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Freeware by EMTeachline Software
50 x 3400Kb downloads

...of trigonometric and hyperbolic equations and more. The program is a trial version of the EMTeachline mathematics...
freeware mathtrigonometricarithmetichyperbolicinequalitiessolvingmathematicsstep stepidentitiestrigonometrypre-algebrasoftwaremath problemtrainingtechniqueproblem solvingequationsalgebraicinteractive

Freeware by EMTeachline Software
55 x 3157Kb downloads

...software supports a number of interface styles. This program is a trial version of the EMTeachline mathematics...
pre-algebraequationstrigonometricmath problemidentitiesfreeware mathsolutionarithmeticinequalitiestrigonometrystep stepmath computer programproblem solvingsoftwarealgebraichyperbolicmathematics
Task Light

Freeware by EMTeachline Software
40 x 2151Kb downloads

...of trigonometric and hyperbolic equations and more. The program is a trial version of the EMTeachline mathematics...
trigonometryequationsmath computer programalgebraicsolutionidentitiessoftwarefreeware mathmath testproblem solvinghyperbolicinequalitiestrigonometricpre-algebramathematicsmath problemarithmetic
Free Vista Files award
...who need to optimize cutting (nesting) of any linear material: metal profiles, bars, extrusions, tubes, lineal wood,...etc. The program solves so called One-dimensional Bin Packing Problem (1DBPP)...
patternprofilesprogramcut sizepipeslayoutcut planningbarsoptimizationextrusionsplanksbeamsminimizemaximizewastetubesrollssoftwarecuttinglogslengthutilizationpackingstock
Free Vista Files award
...The program DISGCL is an interpreter based on the data...be entered in an interactive mode. Similar to programming languages, high-level language elements are available in DISGCL...two- and three-dimensional axis systems. Axes can be linearly or logarithmically scaled and labeled with linear, logarithmic,...

Freeware by Christoph Hohmann
39 x 1107Kb downloads

...RF21 for Windows is a scientific calculator, plotter, programming and numeric system in one. It allows for...including: Numeric derivation and integration, Monte Carlo simulations, linear equations, matrix inversion and eigenvalues, nonlinear equation systems,...
graphingrunge kuttaplotnonlinearcalculatorminimizermatrixfunctionmonte carlogifuser defineddatabasesolverintegrationinversion

Freeware by Vitaliy Subbotin
28 x 567Kb downloads

...the detailed documentation and examples of work. The program is designed both for inexperienced and the professional...automatic or manual scaling schedules of functions for linear scales; - To display parametric functions, for example,...

Freeware by virtualdub.org
61 x 935Kb downloads

...as Adobe Premiere, but is streamlined for fast linear operations over video. It has batch-processing capabilities for...
...MHDD is the most popular freeware program for low-level HDD diagnostics. MHDD supports these interfaces:...own commands to a drive using very simple linear scripting engine....
surface scanprecise diagnosticbad sector repairsmart attributeslow-level format
...MHDD is the most popular freeware program for low-level HDD diagnostics. MHDD supports these interfaces:...own commands to a drive using very simple linear scripting engine....
bad sector repairsurface scansmart attributeslow-level formatprecise diagnostic

Shareware by UNIPHIZ Lab
22 x 4630Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...digitizing tool. FindGraph offers 12 generic fits, including linear regression, logistic functions, fourier approximation, rationals, neural networks,...empirical mode decomposition (EMD) algorithm are included. The program comes with 200 built-in common graphing 2D functions...built-in Wizard helps to digitize the data. The program supports OLE automation and can be built-in to...
Easy Frame Creator

Shareware by Image Tools Group
35 x 6307Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...abstract pictures for theirs publication on the web. Program features: - loads source image from BMP, JPEG...and its parameters ( width and number of linear segments in curved shape of frame ); -...
frame imagecollagesimage effectsframe stylesframe makerimage toolsphoto frameframe effectssharewaredigital photocreate frameimage editorframe shapesframe creatoreasy frameframe examplesframe templates
Registry Defragmentation

Shareware by Elcor Software
24 x 3153Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...Windows registry file to give it the proper linear structure. After a single run of Registry Defragmentation,...shorter application/system response time, and the most optimal linear registry structure. Registry Defragmentation is an absolutely essential...uninstalling an application does not completely remove all program components. These components start hindering the computer performance,...can be easily fixed by Registry Defragmentation.
registry optimizerregistry boosteroptimize registrycleaning registryregistry managerregistry idleregistry optimizationregistry defragmantation
Wire Pilot

Demo by Two Pilots
31 x 4594Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...Wire pilot allows you to retouch linear objects as well as any other unwanted objects...from a photo. The program can be installed as standalone and a plug-in...

Shareware by Encore Consulting
28 x 1049Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...that you can drop into your Visual Basic programs to create graphs in a huge range of...x- and y-axes per graph * Log or linear scales on axes * Plot data points, bars,...
ecgraphplotterdatavisual basiccontrolscientificplottingengineeringcomponentactivex
PDF Chart Creator Dynamic Link Library

Shareware by Utility Warrior
31 x 401Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...process is fully controlled through the provided Application Programming Interface (API) which is provided with many language...specific Application Program Interface files (Microsoft C/C++, Visual Basic 6, Clarion,...displayed the "line of best fit" (which uses linear regression analysis) to supporting chart types. Automatically calculate...
password protectpie chartline chartcreate pdf chartsdynamic link librarypdf graph creatorroyalty freebar chartdllcreate pdf graphsset bookmarksarea chartpdf chart creator

Shareware by Rt-Science
50 x 5292Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...calculate tabular data. View the changing graphs, including linear and non linear regression, interpolation, differentiation and integration,...you see is what you get). Although the program looks simple, the graph can be altered in...series in graph, unlimited number of calculated lines, linear regression, polynomial, non linear regression,interpolation, smoothing, differential, integral,...
Free Vista Files award
...DPlot is a general purpose graphing program designed for scientists, engineers, and students. It features...for example Visual Basic and C demo driver programs are included....
graph softwaredata filteringscience softwaremath softwaredplotfftengineering softwareplotting software
Rt-Science Tools2D for Delphi

Shareware by Rt-Science
15 x 14750Kb downloads

...a tool for generating scientific and financial graphing programs easily, while retaining numerous options for tailoring the...as easy as creating arrays * Fully working program within a few minutes see example * From...bars, bubbles, OHLC (western plot), candle stick * Linear and non linear regression, interpolation, differential, integral *...
color pickercartesian plotinterpolationextended label componentintegralnon linear fitcomponentsextended edit componentdelphidifferential2d-graph component2d-plotlinear regressionpolynomial regression

Shareware by JSoft Consulting
21 x 1770Kb downloads

...in options) Intuitive user interface, makes using the program easy. Program sits in the system tray when...