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Freeware by MCS
85 x 24Kb downloads

...Plankton is a freeware which draws beautiful creatures. Plankton use a G-curve that MCS...

Freeware by KTH
124 x 447488Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...Calculator.NET is an enhanced version of the standard calculator in Microsoft Windows. It uses RPN (Reverse Polish Notation), which is used by many pocket calculators, e.g. from HP....
...programming logic can be visualized via action diagram. Math expressions are created and edited in original graphic...math format. Variables in a math expression can be mapped to programming entities. As...
visual html editordatabase programmingcodeless programmingweb development toolsweb development softwarekiosk software developmentvisual programmingweb design softwarevisual programming language
Bingo Card Printer

Shareware by Bingo Card Maker
37 x 1514Kb downloads

...A bingo card maker / creator / generator program. Bingo Card Printer is an easy-to-use program for preparing printable custom bingo cards (also known as "bingo boards" or "bingo sheets") ....
...objective, definition, rule and proof of the underlying math formulae or theorem. Tutoring material is available in...
software mathvariant testsalgebraicreciprocalmathematicsproving algebraic identitiescubic equations inequbiquadraticdidactic materialstraining programlesson plans
...ENGINEERING POWER TOOLS is powerful productivity software for professional engineers. More than 70 programs and data tables are integrated into one easy-to-use package. The programs solve a wide...
areapipehvacsectionmechanicalstressmaterialsmathduct sizingvolumecalculationspropertiespressurebeamselectricalflowvalvesplatesdesignengineeringcolumnsconveyordeflectionconversiondroptubingstructural
Science Teacher Helper

Shareware by helpscience Inc
17 x 743Kb downloads

...functions, graphs and charts of physical, chemical and math into your MS WORD document. Science Teacher Helper...
teacher helperteacher stuffteacher toolscience experimenthigh school physicsphysical science
Science Teacher`s Helper

Shareware by helpscience inc
32 x 818Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...functions, graphs and charts of physical, chemical and math into your MS WORD document. Science Teacher’s Helper...
teacher stuffteacher helperteacher toolscience experimenthigh school physicsphysical science
...all its operation with the built-in 38-digit precision math emulator for high precision. DesktopCalc combines fast "just-one-click"...features include the following: * Possibility to enter mathematical formulas as with a keyboard as with built-in...- unlimited expression length * Syntax highlight of math expression and proper operator precedence * Parenthesis compatible...- minimal positive number: 2.
windowsdesktop calculatorscientific calculatoralgebraicdesktopcalcexpressionenhancedformulaequation
Metalogic Calculator

Freeware by Metalogic Software
26 x 487Kb downloads

...This calculator allows natural entry of expressions (i.e. 17-(9*8) - 7 + 34.23). Then it goes beyond just giving you a result, the "steps" box, shows you how...

Freeware by Jeff Pasternack
24 x 82Kb downloads

...Signed 128-bit floating point data type library, with 64 effective bits of precision (vs. 53 for the built-in Double type) and a 64 bit exponent (vs. 11 for...
significandmathquadrupledoubledata typepointnumber128rangefloatfloating
Dew Lab Studio for .NET

Shareware by Dew Research
26 x 96653Kb downloads

...Dew Lab Studio includes Dew Math library and additional signal analysis (Dew Signal) and...generators and distribution parameter estimation. - superfast vectorized math expression parser and evaluator - 1D and 2D...
mathstatisticssignal processingnumerical analysislibraryvisual studioprogramming

Shareware by Encore Consulting
28 x 1049Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...Plot data points, bars, text * Plot continuous math functions like y = sin(x)*exp(-x/10) * Plot data...points against math functions, with vertical or horizontal optional error bars...
ecgraphplotterdatavisual basiccontrolscientificplottingengineeringcomponentactivex
count 1, 2, 3 for kids

Freeware by AB Kids games
31 x 4Kb downloads

...all digits? Can you chain it 1,2,3,4,5 . MATH IS FUN AND WHO CAN DOUBT IT IF...
countcan your kidgames
SLAE Solver

Shareware by AdvMathAppl
21 x 492Kb downloads

...SLAE SOLVER allows to find on a personal computer high accuracy solutions of linear algebraic systems with N...
Merry Motors

Shareware by AlbyMedia
17 x 15032Kb downloads

...to your kids in training of memory, logic, math skills, spatial imagination and creative thinking. The program...
childrenpuzzlesmusiclogicmemoryentertainmentdrawingedutainmentcolorscreative thinkinggameskidsconstructionmath
...side. Of course, it can handle more complex math than the simple example above. Either way, you...- Addictive Tips "The Magic Calculator That Blends Math with Text." - Mac AppStorm...
MatrixShow ActiveX

Shareware by Sensalgo Soft
17 x 1953Kb downloads

...Shows the content of matrices, that are given as two-dimensional arrays. This can be done both in runtime mode and in design mode. The element itself is invisible. It...

Shareware by Swing
28 x 6700Kb downloads

...A Super Calculator, many maths functions, charts, 20 educational and ludic games. Math...
gammaregressionfactorizationsolar systemfinancalmathgamesdateseulerunitscomplexesfourier seriestaylorephemeridschartsmolar massfunctionsaveragefactorialbernoullisimsonconvertergravitation
AutoQ3D Community

Freeware by AutoQ3D Project Team
43 x 4392Kb downloads

...modeling editor for your home additions, game design, math geometrical education or whatever your imagination tells you....