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...the need to study AUTORUN.INF! No design or programming required! You just need to select documents, web...checks if user`s computer has all the corresponding programs to open your documents. If some software is...scratch or quickly add autorun capabilities to the files already prepared for your CD. Once you complete...cd without burning. You can completely customize the launcher program for your CD, assign custom file name,...version information.
menuautorun downloadautorun htmlcdstartdummyautostartautoplaycreate autorunautorun filemmbauto playautoruninfautoplay menuautorun creatorautoplay mediaautorun software
V3pad WinAll

Freeware by Softoy Inc.
26 x 1397Kb downloads

...Softoy V3pad is launcher software of anti-virus program V3+Neo. V3+Neo carries high-speed virus scan engine and...update term, but unfortunately, V3+Neo is a MSDOS program and so is inconvenient for using. V3pad is...V3pad launches V3+Neo for a folder name or file name, and V3+Neo diagnose and repair it. You...can select the target folder or file in Windows Explorer or input name in edit...box. If you designate a .
Free Vista Files award
...ShellRun is a program that will display a web page when your...alternatively display a PDF file, Word document, MP3 file or any other document. AutoRun works in Windows...and then attempts to run the appropriate viewer program to show your file. For example, for a...line prompt or using Start+Run to display a file or URL. The development kit has an install/uninstall...determines what to do if a suitable viewer program is not available....
...With this program you can create autorun shells, autorun interfaces and...offers fast and efficient way to build autorun programs with point and click easy. It is an...way to create autorun interface, and generate autorun files for CD/DVDs. So all is fast and simple....
...or document is accessed. This is how the program works. It sits in the system tray and...entire name - only a small part. The program immediately shows files or URL bookmarks that match...If there are multiple choices, you select the file you need. If you enter the exact file...name, there usually will be one file (unless you have several files with the same...name stored in different directories). That`s it.
Invisible Launcher

Shareware by Segobit Software
18 x 140Kb downloads

...Invisible Launcher is a configurable program designed to provide a fast way for organizing...and documents which you frequently access. When Invisible Launcher is not in use it is invisible and...space. When you move your mouse to the program icon into the system tray, it pops up,...shortcut or folder by dragging it to the program window, but cannot accidentally drag them off....
actionsprocessfile systemlauncheractivityapplication
Free Vista Files award
...of what xStarter can do for you: The program can start/stop processes and services, send keys to...imitating a real user. It can manage your files automatically, analyze file lists and synchronize directories. xStarter...order to select proper actions. xStarter can synchronize files via FTP, SFTP and work with your e-mail....
schedulermacrowindowdir eventstoplauncherevent logftpservicecd-romejectcopingmessagefilecopyclosedatesystem utilityhttpstartautomatezipconnectcronautomationidledial
Active Tray

Shareware by Divcom Software
48 x 1283Kb downloads

...and time, and, more rarely, to run a program or two. Yet, this relatively small area of...the program`s support for Windows XP themes. The program has received excellent reviews from AllFiles.com, File Transit,...
hotkey managertray menuprogram launchertray launchertray icon

Shareware by SmartKite Software
17 x 561Kb downloads

...you ever wondered how to group your favorite programs and run them all - with just one...click? RunClik is an application launcher that lets you quickly open more than one...program by simply choosing a program group from the system tray. Easy! You can...create program groups, customize the list of items to include,...item attributes. You can even launch your favorite program group when Windows starts. RunClik allows you to...
favorite programs groupsfile runquick launchquick runapplication launcherworkspacefile launcherprogram groupsrun parameters

Shareware by JGOware
13 x 654Kb downloads

...it`s only job is to hold your favorite programs and internet links and have them available at...click of a button! You can add any file on your system or internet link to PopBar....want to launch one of your frequently accessed programs or internet links, just look in your system...tray for PopBar! Get this program for free as part of the JGOware Software...
favoritesdesktopsystem trayshelllauncherprogramtask bar
Free Vista Files award
...create your own individual menu interface without any programming knowledge. All registered file types and programs can...buttons. Moreover, CDMenu is smart. It launches corresponding programs to match all registered document types (HTML, DOC,...TXT, PPT,...). CDMenu creates all files needed by Autostart (Autorun.inf). CDMenu sets your creativity...AVI Players, which make it possible for these files to be played without triggering the Windows...
cdmenu editorrom laufwerktrailerdrive iconavi video playerautoplaymultimediaprogram startcdmenuproprogram icondokument startstart menulauncherautostartautoruninfmenu designersound player
...a Web Page or URL `launching` program. The program is designed to get you to your favorite...the Icon. Just choose that setting in the File / Options menu. Setting your `Right Click Favorite`...can be saved as `jurl` registered files. These files can be shared with others by email. Standard...
favoritesurljusturlsbrowser addtray launcherbrowser helper

Shareware by Pollen Software
23 x 1285Kb downloads

...AutoView is a CD Autorun program for use on CDs/ CDRs. This software is...create by having them automatically launch a selected file after CD insertion. AutoView comes with a short...wizard to set the program up for your own needs. Simply copy the...provided Autorun.inf and files the wizard creates to your CD with your...own files and you`re done. Its that simple! AutoView does...itself.

Commercial by torgesta.com
16 x 572Kb downloads

...MyTrigger can launch arbitrary programs when specific system events occur on your computer....possibilities that they offer to control how a program or script is run including what security context...the program will run in, what working folder to use...
(Hidden)Tray Folder

Shareware by Titlebar Software
21 x 1697Kb downloads

...accessible. You can completely hide a folder. Hide files and other folders in that hidden folder. You...or open your secure/hidden tray folder. Start the program and an icon will appear in your tray...or need. But, it is a very good launcher of programs of your choosing. The (Hidden)Tray Folder...folder. Version 1.05 makes use of a key file to protect the secure folder. Put anything in...

Shareware by Castle Software Ltd
16 x 1401Kb downloads

...want it. Use the images built in to programs or use your own bitmaps on buttons. CastleBar...times when you want to open a different file with the same program. Adding a separate button...
startdrop down listdrop-downlaunchertoolbar
Cresotech Easystart

Shareware by Cresotech, Inc.
15 x 1508Kb downloads

...to easily manage, locate, start and monitor any program on your computer. No matter how powerful is...your PC, with dozens of programs stored it becomes a nuisance and loss of...Hair-of-the dog solution is to install one more program to do this job: a compact skinnable tool...easy way to locate, start and monitor any program on your computer with indication of the general...
Launch Pivot

Shareware by Interfaco Software
53 x 1710Kb downloads

...configurable and powerful tool for exploring and launching programs on your computer. It is designed to make...all possible tasks like search, open programs or documents fast and easy. The tool can...mouse cursor over a multimedia or an image file icon on the main screen. With integrated scheduler...interface and it allows you instantly to search files stored anywhere on your PC hard drive -...
quick launchlockkeywordapplication launcherhibernatefindsearchprogram launchersoftwareschedulerimage viewerdesktopwebmedia playerrunstartup
...system administrators to automate their repetitive tasks. The program uses its built-in scheduler to automate backups, file...archiving, synchronizing files and folders via FTP, starting specific applications and...In addition to all the xStarter features, the program accepts remote connections with a web browser. This...
idledatelauncherautomateschedulerautomationevent logcrondir eventmessageservicemacrocd-romejectftpstophttpdialzipwindowconnectclosesystem utilitycopingfilecopystart
Flexiblesoft Launcher

Shareware by FlexibleSoft Co.
9 x 1968Kb downloads

...Flexiblesoft Launcher is a small, easy-to-use and low resource consuming...program extending the mouse functionality. The program is easy to customize and allows you not...less than a second, you can start any program or file, open a link in Internet Explorer...you to easily learn how to use FlexibleSoft Launcher after you start the program for the first...