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Scripts Encryptor (ScrEnc)

Shareware by dennisbabkin-dot-com
34 x 3152Kb downloads

...(originally provided by Microsoft`s screnc tool.) Features: 1. Obfuscation of JavaScript, JScript, VBScript standalone files. 2. Obfuscation...may include JavaScript, JScript, VBScript blocks inside. 3. Obfuscation of classic ASP files that may contain HTML...HTML/ASP/JScript/VBScript documents without obfuscation. 6. Flexible settings for obfuscation that allow to fine-tune levels of scrambling. 7....
jscriptdecodersource codewindows script decoderscripts encryptorclassic aspobfuscatorscrencde-scramblingmfcvbscriptjavascriptencoderjavascript obfuscatorhtmlwindows script encoder
net lifecycle

Shareware by spicesnetsuite
12 x 8202Kb downloads

....Net net lifecycle Suite offers wide range of .NET developer...
SourceGuardian PHP Encoder

Commercial by SourceGuardian.com
33 x 22425Kb downloads

...SourceGuardian for PHP is the ultimate protection solution for your PHP scripts. Main feature list: + Full Bytecode Encryption - protect your files by removing the original PHP Source Code + Fully encode...
encryptionsecurityphp protectphp encoderobfuscationencrypt phpprotectionscript encodingphp encrypt

Demo by Kindi
92 x 3687Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...Publish with confidence and stop giving away your source code with every SWF file. secureSWF protects SWF files from decompilers and reverse engineering by providing the most advance Flash and...
Spices.Net Suite

Shareware by 9Rays.Net
91 x 7399Kb downloads

...Professional approach to protecting, research, document and reverse engineering .Net assemblies! Spices.Net - powerful tool for .Net developers that offers obfuscation, decompilation, analytical and documentation management features....
lifecycle management softwaredecompilernet obfuscatornet code securitynet obfuscationdecompile netnet decompilerdelphi decompilersoftware lifecyclesource code review
.NET Reactor

Shareware by EZIRIZ
74 x 10493Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...code - Perform additional layers of protection, including obfuscation - Merge assemblies, and - Protect your revenue...
dotfuscatorprotectdotnetreverse engineeringanakrinoencryptionprotectordecompilerobfuscatorobfuscationmsilobfuscatedassemblylicense systemvbnetdelphiobfuscatingprotectionvisual basicdisassemblerlicensingcil
Stunnix C and C++ Obfuscator

Shareware by Stunnix
21 x 1523Kb downloads

...5, Motif user interface toolkit. Includes several configurable obfuscation engines for symbol names, strings and integers. Supports...
Free Vista Files award
...EXECryptor is a software protection system for protect programs from reverse engineering, analysis, modifications and cracking. EXECryptor has powerful anticrack, antidebug, antitrace and import code protection features for stop the...
debuggerentry point protectionsofticeanticracksoftware copy protectionsource code obfuscationfrogiceuncrackableantihackexe file protectionprogram code encryptionshareware protectiondrmsoftware protection
Stunnix ASP and VBScript Obfuscator and Encoder

Shareware by Stunnix
20 x 17600Kb downloads

...CSS model, SVG and XPATH. Includes several configurable obfuscation engines for symbol names, strings and integers. Supports...
scrambled aspcrunch aspobfuscate htmlobfuscated asplicensing aspprotect htmlcrunching vbscriptscramble htmlobfuscating vbscriptasp obfuscaterscrunched asplicensing htmlhtml obfuscatorshtml obfuscatersvbscript obfuscatermanglers vbscriptpro

Shareware by brainysoft
31 x 879Kb downloads

...file byte code protect tool. be different from obfuscation tool,PowerClassProtect direct encrypt your class file and it...

Shareware by SoftWar
34 x 1113Kb downloads

...the target - Disable use of debuggers - Obfuscation of memory dumpers - Compression and encryption of...
...secure against decompilation and reverse engineering. RetroGuard bytecode obfuscation modifies the contents of your class files in...that is exposed. A side effect of RetroGuard obfuscation is that the class size is reduced, leading...
java bytecodejava obfuscationretrologicretroguardjava obfuscator
Jasob JavaScript Obfuscator

Shareware by Genesis Mobile
46 x 6116Kb downloads

...hackers to understand and re-use. The mechanism of obfuscation is very simple. Jasob JavaScript Obfuscator parses files...
javascript obfuscatorprotect javascriptcsstheftcss obfuscatorjscriptprotectorscramblerhtmlcompressionobfuscateprotectionobfuscationcompress javascriptsource code

Demo by PELock Software
22 x 885Kb downloads

...netshrink is an executable compressor and DLL binder for .NET applications. It uses LZMA compression library and can decrease your file size even by 50%. With .netshrink you can also...
virtual dllobfuscatorlibrary binderantidebuggingassembly packernet packerdotnet packerexe protectorpassword protectorexe compressorobfuscationdotnet compressornetshrinkcrackingdll binderexe packervirtual library

Shareware by PELock
24 x 703Kb downloads

...Obfuscator is a tool to modify x86 assembler source code in this way to make an analysis of compiled code very difficult. It is an unusual tool and the target...
source obfuscationcode obfuscationmasmobfuscatorcode obfuscatorasemblerwin32asmassemblersource code obfuscatorsource obfuscator
...Link Disguiser is a professional anti-spam solution that prevents spam bots from email address harvesting on your website. Link Disguiser provides a webmaster with a bullet-proof anti-spam...
Spices.Net Obfuscator

Shareware by 9Rays.Net
22 x 6260Kb downloads

...Obfuscator - efficient and easy of use .Net obfuscation tool that protects your .NET software from hackers,...
net obfuscatorsobfuscatedotnet obfuscatorprotect net codeobfuscator for netnet code protectionnet obfuscationvisual studioobfuscate netvisual studio obfuscator
Code Virtualizer

Shareware by Oreans Technologies
25 x 3865Kb downloads

...Code Virtualizer is a powerful code-obfuscation system that helps developers protect their sensitive code areas against Reverse Engineering while requiring minimum system resources. Code Virtualizer will convert your original...
protector systemdevice drivers protectionapplication dlls protectionanti-cracking32-bit64-bit
Freeware .NET Obfuscator Skater Light

Freeware by RustemSoft
27 x 1127Kb downloads

...Light Edition of well-known Skater .NET Obfuscator, an obfuscation tool for .NET code protection. The Light Edition....NET applications for both personal and commercial purposes. Obfuscation prevents .NET assembly source code recompilation without changing...its functionality. Obfuscation deals by hooding the main points of your...obfuscate your assemblies before distributing your software.
visual studionet obfuscatorvisual basicvbnetsoftware protectioncode securityobfuscationcode protectiondecompiler
...decompiler crashed (e.g. .NET Reflector). Obfuscator.NET supports name obfuscation (e.g. class/method/field/parameters etc.) and flow obfuscation. Decompiler can...code of the obfuscated assembly. Features: 1) Name Obfuscation 2) Flow Obfuscation 3) Anti Decompile 4) Supports...
anti-decompilenet obfuscationname obfuscationflow obfuscationobfuscate netnet obfuscator