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Fun Chess 3D

Shareware by Marjupi Games
72 x 11921Kb downloads

...must defend your king. Each piece has special moves which are well known: A pawn can move...(or two on its first move), a rook moves in straight lines, the bishop moves diagonally, the...queen moves in any direction and the knight moves one square in one direction and two squares...
boardboard gameknightpawnstrategyrookqueenchess

Freeware by Tetris Games
14 x 11Kb downloads

...Keys for online Tetris - Moves the falling figure to the left. - Moves...or - Rotates the falling figure randomly. - Moves the falling figure all the way down. N...

Demo by Stuff-By-Magnum
48 x 822Kb downloads

...Show all possible moves in a game of Scrabble in order of...the tray, and ScrabbleScam will list all possible moves in the order of points scored, from a...improve your play by seeing what the best moves were after already having played your move. 50-point...

Shareware by Orthanc Software
18 x 822Kb downloads

...several turns a day.) All players make their moves for each turn simultaneously, and each turn typically...you get the game file, you make your moves at your convenience, then send the generated moves...file to the host. When moves from all the players have been received, or...
...see it for yourself. You can make three moves in a turn. You cannot go twice between...the same fields. Build the web of moves and block your opponent (computer) from reaching your...
xrsoccergameextreme resultsextreme results international
Peg Board Game

Freeware by 3dfishgame
13 x 4218Kb downloads

...adjacent peg. Your goal is to make valid moves to remove pegs from the board until only...one peg is left in as few of moves as possible. If you love Peg Solitaire or...
board gamepeg

Freeware by Novel Games Limited
18 x 262Kb downloads

...keyboard, or click a piece so that it moves to occupy its adjacent empty space. The current...number of moves is displayed at the top left corner, while...
movepictureslidesquarepuzzlepuzzle gamespiecepicture puzzle gamesimagetile sliding puzzlespace
The Incredibles - Save the Day

Freeware by Mario Games
18 x 7434Kb downloads

...earn points to unlock new moves. Use special moves and find way to destroy dangerous robots, seek...
super mario brosmario bros gamesmario remixmario frustrationyoutube mariomario worldmario bros onlinemario mariomario online gamemario snesmario 2009
3D Rubik`s Cube Game

Freeware by 3dfishgame
24 x 4218Kb downloads

...moves. See how fast and with how many moves you can complete the free 3D rubik`s cube...
gamerubiks cube
David`s Backgammon

Shareware by GammonSoft
32 x 1109Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...for all levels of player. Gives advice on moves and the doubling cube, can take back moves...

Freeware by Mario Games
23 x 6021Kb downloads

...has some very nice graphic effects. Use special moves to finish them quickly or use combos to...
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Four Shields (Pocket PC)

Shareware by Cactus Factory
22 x 281Kb downloads

...strategy - try to think out as many moves as you can! Great for competitions - friends...
compact frameworklogicstrategyboardpocketpuzzlechallenging

Shareware by StuGroup
37 x 7810Kb downloads

...which you have to use to do several moves to open the picture hidden under the game...left button of the mouse. The number of moves and the picture are different for each location....
Boulder Crash

Demo by AltarSoft.com
24 x 1268Kb downloads

...are 4 kinds of monsters: CCW Mover - moves contra clock wise, CW Mover - moves clock...wise, Wanderer - moves randomly, Pursuer - follow you if you are...
directx gamefreeshareware gamedevelopmentremakecheaparcade gametrialsoftbuyboulder dashdiggerboulder crashpopulargamesprogram
Peter`s Moving Jigsaws

Demo by Mulawa Dreaming
19 x 5404Kb downloads

...of "Peter`s Jigsaws" and yet the whole picture moves all the time that you are solving the...
Old Super Mario Bros

Freeware by Mario Games
37 x 7636Kb downloads

...Toad the villager from Tooadstool Kingdom! Use special moves to finish them quickly or use combos to...
mario brosmario kartbuziol gamesbest mariomario flashmario onlinenew mariomariolandmario games onlinesoftendo mario gamesfree mariosoftendocomsuper marioold mariomario foreveronline mario
Checkers Game Software

Freeware by Sobolsoft
8 x 4330Kb downloads

...a check box to enable display of planned moves allowing the player to see how the computer...
online free internetcheckkidsplaychildrens childenglish draughtsinternationalkingedstraightdiagonallyeducationalplayerpiecesboardgamescomputerclassic gamescpumovingmovescrownedjumps jumping
KGB`secrets (APE)

Shareware by BBAD Inc.
27 x 1383Kb downloads

...Brain game KGB`secrets Advanced Personal Edition. Self-development game KGB`secrets is based upon some of secret technologies. It will help you to develop your general attention, visual memory,...
Odd Box

Shareware by Pi Eye Games
22 x 6712Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...is easy to play, the left mouse button moves the odd boxes, the right button moves your...
arcade gamecubesdirectxblocksoddboxodd boxfunwindows
Fantasy Chess

Shareware by Dataware
47 x 897Kb downloads

...excellent for learning to play chess in that moves are highlighted and the difficulty levels (ten in...