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FREE CompuSec

Freeware by CE-Infosys Pte Ltd
171 x 20800Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...and access control. For existing users, direct upgrade process is available. Please refer to handbook for instructions....
secure internet callsencryptscddvd encryptionfree callsdata encryptionauthenticationaccess controlfree computer callstabletprotectionsecure communicationvoipsecurity
...DiamondCS Advanced Process Manipulation (APM) is an advanced process/module viewer and...manipulation utility that allows unique control over target processes by literally becoming a part of them. Take...control of a process by becoming a part of it ... Unlike...conventional process viewers, DiamondCS APM doesn`t control processes by remotely sending them instructions. Instead, APM safely...of the target process.

Freeware by BitDaddys Corp.
64 x 44Kb downloads

...redirected to provide command line batch or script processing the information it needs to process Data Sources...Include with your program and utilize with system calls to collect and act on the provided information!...
csvdescriptionbatchdsnexportinformationcommand linedatabaseodbcextractsql

Freeware by BitDaddys Corp.
62 x 68Kb downloads

...redirected to provide command line batch or script processing the information it needs to process database tables...Include with your program and utilize with system calls to collect and act on the provided information!...
extractodbctablesqldescriptioninformationdatabasecommand lineexportcsvbatch
...Detailed call status reports are created after the calls are made. This software is very easy to...software will guide you through the appointment scheduling process and automatically dials out at your specified time....they would all share the same appointment database. Calls are made over any land-line by using a...
voice xmlappointment remindercalendarautodialerphone treemodemvoipauto dialerdial-upsipphone messaging systemvonagetext speechphone appointment reminderphone notificationtelephonyskype

Freeware by MADAR
31 x 3804Kb downloads

...from previous campaigns. Customer Service When a customer calls you need to be able to identify them...at a personal and company level and process their inquiry in the most efficient way possible....
appointmentscontact managerworkflowsfacontact softwareknowledgeproject managementschedulingsales force automationcrmgroupwareinformationfront officemarketing automationpim
Handy File Tool

Freeware by Heatsoft Corporation
25 x 1817Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...concerned with computers. Imagine that you need to process hundreds of files. It would take you many...problems with one mouse click. You can even process files from several directories or even disks simultaneously,...a clipboard for files. HFT has two-panel interface calls to mind the popular Norton Commander, but here...Basket, a clipboard for files. You can even process files from several directories or even disks simultaneously...
replaceufuheatsoftchange attributesfindcreatebatchtextfreewarefoldersdeletebatch replacereplacerhtml-utilityadcsrenamecopyhtml-editorbasketreplace toolupperconvertfilescaselower casehccsearchreplsoftfile managerusfut
...dependent fields to simplify data entry and automate process rules. Ensure that changes in bug status and...Customization - easily adapt Census to your organization`s process and terminology. Use point-and-click editors to customize fields....
bug tracking systemdefect tracking toolbug trackerbug tracking toolissue trackerdefect trackerissue managementbug tracking softwaredefect tracking systemdefect tracking softwareissue tracking

Demo by Cognitier
8 x 1607Kb downloads

...of your application`s work performed in an external process on the same machine. You make function calls...to objects in the external process as if they were local objects. "Under the...you`re using .NET Remoting over the IPC (Inter Process Communication) channel, but you don`t need to be...SimpleIPC. The platform handles the communications and external process life cycle details for you. SimpleIPC runs on...
java interophorizontal scalabilityinterprocess communicationcom java integrationnet java integration

Commercial by VSoft Technologies
17 x 47104Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...Thousands of Software Developers rely on FinalBuilder to automate their build, test and release process. FinalBuilder packages a library of pre-written scripts into a graphical IDE to make it...
build toolsoftware buildfinalbuilderautomated buildscript
Job Search Toolbox

Freeware by Ramjet Systems
19 x 305820Kb downloads

...that automates your job search by streamlining the process of searching, tracking contacts, writing cover letters, managing...Maintenance form. View Applications form. Application List form. Calls form (keep track of calls made to contacts)....
job search toolboxemploymentjob search softwarecareer managementjob search organizerjob search center
Terrasoft Call Center

Demo by Terrasoft CRM Software
52 x 10137Kb downloads

...analyzing of incoming and outgoing calls, redirecting incoming calls to selected Terrasoft CRM users, process calls from...
call centerservicescrm solutionsmall business crmcall centrecrm vendorcrm systemcrm applicationcrm softwarecrm tools
Context Menu Extension DLL

Demo by SoftMajor
28 x 656Kb downloads

...uses standard functions and procedures that Windows Shell calls to manage data between the extension and the...
Net Connector

Shareware by BayBuild Solutions
73 x 337Kb downloads

...when the launched program has ended. This entire process can be initiated by a desktop shortcut or...takes care of this automatically. No more missed calls or extra online charges due to a forgotten...

Commercial by Qarbon
31 x 47586Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...ViewletBuilder`s innovative content creation process has revolutionized the way in which software is...era. Before ViewletBuilder introduced its ground-breaking screen-capture animation process to the world in 1998, application demos tended...
flash tutorialflash movieflash animationhelp desk softwarepresentation softwarescreen shotscreencastingscreen capture
Durable Copy

Shareware by KutinSoft.com
20 x 6480Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...fulfils standard operations with files and folders; d) calls context menu of Windows Explorer for every file...data under unstable connection: a) automatically resumes reading process after temporal inaccessibility of a source storage; b)...automatically resumes writing process under copy of files with wireless networks; 9....
...dynamic pages without letting them know an automated process is making all the calls. Simulate clicking on...
HS POP3 Library

Demo by Hillstone Software
25 x 1008Kb downloads

...in MIME v1.0 base64 format. The user application calls HS POP3 initialisation function supplying pointers to callback...any POP3 RFC1939 compliant server, the user application calls HsPop3GetMail function, specifying mail server name or IP...field, message id field and subject field. This process is repeated until all messages are received. HS...
pop3 librarypop3 componentsecure pop3 libraryrfc 1939pop3s compomentpop3 clientemailpop3s librarypop3 client source codepop3 source codeemail source codeemail client

Shareware by Halegate Software
19 x 483Kb downloads

...a matrix after each step of an iterative process such as an Eigenvalue decomposition. AimAdt can also...statement to your code, and (3) issuing library calls to perform the desired operations, such as displaying...
javaimage processingmatrixdebugarray
Free Vista Files award
...Laptop Magazine Editors’ Choice for September 2005. Laptop calls it a “must have” program for mobile professionals....phone as a modem, saving you the complex process of configuring the connection yourself. It includes pre-configured...
use cell phone modemmobile internet accessvpn connectionnetwork connectivityinternet connectivitywireless networking solutionnetworking software