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Shareware by Ariolic Software
71 x 296Kb downloads

...from Windows NT or Windows 2000, but Ariolic NetSend 9x works on Windows 9x and has advanced...several comma separated users/domens/groups. You can use Ariolic NetSend 9x to send messages from batch files and...files, or use it with task shedulers. Ariolic NetSend 9x is compatible with WinPopup on Windows 9x...- aliases added, so now you can run NetSend from the "Run" window (Win+R keys) as "NetSend...Name Message".
messangerntpagerariolicariolic netsendfreenetworknet sendlanwinpopuptalkmessage
Net-Send command

Freeware by CEZEO software Ltd.
339 x 329Kb downloads

...our utility Netsend.exe works in all Windows versions. NetSend is Winpopup and Net send command compatible....
netsend netsend commandnet send command
Fomine NetSend

86 x 342Kb downloads

...Fomine NetSend is a package that contains two utility tools...will automatically appear in the addressee field. Fomine NetSend is fully compatible with the following messaging software:...
Ariolic PopupMe

Shareware by Ariolic Software
76 x 294Kb downloads

...Ariolic PopupMe is a small and useful message service for Windows 95/98 and Windows Me. It starts with Windows, receives all network messages for a user and shows them...
freenetsendnet sendtalkmessangerariolic netsendmessagentpagernetworklanwinpopup
Fomine Messenger

64 x 700Kb downloads

...This LAN messenger allows you to exchange messages on a local network (LAN). The program does not require you to set aside a server to function properly. It is easily...
VMVSystems NetAdmin

Freeware by VMV Systems
18 x 732Kb downloads

...VMVSystems NetAdmin 2.0 - software written using Delphi 7 environment, includes: * Local Information: CPU, Memory, IP, Mac, Current network connections * Common tools: Ping, Trace Route, Whois, Shares scanner, NetSend, Ip...
trace routeshares scannernetsendmemoryftp scannerport testpop3 scannercpucurrent network connectionsmacport scannercgi vulnurability scannerpingconfigtraffic analyser snifferwhois
WinPopup Speak!

26 x 133Kb downloads

...WinPopup Speak is free add-on for Fomine WinPopup. This application speaks...
Net Send SDK

Freeware by Fomine Software
31 x 432Kb downloads

...Need to send messages from your application or a script? Net Send GUI (freeware) and Winpopup LAN Messenger comes with a command-line tool NetSend.exe and a DLL that...
Checklan Monitor

Shareware by Teck System Soft LLC
9 x 11123Kb downloads

...alerts you by e-mail without any mail server, netsend and generates logs and alarms that are consolidated...alerts you by e-mail without any mail server, netsend and generates logs and alarms that are consolidated...
software inventoryfismainventory networknetwork software inventoryremotesoftware asset managementadvisorinventaire informatiquehipaaauditiavasystem inventory

Demo by MGI Consultants
76 x 10435Kb downloads

...dMessage is a simple solution for sending and receiving pop-up messages over your enterprise-wide LAN. dMessage is compatible with all versions of Windows (including Vista and Windows 7)...
communication toolsend pop-uplocal networksoftwarehelpdeskldapwindows net sendlan messagesnetsendenterprise-wide lanldap directoriespopup
Fomine Net Send GUI

Freeware by Fomine Software
93 x 573Kb downloads

...Net Send GUI is plain instant LAN messenger for easy communication. It uses proprietary network protocol which one is based on TCP/IP, and it is not compatible with Microsoft...
NetSender Pro

Shareware by aborange.de
23 x 1487Kb downloads

...program or to look into the mail inbox. NetSender Pro is very easy to use: Select from...

Freeware by Miranda IM
67 x 995Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...for ICQ, AIM, MSN, Jabber, Yahoo, Gadu-Gadu, Tlen, Netsend and other protocols....
Fomine WinPopup

59 x 1322Kb downloads

...This instant-messaging tool is a powerful replacement for Microsoft WinPopup. Fomine WinPopup is a much better user-friendly application with a handy interface. It has a contact list, which...
WinPopup ActiveX

Shareware by Namtuk
17 x 471Kb downloads

...WinPopup ActiveX solves the problem of exchange data between your applications on the local area network (or in local computer) without any server. Simple to use, it also manages the...
Tiny Message

Shareware by Ariolic Software
19 x 635Kb downloads

...Tiny Message is a program allowing you to send network messages as fast as possible. Using of it will be very comfortable if you have your own recent recipient list....
messengernetsendwinpopupariolicsend network messagenet send
Ariolic NTPager

Shareware by Ariolic Software
59 x 513Kb downloads

...NTPager it is useful network messenger for Windows NT and Windows 2000 systems. It allows you to send messages to one user or several users of your network, using simple...
ariolic ntpagerwinpopupnetworknetsendmessagefreenet sendlan talkmessanger
One Instant Messenger

Freeware by BestWebSharing
83 x 4277Kb downloads

...One Instant Messenger is an adaptable multi protocol instant messenger client developed for Windows. The app has extremely little resource requirements being at the same time very fast. One Instant...
instant messenger clientinstant messaging softwaremulti protocol messengerone instant messengerinstant messaging application
Natural Born Chatter

Shareware by JCOM Research
52 x 970Kb downloads

...Popular text chat solution that was designed specifically for small and middle local area networks. It doesn`t require an Internet connection or a dedicated server, because it utilizes your...
Group Net Send

Shareware by RJL Software, Inc.
62 x 169Kb downloads

...Group Net Send is a small command line utility that send messages to multiple users or groups of users. Our utliity uses the existing Microsoft Messaging Service to send a...
windows 2000instantcommunication softwarewinpopupbatchnet send commanduserlistgroupsnetsendlan talkcmdnetwork messagingcommand lineutilityscriptmultiplemessenger