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Methvin | Converter

Freeware by Methvin
119 x 391Kb downloads

...a freeware tool that can quickly convert all measurement formats and units into others. The application`s other...
temperature convertertime converterunit converterpressure convertermass converterspeed converterpower converterenergy convertervolume converterdensity converterforce converter

Shareware by Katmar Software
48 x 1885Kb downloads

...Professional units conversion for engineers. Uconeer has 450 units in 48 categories. Covers all the basic categories but adds engineering specific categories like enthalpy, entropy, heat capacity, heat transfer coefficient,...
metricunitsengineeringfreewareconvertmeasurementsystemunit conversion
Easy Measure Converter

Freeware by academy-info.com
23 x 216Kb downloads

...Download Free Measure Converter: inch, feet, yard, rod, furlong, mile, league, chain. Length and Distance Conversions. The program interface is quite...
measurementfactorsalgebrafree measure convertermilecalculatormetricinchtrigonometryfeetengineeringgeometryconvert fromchainleaguefurlongconversionsequivalentsrodcalculationsyard
ABF Value Converter

Shareware by ABF software, Inc.
20 x 1162Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...ABF Value Converter is an application for measurement units conversion. This software easily converts various measurement...Value Converter contains 11 conversion calculators (one per measurement group), 3 geometric calculators, 2 calculators of the...
...The Measure Converter calculates measurement conversions such as Yards to Miles, Feet to Inches....
ESBUnitConv Pro - Unit Conversion

Shareware by ESB Consultancy
19 x 4808Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...easily convert between 888 units in 37 different measurement categories. Includes Units for Temperature, Distance, Mass, Area,...much more. Also support for Exponential Notation in conversions and in the pop-up calculator. Special support included...
torquevelocityflowvolumemeasurementconsumptionfuelaccelerationenergydistancecalculatortemperatureunit conversionpowermassarea

Shareware by JSoft Consulting
21 x 1770Kb downloads

...Ever wonder how many Eastern Mediterranean Piks are in a French Arpent? how many meters per statue mile? or how many liters there are in a British bucket? Well, wonder...
Weights And Measures Plus

Shareware by Equinox Software
22 x 5783Kb downloads

...Weights And Measures Plus converts units of measurement such as yards or fluid ounces to gallons....It features conversions for 237 units in 18 categories. WAM+ is...
educationalmetrictrigonometryhexadecimalcurrency exchangeconvertcalculatorfractionsunit conversionreferencemathbinary
Unit Converter for Excel

Shareware by URVAS Ltd.
38 x 2328Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...addin for the Microsoft Excel to perform various conversions between many types of measurement units. The units...
excel add-inunit conversionexcel addonoffice add-insmeasurement unitsunit converterexcel add-ins

Shareware by Zyl Soft
28 x 1432Kb downloads

...component is extended to calculate distances and make conversions between different measurement units. This component works with...
usbvisual studioserialdevicedrivervbnetcomponentreceivernmeagpseventsoftwaredevelopment

Shareware by Zyl Soft
21 x 643Kb downloads

...component is extended to calculate distances and make conversions between different measurement units. With this control you...
devicecontroldelphipower buildergpssoftwarenmeadriverdevelopmentvisual basicreceiveractivexsharpcbuilder
Convert It - Unit Conversion Tool

Shareware by XYZSoftware
24 x 660Kb downloads

...it is a program converting various types of measurement units(supports more than 200 unit types).The program has...easily.It can also learn new units and make conversions between the integrated units in the program and...
RRs Unit Converter

Shareware by DoubleR Software
29 x 1017Kb downloads

...scientific, financial, archeological or other activities where unit conversions are required will found this program useful. By...conversion factor between two units. Therefore, any unit conversions will be performed with high precision. The compound...
unit convertermeasurement conversionsweights and measuresunits measurementunit conversionweight convertermetric conversionsweight conversionstemperature converter

Demo by Kinematrix Software, LLC
30 x 1668Kb downloads

...graphic capabilities that are also aware of the measurement units. The demo software has some limitations but...it easy to learn and its use of measurement units make it a powerful technical tool....
unit conversionengineering softwaretechnical calculationsspreadsheet
ZylGPSReceiver Mobile

Shareware by Zyl Soft
18 x 483Kb downloads

...component is extended to calculate distances and make conversions between different measurement units. This component works with...
...Liquid, Distance, Area, Weight, Temperature, and Time Zone measurement categories. The Time Zone category allows you to...
internationalgramdistancecookingrankineteaspooncelsiustimezoneteacherinchcaratmiletemperaturefootliterconversionareaencyclopediatablespoonmeteracreweighttime zonemeasurementfahrenheitmetricliquid
...It`s a handy tool to help you make conversions from one unit of measurement to another. Did...
metricmeasurementdistanceweightconversiontemperaturevolumecalculatorfractionsroman numerals

Shareware by RJ Software
31 x 319Kb downloads

...logarithms, standard and hyperbolic trigonometric functions, and base-n conversions and logical operations. Store and recall even between...Table of Elements with extensive chemical data, drop-down conversions for metric prefixes, counting units and atomic weights....
mathematicfnacalculatormeasurementstatisticsunitsconversiontrigonometrychemicalsperiodic tablebase-nstatselements
Convert Center

Freeware by Baltsoft Software
23 x 1331Kb downloads

...Convert Center is a measurement conversion tool that enables you to convert from...over 1,000 different measurement units of Area, Basal Area (Forestry), Circular, Circular...
weights and measuresunit conversiononline conversionmetric conversionsconversion tablesconvert unitmeasurement conversions
Feet to Meters Converter

Freeware by Brilliant Owl
30 x 1804Kb downloads

...Converter is the way to go! Simply watch conversions appear before your eyes as you slide up...and down the measurement scale! Its that easy. You will soon discover...foot has been used as a means of measurement since at least 2500 BC. Although the size...
measurement convertermetersfeet