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Freeware by Abexo
528 x 717Kb downloads

...Abexo Free Registry Cleaner is the freeware edition of Abexo Registry...run faster by cleaning Windows system registry. One-click registry backup, cleanup and defrag (shareware version only)....
XP TCP/IP Repair

Freeware by Waresoft Software
301 x 1842Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...not know why? Have you used an Internet Optimizer that just did not optimize your internet? Instead...Windows XP and up that repair your TCP/IP registry settings and your Winsock LSP settings. Instead of...
Free Registry Defrag

Freeware by iExpert Software
150 x 507Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...During the normal operation of a Windows system, registry data is constantly being written to and removed...Over time this data becomes scattered within the registry file and when information is deleted from the...fragment the data within the registry. Our Free Registry Defrag optimizes your registry by removing gaps and...
registry optimizerregistry defragregistry compact
System LifeGuard

Shareware by NeoByte Solutions
30 x 3273Kb downloads

...System LifeGuard 2 is the complete solution for the protection and management of your PC. This simple to use product is designed to be used frequently to keep your PC...
Registry Cleaner - RegFix Mantra

Shareware by PCMantra
61 x 1024Kb downloads

...PCMantra`s Registry Cleaner and Optimizer - RegFix Mantra performs the deepest scan in...downloads, surfing and day to day activities, Windows Registry encounters regualr changes and generally encounters inconsistencies. These...with RegFix Mantra. It shall scan your complete registry and fix the problems. It scans 13 sections,...including complete registry scan and hard drive for comprehensive check up....threat levels before deletion.
regfixregistry softwarecleanup registryregistry cleanerregistry clean toolregistry fixsystem errorsfree registry scanwindows registry cleanerwin98 registry cleanerregistry freewarefree registry utility
Free Vista Files award
...changes made to the hard drive, MS Windows registry and system files during program installations. Scan Files...hard disk and increase drive access time. Scan Registry - This tool is used for periodic cleaning...of the MS Windows registry from unused applications remained after uninstallation and from...

Shareware by YL Computing, Inc
28 x 725Kb downloads

...the startup folder but also in the Windows Registry and Win.ini file. Adding programs to the Registry...a explorer like interface which displays all the registry folders on the left in a list view....
Speed Optimizer Pro

Shareware by ShieldApps
9 x 5761Kb downloads

...Use Speed Optimizer PRO to fix your Windows® registry errors and optimize your PC performance. With innovative...technology and advanced programming, Computer Speed Optimizer speeds up your PC and optimizes its performance....Speed Optimizer PRO fixes file errors, wipes unused files, and...reorganizes your Windows® registry to be optimal. Best of all, Computer Speed...
speed optimizeroptimize performanceregistry cleanerspeed optimizer prospeed optimization
Advanced Uninstaller PRO

Freeware by Innovative Solutions
65 x 17753Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...other uninstallers don`t even touch. It repairs broken registry entries, cleans non-functional Start Menu shortcuts, uninstalls browser...speed by taking good care of the Windows registry and services. It also helps you free disk...
google chrome add-onwindows serviceregistry optimizerfirefox add-ontoolbarsduplicate filesinternet explorer toolbarfree disuninstallermonitor installationshortcut cleaneruninstall windows applicationpluginsremove application

Shareware by Abexo
42 x 789Kb downloads

...What is Complete Registry Cleaner? Complete Registry Cleaner is a utility software to make your...computer run smoother and faster. How does Complete Registry Cleaner achieve this? Complete Registry Cleaner achieves this...cleaning and compressing the registry. What is registry? Registry is a database where Windows and programs store...data changes i.e. you delete a file, the registry doesn`t remove the invalid data, thus in this...
XP Smoker Pro

Freeware by Waresoft Software
21 x 2633Kb downloads

...drastically. XP Smoker Pro includes a State-Of-The-Art internet optimizer that runs a series of tests to optimize...
Complete Process Manager

Shareware by Pixocom
25 x 675Kb downloads

...What can Complete Process Manager do for me? Complete Process Manager helps you detect the invisible applications which are running in the background and identify them. Furthermore Complete Process Manager...
Easy Registry Optimizer

Shareware by Pixocom
26 x 675Kb downloads

...What can Easy Registry Optimizer do for me? Easy Registry Optimizer can make...faster and with less errors. How does Easy Registry Optimizer achieve this? Windows and programs query the registry...constantly. It goes without saying that querying a registry with fewer entries is faster. Besides passing invalid...causes system halt and slowdowns. Furthermore compressing the registry makes the load time shorter. What is registry?...
Clean Registry

Shareware by WinEnhance
20 x 1254Kb downloads

...or system halts. What is the registry? The registry is where your computer stores information about the...the operating system (Windows) can use it. The registry is structured as "keys" and each key relates...I need to back up my registry? The registry is vital to your computer `s ability to...run smoothly. Any faulty keys, registry viruses, or fragments can cause your computer to...slow down or not function properly.
Registry Defragmentation

Shareware by Elcor Software
24 x 3153Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...utility that does gigantic improvements in PC performance. Registry is the core of any operating system and...it is the proper functioning registry that determines how fast the computer boots up,...out commands. This application physically defragments the Windows registry file to give it the proper linear structure....After a single run of Registry Defragmentation, the computer speed increases up to 100%...freezing and crashing.
registry optimizerregistry boosteroptimize registrycleaning registryregistry managerregistry idleregistry optimizationregistry defragmantation
...Optimizes, Cleans and Protects (U.S. Department of Defense Standards!) Unwanted and even dangerous clutter from daily use and Internt surfing builds up over time. This takes up drive space...
cookiesinternet junkinternet privacysystem maintenanceinternet cacheregistry fixone click cleanupclutterregistry optimizermoveuninstallregistry cleaner
Abexo Registry Cleaner

Shareware by Abexo
189 x 710Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...Abexo Registry Cleaner is a utility to clean and optimize...Windows registry. The registry information database is where Windows and installed programs...save their settings. As a result the registry is queried for information several times per second...factor in computer`s responsiveness. Windows Vista compatible! Abexo Registry Cleaner aims at reducing the query time by...
Abexo Defragmenter Lite

Shareware by Abexo
33 x 1885Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...the computer or pass the control to Abexo Registry Cleaner for further unattended maintenance tasks. It is...
Abexo Defragmenter Lite Plus

Shareware by Abexo
34 x 1890Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...the computer or pass the control to Abexo Registry Cleaner for further unattended maintenance tasks. It is...
Abexo Defragmenter Pro Plus

Shareware by Abexo
20 x 1852Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...the computer or pass the control to Abexo Registry Cleaner for further unattended maintenance tasks. It is...