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Freeware by EMTeachline Software
50 x 3400Kb downloads

...quadratic, biquadratic, reciprocal, cubic and fractional algebraic identities, equations and inequalities, solutions of trigonometric and hyperbolic equations...
freeware mathtrigonometricarithmetichyperbolicinequalitiessolvingmathematicsstep stepidentitiestrigonometrypre-algebrasoftwaremath problemtrainingtechniqueproblem solvingequationsalgebraicinteractive

Freeware by EMTeachline Software
55 x 3157Kb downloads

...quadratic, biquadratic, reciprocal, cubic and fractional algebraic identities, equations and inequalities, solutions of trigonometric and hyperbolic equations...
pre-algebraequationstrigonometricmath problemidentitiesfreeware mathsolutionarithmeticinequalitiestrigonometrystep stepmath computer programproblem solvingsoftwarealgebraichyperbolicmathematics
Task Light

Freeware by EMTeachline Software
40 x 2151Kb downloads

...quadratic, biquadratic, reciprocal, cubic and fractional algebraic identities, equations and inequalities, solutions of trigonometric and hyperbolic equations...
trigonometryequationsmath computer programalgebraicsolutionidentitiessoftwarefreeware mathmath testproblem solvinghyperbolicinequalitiestrigonometricpre-algebramathematicsmath problemarithmetic

Freeware by Christoph Hohmann
39 x 1107Kb downloads

...including: Numeric derivation and integration, Monte Carlo simulations, linear equations, matrix inversion and eigenvalues, nonlinear equation systems,...
graphingrunge kuttaplotnonlinearcalculatorminimizermatrixfunctionmonte carlogifuser defineddatabasesolverintegrationinversion

Freeware by Vitaliy Subbotin
28 x 567Kb downloads

...automatic or manual scaling schedules of functions for linear scales; - To display parametric functions, for example,...- To solve the equations, system of the equations and inequalities by graphic way; - To define...

Shareware by Astrise Corporation
33 x 2887Kb downloads

...spectrums, bar and pie charts - Ordinary differential equations solving - Linear algebraic equation system solving -...Local and global multi-variable optimization - Solving polynomial equations and finding polynomial extremums - More than 250...
scientific analysispascal programminggraphstatisticsconstantstechnical calculationsequation solvingconverters

Freeware by Carlos Rondão
32 x 468Kb downloads

...plot F(x) graphs or solve a set of linear equations. You Can draw F(x) graphs with variable...roots, integrals...etc You can solve a set of linear equations such as : 23a+15b+17c=1 8a+11b=6c 4a+17b+12c-2b+4=5 Press «Solver...
calculatorlinear equationsequation solver

Freeware by Centi Riccardo
13 x 2235Kb downloads

...differential equations. Differential equation and systems of differential equations are the natural language trough we can describe...software is based on the concept that differential equations generally are parameters dependent so we can found...as a generic expression for realizing any non linear discrete time control device....
linear algebradense vectorfast hessian productlinear system solvercenti riccardosparcecurriculum vitaelinear solver

Shareware by UNIPHIZ Lab
22 x 4630Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...digitizing tool. FindGraph offers 12 generic fits, including linear regression, logistic functions, fourier approximation, rationals, neural networks,...
.NET Matrix Library 32-bit Developer

Commercial by Bluebit Software
17 x 9032Kb downloads

...Bluebit .NET Matrix Library provides classes for object-oriented linear algebra in the .NET platform. It can be...used to solve systems of simultaneous linear equations, least-squares solutions of linear systems of equations,...

Shareware by MathRevolt
23 x 2002Kb downloads

...that allows you use complex mathematical expressions within equations to describe the problem which requires solution. Once...
systemsordinarydifferential equationsmathnon-linear
Linear Algebra

Shareware by Orlando Mansur
29 x 2277Kb downloads

...Performs computations associated with matrices, including solution of linear systems of equations (even least squares solution of...
matrix algebramathematicsengineeringmatriceslinear algebraequationsscience
Matrix ActiveX Component

Demo by Bluebit Software
17 x 467Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...you may need to solve simultaneous equations, multivariate linear regressions, or to solve EigenValues and EigenVectors problems,...

Commercial by Oakdale Engineering
27 x 7516Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...DataFit is a tool used to perform nonlinear regression (curve fitting), statistical analysis and data plotting....from the clipboard. With DataFit, you can perform linear or nonlinear regression on data containing up to...engineering applications, or create your own equations. Solved equations are sorted according to goodness-of-fit. DataFit also includes...
SLAE Solver

Shareware by AdvMathAppl
22 x 492Kb downloads

...on a personal computer high accuracy solutions of linear algebraic systems with N equations, where N may...

Shareware by Codelode
35 x 1098Kb downloads

...of formulae, dynamic simulations, equation solutions, differential, multiple equations and unknowns, with built-in script language. Useful for...a pretty spiral 10) matrix -- solves four linear equations in four unknowns using lu-decomposition 11) payment --...

Shareware by Codelode
154 x 1647Kb downloads

...calculating networks of formulae, dynamic simulation, differential and linear equation solution, multiple equations and unknowns, builtin script...a pretty spiral 10) matrix -- Solves four equations in four unknows using lu-decomposition 11) payment --...
...reciprocal, cubic and complex fractional algebraic expressions, identities, equations and inequalities. The software allows students at all...
inequalitiesstep steptrainingalgebraicproblem solvingmath problemidentitiesinteractivemathematicsidentitysolutionequationsinequalitytechniquesoftware math
...- computational problems, proofs of identities, solutions of equations and inequalities and more. Fully explained step by...
software mathvariant testsalgebraicreciprocalmathematicsproving algebraic identitiescubic equations inequbiquadraticdidactic materialstraining programlesson plans
...fully explained step by step solutions of algebraic equations together with test authoring tools. Problems of 11...
formulas proofspre-calculusalgebraic equationsdidactic materialssolving algebra equationsmathematicssolving algebra problemslesson planstraining programsoftware mathk-12customizable testsvariant tests