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Freeware MySQL to MSSQL Converter

Shareware by Data Recovery
20 x 1310Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...MySQL to MSSQL converter freeware is easy to use and non...destructive database converter tool. MySQL to MSSQL converter is read only software to change quickly...MySQL database to MSSQL database without harm to database records and their...structures. MySQL to MSSQL database conversion tool has user friendly graphical user interface (GUI)...you to converting your database.
primaryutilitydatabasetranslaterowkeymigratesindexesfreewareconstraintscolumntableserverforeignoverwriteauthenticationnullsupportconvertconversiontoolmysql mssqlfieldsrecordsoftwareintegrity
Data Loader

Shareware by Interface Computers
34 x 12256Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...Data Loader is a simple yet powerful tool to import and export Data between many common formats. Current Data Loader Ver. 4.5 supports MS-SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, MS...
extractiontransferaccessmigrateconversionmigrationdbasemssqlimporttextmysqlms-sql serverloadingexcelconverttransformationtabexportcommacsvfoxprodelimitedoracle
MySQL To MS SQL Conversion Software

Shareware by iPod Restore
17 x 1423Kb downloads

...Automatic MySQL database converter software is safe, easy and quick...developed for converting your desired table records of MySQL database into MSSQL with great efficiency. Distributed database...convert either selected records or whole database from MySQL server into MSSQL table structure. Database migration tool...from source database (MySQL) to destination database (MSSQL).
tableuniquekeysmaintainmysql mssqlrecordstoolselectedconvertscolumnsconverterprimarydatabasedata typesconversionmigratesrowfilesattributesutilitydefaultsupportsnullforeignintegrity
DBF Converter

Shareware by HiBase Group
33 x 1793Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...of flexibility. DBF Converter is a DBF file conversion utility that you can rely on in your...everyday DBF conversion needs. Need to publish your data on the...$30. DBF Converter is a versatile yet easy-to-use conversion program. It has a familiar Wizard-like interface but...
dbf exceldbf xlsdbf mysqlexport dbfdbf mssqldbf xlsxdbf htmldbf sqldbf filedbf oracledbf csvdbf text
...(7) support for multibyte character sets; (8) stores conversion settings into profile; (9) Quick Launch feature; (10)...
convert sql mysqldatamss2sqlfree democonversionmigrateautomaticsharewaredatabase managementmicrosoft sql serverformatcommand linemssql
...a program to move MS SQL databases to MySQL server. Key features: (1) all versions of MS...Azure; (2) all versions of Unix/Linux and Windows MySQL are supported; (3) option to customize field mapping...(4) option to export MS SQL data into MySQL dump file; (5) option to merge MS SQL...data into an existing MySQL database; (6) option to convert partial data using...
command linedatabase managementformatconversionautomaticmssqlmss2sqlmicrosoft sql servermigrationmigratefree democonvert sql mysqlshareware
...MySQL-to-MSSQL is a program to convert MySQL databases into MS SQL format. Key features: (1)...Azure; (2) all versions of Unix/Linux and Windows MySQL are supported; (3) option to customize field mapping...via SELECT-queries; (6) converts foreign keys; (7) converts MySQL views to MS SQL; (8) option to synchronize...MS SQL database with MySQL data; (9) option to merge MySQL data into...
datasharewaremigrationmssqlmicrosoft sql serverfree democommand lineconvert mysql sqlsql2mssautomaticmigratedatabase managementconversionformat
...software pack to convert any data source to MySQL and vice versa. It includes the following utilities:...(1) Access-to-MySQL - migrates MS Access database to MySQL server; (2) DB2-to-MySQL - migrates IBM DB2 databases...to MySQL server; (3) DBF-to-MySQL - moves DBase (dbf) databases...to MySQL server; (4) Excel-to-MySQL - converts MS Excel spreadsheet...
mysql mssqldatamsexcelmsaccessmssql mysqlsharewaremysql accessxlsmysql excelmicrosoft sql serveraccess mysqlcommand lineexcel mysqlautomaticconversionmigrateoracle mysqlmdbmigration
MSSQL to MySQL Migrator

Shareware by Convert Database
18 x 1423Kb downloads

...MSSQL to MySQL database conversion tool accurately converts database attributes as well as...structure of tables into MySQL Server format. MSSQL data migration tool that helps the conversion and...transfer of database schemas, indexes into required MySQL database. Database migration tool converts row column table’s...primary keys, validations, constraints of database into desired MySQL format.
DBConvert for MS SQL & MySQL

Shareware by DMSoft Technologies
13 x 12809Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...DBConvert for MS SQL & MySQL is a database migration tool for data conversion...from MS SQL database to MySQL server and MySQL db to Microsoft SQL. You can convert SQL...data to MySQL or MySQL to MS SQL databases simply by configuring several...a dump file. DBConvert for MS SQL & MySQL can transfer the content of the source database...you are enabled to send Dump file to MySQL server directly. The destination database in this case...
mysql import sqlconvert sql mysqlsql para mysqlexport mysql sqlsql and mysqlmysql mssql
MSSQL<->MySQL Converter

Shareware by SOFTGURU
38 x 3450Kb downloads

...converter can be described as MS SQL to MySQL converter and MySQL to MS SQL converter in...one program but Why MSSQLMySQL converter is better..? MSSQLMySQL converter converts MySql to MS SQL and convert...MS SQL to MySQL so it makes double what other applications with...purpose do , but still with lower price MSSQLMySQL converter uses a wizard style interface , with...
import export mysql sqlmssql mysql converterconvert mssql mysqlmssql database mysqlmysql database mssqlconvert mysql mssql server
MS SQL MySQL Converter Agent

Shareware by SoftXpert.com
25 x 4430Kb downloads

...MS SQL MySQL Converter Agent Is a powerful tool makes the...conversion from MS SQL server to MySQL server and from MySQL server to MS SQL...I use your program ?! - MS SQL MySQL Converter Agent converts from MS SQL server To...MySQL server and from MySQL server to MS SQL server in one program...and help through each step. - MS SQL MySQL Converter Agent converts all data types and attributes...including indexes, primary keys, constraint...
sql mysql migratorsql mysql convertersql mysql synchronize
Free Vista Files award
...MYSQL to MSSQL database converter software converts your existing MYSQL database...into Microsoft SQL. User can import MYSQL format files and migrant it into MSSQL format....and attributes. Software utility provides reliable services for conversion of MSSQL data tables. Converter software provides the...as transfers database types of source database into MSSQL database. Program quickly and accurately export whole database...
MySql to MSSQL Database Transfer Tool

Shareware by Data Restore
11 x 1310Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...MySQL to MSSQL database converter application program accurately, efficiently converts database...file of MySQL format to Microsoft SQL server 2000 format. Software...Server, Windows XP, Windows VISTA. Features: * Database conversion software from MySQL to MSSQL database. * MySQL...to MSSQL database migration utility can converts individual table or...all necessary attributes.
MSSQL  to MySql Conversion Utility

Shareware by Undelete Partition
28 x 1310Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...MSSQL to MySQL converter agent is safe, easy and efficient migration...tool specially designed to convert MSSQL database table attribute to MySQL database table. Database...either whole or selected number of records from MSSQL to MySQL database server. Smart data conversion tool...provide safe and best database conversion services to easily convert database from MSSQL to...
integritytoolconstraintsdatabaseprimarymssql mysqlconvertrowfieldssoftwareauthenticationserverindexesutilitynullmigratesrecordmixedtranslateoverwritesupportcolumntableconversionforeign
...row they occurred. Software has option to cancel conversion any time during conversing process. Converter tool changes...non cluster indexes, individual values from one existing MSSQL database to MySQL targeted database. MS SQL to...proceed. MSSQL-to-MySQL converter allows users to perform deferred conversion and get more control over the process. Software...also converted stored procedures of MSSQL to MySQL.
Free Vista Files award
...MSSQL to MySQL database conversion tool accurately converts database attributes as well as...structure of database tables of MSSQL to MySQL server 2000 format. Database Application Migration tool converts...2003 Server, Windows XP, Windows VISTA. Features: * MSSQL to MySQL database conversion toolkit converts MSSQL database...format to MySQL server record. * Utility converts data tables either...
MSSQL to MySQL Migration Software

Shareware by Partition Recovery
17 x 1310Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...Download database conversion that convert Microsoft SQL server into MYSQL format....Software is affordable tool that efficiently converts entire MSSQL database records or selected table’s records easily and...efficiently to MySQL data base server. MSSQL to MySQL database converter provides comprehensive solution for conversion of...indexes and all its attributes.
utilityindexesrowsmysqlmigrationconvertermicrosoftsourceinsertrecordpasswordadministratorkeystabledeletecolumnsmanagementauthenticationmigratessoftwaredatabasetoolfiledata conversionmssql
Free Vista Files award
...Database converter application works with all major MySQL servers and fully compatible with all MySQL attributes...Cross-database convertor utility provides efficient solution to transfer MySQL data into new database or overwrite the content...of an existing MySQL database. Migrate MySQL database to Microsoft SQL server tool and can...an interactive and organized algorithm which makes the conversion of fully loaded databases in few seconds.
MSSQL to MySQL Conversion Software

Shareware by Data Recovery
13 x 1310Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...MS SQL-to-MySQL database changer software converts MySQL database to Microsoft SQL server 2000 file format....detail and convert other data types also in MySQL arrangement. Database changer tool retains database integrity constraints...converts joined table and their associated tuples in MySQL style and protect from usual fragmentation while conversion....Features: * Conversion program executes over windows operating system i.e. win...