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Breaktru Quick Conversion

Freeware by Breaktru Software
70 x 4961Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...through a confusing menu of choices. Great for mathematical problems, science or travel. Many different uses for...
Calc 3D Pro

Freeware by Greuer Andreas
50 x 2989Kb downloads

...Calc 3D is a collection of mathematical tools for highschool and university. The calculator can...
subtractionscalar productspat productstatisticcomplexfitquaternionpolygonmatrixintersectioncross proddivisionvectors
...and Scientific Calculation. With it, you can evaluate mathematical formulas, draw graphs and program with very simple...
parserformula editorcalculatorvbscript

Freeware by MathTerra Software
17 x 673Kb downloads

...AbleCalc is a great tool for anyone needing mathematical help with calculations. The program shows big numbers...the entry field. This is a wonderful simple calculator with great usability....

Shareware by Astrise Corporation
33 x 2887Kb downloads

...environment, and many more. Or just simple “evaluate-while-typing” calculator for your everyday arithmetics. If it doesn’t have...finding polynomial extremums - More than 250 built-in mathematical and analysis routines - Data import-export to and...
scientific analysispascal programminggraphstatisticsconstantstechnical calculationsequation solvingconverters

Freeware by www.holdem-bot.com
29 x 1502Kb downloads

...to play in a certain way based on mathematical formulas. Hour after hour, as long as the...
holdem calculatorholdem oddspoker geniusfree chipspoker botholdem spypoker softwareholdem botpoker calculatorpoker toolfree poker chipspoker oddsholdem softwarepoker officecalculatem

Freeware by Knowbotron
27 x 2539Kb downloads

...that deals with dimensions of physical quantities in mathematical expression, Dicom, has the answer to expression like:...and measurements at one place. Conventional software based calculator usually simulates the real calculators. Dicom has a...
scientificknowledgemeasurementfreewareinformationdataconverterunit awareknowbotrondevelopmentintelligentcalculatorsoftwaredicommathematicsestimateintelligenceconversionengineering

Freeware by Armin Richter
31 x 3910Kb downloads

...Calculator Pro is a scientific windows calculator that can solve large mathematical terms. Therefore Calculator...Pro supports a lot of mathematical calculations i.e. complex numbers, matrices, as well as...several unit conversions. Furthermore, Calculator Pro can be used for plotting simple curves,...2-dimensional diagrams, simple animations, etc.. Basically, the Calculator Pro is based on a multi-line text box,...

Shareware by trendingIT
14 x 15718Kb downloads

...is a program capable of finding out the mathematical expression explaining the relationships among the given data....can be considered as a new type of calculator following three easy steps: 1. Double click. 2....
trendssimulationinnovative equationsmodelingmathematical modellingpredictions
The Calculator

Freeware by Delta-Z Software
25 x 197Kb downloads

...The Calculator is small and handy. It supports compound expressions,...to the number value and indicates that the calculator must multiply this value by the specific coefficient....the cosine of 20 degrees? (By default, The Calculator works with radians) Type cos(20g) and get the...Some frequently used values, such as physical and mathematical constants, may be written in a special file,...string memorizing * Hot key call.
Dovada scientific calculator

Demo by Dovada Pty Ltd
42 x 3505Kb downloads

...Developed by the Dovada research team, this student calculator is ideal for use in the school, home,...or any engineering or research areas, anywhere scientific calculator or graphic calculator is regularly used or required....that science or maths homework help. The student calculator graphically displays many of the standard mathematical formulae...the basic structure of mathematic formulae.
dovada calculatorformulaemathematicalscientificscience

Shareware by GeoSpline.com
25 x 546Kb downloads

...SplineCalc is multipurpose scientific calculator for implementation of various mathematical operations with maps...
Active Calculator Component

Shareware by Guangming Software
19 x 1536Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...Support all common mathematical expressions Support arithmetic, logic and bitwise operations Report...
expression evaluationcalculator

Shareware by YPS software
24 x 1037Kb downloads

...MathCalc run with the calculator and graph plotter mode. Within the calculator mode,...you can compute mathematical expressions, trigonometric, hyperbolic or logarithmic functions. The entered...
mathcalcformulachartgraph plotterlogarithmic functionhyperbolic functionmathematical calculatormathematical functionscientific calculatortrigonometrical functiondiagramgraph plotting

Shareware by NYacad, Inc.
34 x 1560Kb downloads

...- Stair and Rail Auto drafting program + Calculator for AutoCAD. Main features: · STAIRS & RAILS....the wall) representation of Stair Elevation · CALCULATIONS. Mathematical operations; Slope, Triangle and Stair calculations. All formats...
Unit Mate

Shareware by Unit Mate
30 x 6437Kb downloads

...decimal places , Powerful foreign currency exchange rates calculator that converts multiple currencies simultaneously. using the latest...rates updated from our website instantly , Powerful Mathematical Calculator that calculates mathematical, algebraic and trigonometric functions with...its built-in scientific expressions calculator , Powerful scientific formula calculator that calculates the...

Shareware by John le Welsch
29 x 2913Kb downloads

...user-friendly utility will also show physical, chemical and mathematical constants, chemical elements, by entering the beginning of...

Shareware by UltimaCalc
26 x 3262Kb downloads

...UltimaCalc is a scientific and mathematical graphing calculator. Always ready for use as it...
algebraic graphing calculatorstandard deviationsolve trianglespolynomial rootssimultaneous linear equationsnonlinearmultivariate regressionplot functionsnavigationroots polynomialspolynomial regressionlinear regression
Abacus Calculated Fields for ACT! by Sage

Shareware by ActPresentation.com
26 x 2595Kb downloads

...Abacus Calculated Fields for ACT! by Sage (ACT!2005, ACT!2006, ACT!2007) now brings you the ability to calculate fields, copy fields, manipulate data and produce results dependent on...
...a convenient and powerful scientific calculator. ScienCalc calculates mathematical expression. It supports the common arithmetic operations (+,...equations *Nonlinear exponential, logarithmic and power equations *Pre-defined mathematical and physical constants Understandable and convenient interface: A...your equations into the editor panel. Example of mathematical expression: 5.44E-4 * (x - 187) + (2...
desktop calculatorscientific calculatorformulawindowsparsingexpressionsciencalcenhancedequationalgebraic