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Demo by ActiveWidgets SARL
25 x 702Kb downloads

...other application platforms. ActiveWidgets components are used in production since 2003 in government, military, banking, telecommunications, logistics,...
aspnetphpjsondhtmlgridajax tableajax griddatagridxmlcsvlibraryjavascriptgrid componentcontrolgrid controldhtml gridjspjavascript gridgridviewcomponentstoolkit
Free Vista Files award
...atop a very fast and thoroughly tested HTML production engine with adjustable syntax highlighting and exhaustive Click`n`Insert...
web site developmenthtml editorhtml authoring
...a local area network. Currently available as a production version for Microsoft Windows, and as beta -...IPX traffic. Each client establishes and maintains a control connection to the server cluster. When the connection...
vpnmulticastudpvirtual private network
Advanced Enterprise

Freeware by Xpress Software Inc.
26 x 6922Kb downloads

...software designed to keep and track information regarding production orders and generate invoices when goods are shipped...to customer. Advanced Enterprise integrated with production and accounting provides the ultimate control over order...
bompartsordersinvoicesbill materialssub-assembliesfloor ticketsproductionfloor documentsreceiptscost
Empire Deluxe Enhanced Edition

Demo by Killer Bee Software
45 x 9834Kb downloads

..."4-X" game of abstract strategic conquest, maneuver and control maintains the strategic elements of expansion, production and...
Virtual Room Emulator VST

Shareware by Syntheway
35 x 1182Kb downloads

...sound in a rectangular type room, allowing separate control of the room`s width, depth and height. It...also allows you to control the distance between the listener and the sound...virtual room. The Virtual Room Emulator section offers control over the size, width, and damping factor of...real acoustic environment of a room. - Separate control of Room`s dimensions, produces naturally sounding reverberation. -...
reverberationpsycho-acousticreflectionsdaniel laisecaspaceeffectvstidampproductionvirtualpostsimulationgatedumpingtechnologyfactorvst plug-inambientdspstudioroomconvolution
DRS 2006 The radio automation software

Demo by DRS Systemtechnik
49 x 71830Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...hardware mixers to get all the mixing and production tools you need to create a professional radio...
softwaredrs 2006cartsoundradiomp3aacmixwebcastdrs2006machinebroadcastingshoutcastschedulerdiskjockeyserverautomationdiscjockeylivehoststreamingsound processorautomatic gain control

Demo by IS Decisions
21 x 2441Kb downloads

...RemoteExec® is a very powerful tool for remotely updating your Windows NT/2000/XP networks. It allows you to remotely execute the same program simultaneously on multiple computers, without requiring...
remote deploydeploy msideploy sp2remote taskpatch managementremote launchdeploy softwareremote administrationremote updatingremote controlremote managementpatch deployremote lan administationremote network administrationremote shutdown

Shareware by Addictive 247
23 x 9393Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...3 different game modes and excellent graphics. Take control of the Baby Boom production line and try...practice your skills in the Free Play mode. Control up to 7 different machines at one time...
arcade gamegamesfast pacedplayableaction gamebabiessharewarecomputer gamesfree downloaddownloadsfree demoaddictive 247baby boom

Shareware by webXpace.com
24 x 520Kb downloads

...Industrial Production Manager and Stock Control software. This software will let you control any...define unlimited products, create multiple suppliers and/or companies, control orders, check productions and materials, define composite products,...calculate orders and stocks, control lead times, production and break-down hours, define subcontractors, and some more.....

Demo by NC systems laboratory
37 x 7012Kb downloads

...Personal Computer Numerical Control. This class of personal control systems is considered now to be the most...there is no necessity to organize some special production of numerical control systems....
pcncnumerical control system
DivX Player with DivX Pro Codec (98/Me)

Shareware by DivXNetworks, Inc.
38 x 7409Kb downloads

...editing applications, the DivX Pro codec enables the production of studio-quality video. The Electrokompressiongraph (EKG), modeled after...
h264divx toolsdivx codecdivx encodewindows medianew divxburn divxmpegdivx dvdconverting divxencodingh263xvidwmvdivx windowsdvd divxwm9playerdivx converter

Commercial by VeraLab Inc.
21 x 49356Kb downloads

...labs. Reduce support costs. Turn your lab into production line. Automate all business processes in your computer...
ConVID Live Alpha

Demo by Consolidated Video
27 x 1706Kb downloads

...Live Alpha integrates broadcast titling into the encoding application for decreased complexity and increased quality. Live Alpha is a software plug-in that augments or replaces stand alone titling devices...

Shareware by TEKL Studio s.r.o.
32 x 77598Kb downloads

...and easily as possible. This program allows to control various aspects of optimization process, including specifying the...your resources, prepare business offers, plan production, analyze production etc.etc.etc. Just do export of optimization results into...
log cuttekl studiowoodworkingoptimum sawing solutioncutlogtimber pricepattern cut optimizationsash-gang sawsaw millsboardswood industry

Shareware by ibuyer.hk
26 x 14671Kb downloads

...Software for garment, clothing, apparel, leather, footwear, bags, luggage, socks, hats, necktie manufacturer and exporter and factory in soft line products Web remote access feature: maintain operation during outbreak since...
invoicegarment softwarepurchase ordersamplequality assuranceproductioninventoryfabric inventory managementshipping documentexportquotationperformamerchandisingcosting
SFX Machine Pro for Windows

Shareware by The Sound Guy, Inc.
31 x 1200Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...delay memory as SFX Machine RT. Automated parameter control is possible via a simple "MIDI Learn" interface,...allows quick experimentation. Streamlined for use in audio production environments, SFX Machine has been used to do...
FotoKiss Auction Photo Editor

Shareware by LANSRAD
28 x 6550Kb downloads

...Editor! Optimized for eBay Sellers, FotoKiss is a production photo editor that makes it easy to prepare...optional FotoKiss Internet publishing gives eBay Sellers better control over their photos and saves them money on..."Super Gallery Lens" gives the eBay Seller total control over what appears in the gallery photo. Sellers...
ebay utilitiescropftpgalleryebay toolsauction picture editorthumbnailauction softwareauction photo editorebay softwareresizeauction tools
ClearImage SDK

Freeware by Inlite Research
23 x 11086Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...to measure and modify images and to automatically control the logic of batch image processing applications. Rapid...
interleaved 2of5noiseimagedeskewautorotatebatchcroppostnetfax data captureremovedatamatrix128pdf417barcoderepair
Advanced Bill of Materials

Shareware by Xpress Software Inc.
21 x 6523Kb downloads

...as sub-assemblies. Advanced Bill of Materials provides effective control over production costs. User interface makes it easy...
sub-assembliesbill materialspartsbominvoicesfloor documentsfloor ticketsordersproductionreceiptscost