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Popup Assassin Pro

Shareware by Oreware.com
16 x 1651Kb downloads

...and the only way to notice that a popup window has been closed, is if you choose...sound notification which will sound every time a popup is closed. Main Popup Assassin Pro features: -...fast and small; - Works best at blocking popup ads when using Internet Explorer; - Kills unwanted...- Allows to open any killed window from Popup Assassin Pro log; - Play different sounds when...blocked; - Runs in the system Tray.
popup assassin propopup blockerpopup annihilatorpopup killerpopup stopper
CleanMyPC Free PopUp Blocker

Freeware by CleanMyPC Software
51 x 152Kb downloads

...pop-up ad windows when surfing the web? Stop PopUp with CleanMyPC™ Free PopUp Blocker! Completely FREE! The...in "Artificial Intelligence" engine will automatically distinguish between popup ads and useful popup window. It will stop...all the unwanted popup ad windows without any human intervention, meanwhile, the...useful popup by some websites will not be affected. No...
free pop-up blockerfree popup blockerfree popup killer
PopUp Burner

Shareware by Asmw Soft Systems
22 x 500Kb downloads

...Explorer and Netscape Navigator Pop Ups. Once activated, PopUp burner will scan new instances of Explorer for...This method is much better compared to other popup blockers which do block any new instance of...Internet Explorer - no matter if it`s a PopUp or not....
popup killerburn popuppopup burnerblock popupeleminatestop popup
...windows when surfing the web? Get this popular Popup Blocker and you won`t need worry about the...from your other legitimate downloads. By using our popup blocker, you will browse faster than before since...is our customer`s comment: I have tried many popup blockers and yours is the one I decide...
popup blockerpopup killerpop-up blocker
Popup Ad Shield

Demo by Accelerated Software
28 x 1429Kb downloads

...STOP those annoying Internet Popup Ads from displaying on your Internet Explorer Browser....Popup-Ad-Shield is a popup killer program designed to protect your internet surfing...from annoying popup ads. It currently supports Internet Explorer 5 and...
internet privacypopup stopperpopup window killerfree popup killerpopup blocker
...123 Popup Maker is a software which allows you to...make Popup windows for your webpages in an easy way,...size; Choose the event which will open your popup window: on page load, when a link or...image is clicked or other; Preview your javascript popup window at any moment into a real html...to fit it to your needs; Personalize your popup selecting properties of the window; Simple and easy...
generatorjavascript popuppopup makerpopup window makermake popupcreate
AlterSourcing PopUp Control

Demo by AlterSourcing
13 x 724Kb downloads

...The PopUp control for MS .Net allows developers to build...context menus and popup windows with literally few lines of code. The...
context menucontrolwindowpopup
Popup Nuker

Shareware by Traction Software
23 x 1504Kb downloads

...Internet Explorer, Function key F12 will add new popups to the nuke list via the Popup Nuker...use IE then you can also use the Popup Nuker Configurator as a popup nuker by itself...for any browser. With Popup Nuker you will be able to browse the...web without being molested by those annoying popup windows & Adverts in web pages your not...in. With features such as the Smart! engine, Popup Nuker can identify possible popups & Adverts...
Popup Ad Stopper

Shareware by ElectraSoft
32 x 380Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...Ad Stopper is a simple, easy to use popup blocker. Popup Ad Stopper works with any web...just one or a select few, like most popup blockers. Popup Ad Stopper actually filters web page...
pop blockerswindows 9598ment20002003xppopup killerpop stopperpop camperpop killerfree pop stopperblocker free poppopup blockerpopup stopper
...Javascript popup window ad is currently one of the most...of website visitors is the use of the popup ads. Unfortunately with the introduction of popup blockers...poup killers millions of people no longer see popups ads.Good news for the internet advertisers and marketing...now there is an effective tool available for popup window ad generation which no popup blocker can...stop.
javascript windowjavascript popupbanner advertisingweb advertisingbanner adspopup makerpopup windowpopup adsbanner creator
Popup Purger

Shareware by Atlas Solutions
18 x 1047Kb downloads

...Popup Purger is an intelligent popup blocker for Internet Explorer that can block annoying...It features a SmartBlock Engine, that blocks unsolicited popup ads but never interferes with your normal navigation...- it automatically recognizes popup window that were intentionally triggered by you. Popup...
popup blockerpopup killerweb page dialog

Demo by Family Software Solutions
17 x 2446Kb downloads

...Family PopUP Blocker stops popups dead in their tracks! our brilliant new software...is the only popup software you will ever need. Family PopUp Blocker...will intelligently scan for popups on all websites you visit and if it...Our patented intelligent scanner even scans for new popups not yet discovered, with this feature you can...rest assured you will get a popup free environment with our software. Popups can be...
popup blockerpopup removerblock all popupsstop all popupssafe popup blockerpopup killer
...StopPop.net automatically blocks Internet Explorer popup windows while you surf. A small, effective, and...intelligent anti-popup software product than can kill annoying popup windows without your intervention by using artificial intelligence...when you want to see them. Unlike other popup blockers StopPop.net only runs when you surf....
popup blockerinternet explorerpopup killeranti popup
Popup Eliminator

Shareware by SpyBlocker Software
13 x 2062Kb downloads

...STOP annoying and sometimes DANGEROUS popup windows once and for all with The Popup...Eliminator! The Popup Eliminator increases your surfing speed by using a...that keeps your system 100% protected from unwanted popup windows. Offering fully customizable options that allow you...to configure The Popup Eliminator to meet the most stringent surfing needs,...system while you surf the web and destroys popups before they appear.
...Hover Ad creator. Here Comes the New Technology Popup Software that Can Make Your Sales Go Boom!...Popup Toolkit - Popup Generator and Unblockable Hover Ad creator is now...could ever do. --> It is the new Popup Toolkit Software, which is used to create popup...effects and make the user stay with the popup and even wait for another popup to show...
popupslidingutilityhover adspopup generatorunblockable popup

Shareware by VariousCode
19 x 523Kb downloads

...BlockPop block any annoying popup ads automatically. With its popup block engine, BlockPop...can block 99% of all unsolicited popup ads and will never interfere with your normal...pop-under, on load popups, on quit, after delay popups and even the most annoying popup ads will...be blocked, which most other popup killer can`t block....
popup blockerpopup stopperpop-up stopperpop-up blockerpop-up killerpopup killer
PAL Popup Eliminator

Shareware by PAL Solutions Ltd.
19 x 450Kb downloads

...Get PAL Popup Eliminator and put an end to those annoying...Internet pop-ups ads! Popup Eliminator is a smart popup killer for Internet Explorer, Netscape and Mozilla. It`s...smart engine blocks only unwanted popup windows and allows desired ones. Tired of all...of dozens of windows on your desktop? PAL Popup Eliminator stops ALL of the annoying pop-up ad...
killerseliminatorblockeradspopunderpopup killerpopup blocker
...Atomic Popup Wizard is a powerful and easy to use...list by putting your signup box into a popup on your site, ensuring maximum exposure for it....Take control over your popups with Atomic Popup Wizard. Control your popup`s appearance, settings and more....When Your popup can appear when the page load, closes or...a user clicks on it. Where Make your popups appear over or under the current window. How...
Popup Blocker

Commercial by Impulse Solutions
20 x 914Kb downloads

...once fell into a "popup trap" with these popups that just open more popups as you close...them. Our Popup Blocker protects you against: - Over 15 different...types of standard popups - Come & Go popups - Timed popups - Mouse Over popups -...Channel Opener popups - Modeless Window popups - Fullscreen Trap popups - Chromeless popups In...
remove pop upsmore popupspopup adspopup killerkill all popup advertismentsblock popup windowspopup blockerinternet popup stoppopup stopper
...Automatically detect ad popup window and non-ad popup in IE. Destroys pop-ups before they open. Speeds...pop ups. Audible alerts let you know when popup has been killed No configuration required, no black...
popip filterpop killereliminateinternet cleanerpop filteropop stopperpopup stoppereliminatorblockerbanner killernet zero bannerinternet washercookies deletepopup killer