time synchronizer, hourly chimes and more....shutting down or hibernating the computer. Atomic Alarm Clock enables you to set up alarms to occur...in the distribution. All in all, Atomic Alarm Clock is a nice tool and it`s one of...
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...Desktop Tray Clock - designed as a more informative substitution for...a standard tray clock on windows desktop using different skins, over 100 skins are...in the distribution for desktop clock. Desktop Tray Clock also an atomic-time synchronizer and a software alarm...With their help you can make the PC clock the ultimate expression of your style. Excellent desktop...
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Sarbyx TrayClock

Freeware by SarbyxLabs
43 x 444Kb downloads

...Sarbyx TrayClock is the replacement for standard Windows clock, it builds itself right into the taskbar...It includes numerous useful features that extend standard Windows clock functionality: - to show or not current...
The Time Machine

Shareware by Atlant Software Inc.
36 x 4390Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...much more. - Highly customizable digital and analog clocks with a powerful skin engine; - Integration of...the clocks in a Windows environment. Replacement for a standard clock in Windows tray; -...The clocks both in tray and in a separate window;...
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LionClock Pro

Demo by LionClock Software
29 x 15439Kb downloads

...LionClock Pro is an easy-to-use software replacement for your old mechanical time card machine. This...time clock software will help you manage up to 200...Simply print the reports and write the checks. LionClock Pro supports weekly, biweekly, monthly, and semimonthly pay...and weekly overtime options. This Professional edition of LionClock is designed for companies who want their employees...to clock IN and OUT from different locations.
Attache Transparent Clock

Shareware by SoftDemon
37 x 1534Kb downloads

...Transparent desktop clock with fully customizable shape, alarms, and atomic time....It may have a digital or analog clock face of various colors, sizes and shapes -...for each application you run, so that the clock were clearly visible in any environment. Synchronizing time...with atomic clock servers. Versatile alarms can be set to run...of software may be used as a beautiful replacement for standard Windows digital clock or as an...
Free Vista Files award
...Winstep Xtreme, a powerful suite of User Interface replacement applications that merge incredible usability with breathtaking eye...you expect them to be, instead of where Windows decided to put them. Modules, widgets, gadgets, docklets,...
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Free Vista Files award
...Winstep Xtreme, a powerful suite of User Interface replacement applications that merge incredible usability and performance with...you expect them to be, instead of where Windows decided to put them. Modules, widgets, gadgets, docklets,...
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...with different alarms and replace your computer tray clock using different skins. Computer Alarm Clock that will...reboot, shut down, or turn off. Atomic Alarm Clock is also an atomic-time synchronizer and advanced replacement...for Windows tray clock. Over 130 skins are included in...the distribution. It is supported by Longhorn clock style. This program includes multilingual interface support (20...
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Flexi-Server Corporate Management

Shareware by NCH Software
24 x 497Kb downloads

...or remote based staff. FlexiServer is the modern replacement for a staff hours book or time card....
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Clock-on-Try Lite

Shareware by Posibolt Software
32 x 13397Kb downloads

...Replacement for standard Windows tray clock with excellent skins collection. It provides customization and...flexibility for desktop clock and calendar. Support sound and animation effects will...make your clock even more attractive. Immediately after installation you will...see how your clock and calendar will get a completely different, amazing,...clock.
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