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Freeware by TJ Enterprises LLC
67 x 23068Kb downloads

...automatically scans through your site to locate your link partners. It then spiders through your link partners...sites to verify reciprocal links back to you. It will find the link...cheaters (those to whom you are linking but are not returning the favor). With multi-threading...a maximum of 2 threads). The software checks links through the Yahoo search engine first to find...the reciprocal links to accelerate the process.
quidproquoverificationreciprocal link checkerreciprocal linkinglink exchange softwarecheckingconfirmation
M6.Net Link Checker

Freeware by M6.Net
23 x 686Kb downloads

...The M6.Net Link Checker is an extremely easy to use, free link...allows you to check other sites for your link or text. A highly useful and essential tool...for webmasters to make sure that your reciprocal link is still up on a site that traded...
link statuslink checkerreciprocal link checkerlink finder
...Verify that sites who are supposed to be linking to you really are! Manage your reciprocal links,...with the unique ability to look for links throughout entire websites instead of just individual pages....Version 2.0 contains much more accurate reciprocal link detection and advanced automation options to integrate with...your existing website or databse. There are many link managers and reciprocal link checker applications out there,..
reciprocal linklink managementlink verification
...work out of setting up and maintaining your Reciprocal Links. Automatically sending requests for new links, checking...for links that have been added, removing bad links and generating your Reciprocal Links Page automatically....
alinkreciprocal link softwarereciprocal advertisingreciprocal linksfree link pagereciprocal tradereciprocal link creatorlink checkerreciprocal linkingreciprocal link generator
Back Link Tracker Tool

Shareware by Partition Recovery
12 x 958Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...Reciprocal link exchange checking tool can find reciprocal website links, java script links, direct links and...all other link on publisher website. Software is capable to evaluate...and monitor the links of advertiser website on other mentioned websites. Reciprocal...web links monitoring software is safe, reliable and prominent method...user defined list) on which your advertiser site link is available.
trackerurlsearchexchangeutilityanchorbrowserwatchevaluatorback linkwebsiteanalyzerpage ranktextanalysisreportercsvsoftwaredomainfindtoolcheckerhtmlweb linkwebpagereciprocal links
ActiveLinking Free

Shareware by MedalWare
16 x 2516Kb downloads

...Link Exchange. Simple, elegant, accurate link exchange monitor. Automates link checking and emails to...link partners when a link dies. You can either use our default mail...emails you want to be sent to which link partners. You also control the link checking frequency...and the email frequency. ActiveLinking sits in your system tray and notifies you...when any of the links pointing to your site become inactive. Download the...
swopswaplink checkerreciprocal linkactivelinkinglink exchangelink monitorlink validatormanager
Reciprocal link monitoring software

Shareware by Files Recovery
20 x 958Kb downloads

...Back link monitoring software checks and determines the reciprocal link status of your websites that is placed...on various publisher websites. This inward link checker utility supports all http or https websites and...sends the report via email notification that site link is available or not. Backlinks master can scan...and found the status of your websites back link and generates the report in text or in...html format.
Backlink Checker Software

Shareware by USB Data Recovery
24 x 958Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...Freeware Web site reciprocal link analysis software tracks reciprocal website links, java script links and direct links...generate report in text and html file format. Reciprocal link availability checker application tool find total number...of back links on advertiser site from a user defined website...website and maintain details of status of back links of your website. Back link watch software utility...
001Micron Backlink Checker Software

Shareware by Undelete
12 x 959Kb downloads

...Reciprocal link checker software can manage and analyze backlink status in current time. Weblink monitor track reciprocal...link and evaluates advertiser link popularity in real time. Reciprocal link management tool...seek out number of reciprocal links, java script links, direct links and other...link pointing to user websites.
createshowwebsitetoolhtmlpopularitylink exchangeweblinkreciprocal linkwatchertrackerutilitytxtanalyzestatusreportjava scriptbacklinkmonitoringsoftwaresearchcheck
...the page rank and popularity of the website. Reciprocal link analyzer utility checks the incoming and outgoing...sites on the various publisher sites. Common back links tool can import the site by a text...in both text and html formats. Free MSN backlink checker has the ability to check the number...according to the availability of the links. Inward links monitoring software measures overall visibility of links and...
...Freeware download Web site reciprocal link analyzer to track reciprocal websites links, java script...links and direct links on publisher’s site. Free back link monitoring tool...format and send them to pre-mentioned email list. Reciprocal link availability watcher application tool find total number...of back links on advertiser site from a user defined website...
...Reciprocal link exchange manager software is the most time consuming...of HTML coding or manual scanning of back links or number of dead links on your link...partner websites. Incoming link monitoring utility is capable to measure your link...exchange technique awareness by detecting all important links like website links, java script links, and direct...links on publisher website.
trackerweblinkmanagementutilityreportscsvjava scriptdomainwebsitetoolurlsoftwaretextanalyzesearchmonitorfindlinksbacklinkwatchwebpagecheckerreciprocalhttpshtml
Reciprocal Link Exchange Management Tool

Shareware by Pictures Recovery
19 x 958Kb downloads

...Backlink checker utilities providing facility to manage your website link...pages automatically and reduces HTML coding. Free website links checker software use in monitoring of reciprocal link...on the partner website and if any reciprocal link is removed in a given list then software...automatically remove back link of that website from your website and intimate...you about the activities through email.
csvbacklinkshtmlimproveinboundtrackerjavascriptimportwatchprogramreportwebsitesinternetreciprocalpage rankutilitysoftwaretraceformatfiletextfindtoolpagesmonitortxt
Google Backlink Checker

Shareware by Chat Software
15 x 958Kb downloads

...How to search backlinks and increase the page rank of your website...on internet? Link popularity tool sends an alert notification message if...back link of advertiser website is not available on the...page is removed or page cannot be displayed. Reciprocal link manager manages your backlinks and increase your...in search engine and control the status of backlinks whether these links are available on your website....
monitoralertwebsitereportreciprocal linkseoevaluatepage ranksoftwareapplicationgenerateinternettoolanalysisdetailsearchlinks managementfilestatuswatchutilitysending e-mailcheckerbacklinkscan
...Reciprocal link analyzer software is a free SEO tool that...like Google, yahoo, msn etc. Secure and professional backlink checker application identify all advertiser website links at...value (csv) and html file format. Google back link checker tool determine all available links including inward...links, incoming links, inbound links, java script link and all types of reciprocal link.
webpageurltexthtmlreporteranalyzerdomainfindpage rankcheckerreciprocal linktrackersoftwarebacklinkanalysisweb linkwebsiteanchorcsvexchangebrowserevaluatorsearchtoolutilitywatch
...Back link monitoring software tracks all website links and informs you when reciprocal links are removed...from given list of websites. Back link checker is safe and fast URL monitoring tool that...finds unlimited number of reciprocal links at various publisher website in a single click....Back link monitoring utility is very helpful for SEO professional...websites in all the major search engines.
reciprocalsoftwarestatustracktextwindowsmonitordirect linksemailhtmlpopularityreportadvertiserexchangepublisherurlanalysistoolcheckerbacklinkprogramseoavailabilitywebsiteback link
Reciprocal Link Checker Software

Shareware by Data Recovery
57 x 958Kb downloads

...Reciprocal link checker software analyzes website link exchange distribution details and generate text or html...report. Back link monitoring tool tracks reciprocal website links, java script links and direct links...overall websites ranking on the World Wide Web. Reciprocal link checker utility checks and monitors backlink status of advertiser...websites on various publisher websites.
csvback linktextwatchhtmlanalyzerevaluatorfindanchorcheckerwebpageexchangetoolpage rankweb linkbrowsersoftwareanalysisreciprocal linksreportertrackerurlsearchdomainwebsiteutility
...How to monitor backlinks and evaluate popularity of your websites! Reciprocal link...analysis utility monitors back link status of advertiser’s site on publisher’s site continuously...and evaluates site visibility on global internet. Back link analyzer software has advance feature to alert advertiser...notification message to particular e-mail id about back link status (link present or not, publisher site cannot...be displayed etc).
generatewebsiteimproveevaluatemonitorjava script linkfilesoftwaresendinlinksreciprocaltextbacklinke-mailcheckertrackermanagementpage rankreporttoolnotificationstatushtmlpopularityformat
...Back link monitoring software is definitely helpful for website owners...to find out who is linking to their site. Backlink checking software is capable...to evaluate and monitor the links of advertiser website on other mentioned websites. Freeware...backlink checker utility includes feature like automatic emailing of notifications...to alert the publisher sites if advertiser website link is not available. Tool can handle unlimited websites...
urltextweblinkbacklinkhttpsdomaintoolreciprocalmanagementmonitorwatchlinksjava scriptutilitytrackerreportscsvsearchhtmlfindanalyzewebsitesoftwarecheckerwebpage
...Reciprocal link tracking software checks advertiser’s website links on various publishers websites. If weblinks are not...notification is sent by this tracker tool. Inbound link tracer utility import the promoter sites by using...separated value) file or text file and create links status reports in html or text format. Back...for webmasters and website owners that check all links on the publisher’s sites including direct links,...