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Pop-a-Color Value

Freeware by
23 x 409Kb downloads

...Pop-a-Color Value is a simple graphics tool that can be used to get color values when making skins for programs and also creating websites. When looking for html...
hex color valuescolor value rangespop-a-color valuergb color valueshtml color values
Color Picker Pro

Shareware by Diplodock
34 x 417Kb downloads

...Diplodock Color Picker Pro is a professional tool that will let you pick one or several colors anywhere on your screen with a single mouse click. Featuring 2 capture modes,...
color formatscreencmykcolor grabberpixelcolor capturedesktophslcolor pickercolor spacergbhsbcolor modelhls

Shareware by Finch Soft
21 x 1378Kb downloads

...Finch Color Manager is well designed for who works with color. You can pick up any color from the screen by the color picker. You can save your favorite color...
color harmonycolor managercolor schemesweb page colorcolor softwareweb design softwarecolor wheelcolor pickerweb color safecolor matchingcolor tool
...An HTML and CSS color and template tool allowing the user to create, compare, input and select from the screen, their choice of HTML colors. Includes options for creating an...
hex colorcolor pickercolor contrastcolor selectorcss colorhtml colorcolor selection
...Quick HTML Color Picker is a free Windows color picker tool. With Quick HTML Color Picker, you can easily pick any color from the screen. You can preview the color,...
web color pickerhtml color pickerpick colorfree color picker
Color Cop

Freeware by Jay Prall
46 x 314Kb downloads

...Color Cop is a multi-purpose color picker for web designers and programmers. It features an eyedropper, magnifier, variable magnification levels, 3 by 3 and 5 by 5 average sampling,...
hsvcolor pickerhexcolourwebmagnifiereyedroppercomplementaryhslrgb
Color Bee

Shareware by izlenim
29 x 2654Kb downloads

...With Color Bee, you can collect and store colors you like for your projects. Color Bee provides you different ways of collecting colors, such as sampling a color from a...
color palettesample color the screen
Desktop Color Picker

Freeware by FreeConvertSoft
7 x 2666Kb downloads

...Free Desktop Color Picker is a free Windows color picker tool wich allows you to find Colors you need. It will give you the RGB value of the color of...
desktopcolor picker
Easy Color Picker

Shareware by SOFTSAGA
21 x 381Kb downloads

...What`s this software for? Easy Color Picker can pick any color you need on the screen and display the color code in several formats! It is very helpful for...
easy color pickerget colorpick color easycolor formatcolor capturecapture colorrgb
Design Color Wheel

Demo by Hi Tech Marketing
25 x 1289Kb downloads

...Design Color Wheel was specifically developed for the professional HTML and Graphic Designer who needs to come up with the perfect color scheme at a moments notice. With its color...
Peacock Color Picker

Freeware by Reohix Ltd.
28 x 3613Kb downloads

...Peacock Color Picker allows you to retrieve the color of any pixel on your screen. It is the perfect color picking solution for professional graphic designers, webmasters and home users....
get color valuesreohix peacock color pickerpeacock color picker reohixcolour pickerfree color pickerfree color picking toolpick colors from screenadvanced color picker
Color Wheel Pro

Shareware by QSX Software Group
28 x 1975Kb downloads

...Color Wheel Pro is the only tool that allows you to see color theory in action: you can create harmonious color schemes and preview them on real-world examples. The...

Freeware by Veign
125 x 1464Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...Never be curious about any color you see on your screen. With Pixeur you can easily view the color, RGB, Hex, and Long value of any color you see. Pixeur...
choosegraphicsselectorschemerpixelcolor schemecolor picker
Color Fitting

Shareware by Gepsoft Limited
24 x 4061Kb downloads

...Color Fitting helps you create color schemes for web and graphic design, slide shows and software interfaces, digital pictures and animations, DIY and stage decoration, clothing and fashion accessories, and...
Little RGB Color Picker

Freeware by Highdesert Software
37 x 1231Kb downloads

...Select a color from the palette and this handy little utility displays the html hex code and the RGB values for that color. Use the hotkeys to send it to...
color pickerrgbprogramminghexidecimalutilityweb designgraphic design
Color Picker

Commercial by Vaan
17 x 78Kb downloads

...Color Picker for E Text Editor is a bundle color picker and palette building tool that allows you to easily select colors from web pages, images, desktop. The program can...
color picker web design e text editor colors

Commercial by Charten Software
25 x 4549Kb downloads

...Color picker and color harmonizer tool with eleven harmonious color matches for each selected color, unlimited color schemes to save favorite colors, built-in browser for webpage capture/ color sampling,...

Shareware by Young Smart Software
18 x 1116Kb downloads

...Color Picker: Pick colors from anywhere on the screen using YS Elvan. It can pick colors continuously! Color Wheel: Color wheel is a set of colors which are generated according...
color palettecolor schemematching colorscolourcolor theorydesigncolor wheelweb designcolor capturecolor pickerharmonious colorscolor harmony
Color Pilot Plug-in

Shareware by Two Pilots
27 x 1316Kb downloads

...Color Pilot Plugin is specifically designed for the quick and easy color correction of images directly within Adobe Photoshop or Corel PHOTO-PAINT. The plugin`s intuitive interface allows color...
Color Wheel Expert

Shareware by Abitom Software
18 x 1733Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...Based on the color wheel and color harmony theory, Color Wheel Expert enables users to select a color, and then have 12 harmonious colors displayed in a circle. With Color...
html color codehtml color pickercolor schemecolor wheelweb safe colorcolor palette