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Softboy.net On Screen Keyboard

Demo by SoftBoy
26 x 1694Kb downloads

...are using a tablet PC, or if your keyboard goes down. And it can works well on...touch-screen. This a demo keyboard which includes the main keys on a normal...
keyboard layoutoskon-screen-keyboardsoft-keyboardscreen keyboardsoft keyboardcustomize keyboard

Shareware by Key Remapper Inc
37 x 595Kb downloads

...KeyExtender can change any key on the keyboard into other keys or disable keys you dislike....a tool that alow you to customize your keyboard layout.With it, you can change your common 102...games?Want to lock the keyboard?Want to remap your keyboard layout without memory used? KeyExtender can do these...
function keycustomize keyboardremap keyboarddisable keycustom keyboard
FPS Virtual Keyboard for WPF

Shareware by FPS Components
15 x 465Kb downloads

...Screen keyboard with customizable layouts and languages. Screen Keyboard and NUMPAD with number of predefined themes ....focused window. Flexible adding of new languages using Keyboard layout and language creator. Also we supply custom...
On-Screen Keyboard Magic

Shareware by Alexey Morozov
59 x 465Kb downloads

...On-Screen Keyboard Magic is a utility that controls the behaviour...of Microsoft Windows On-Screen Keyboard on the screen and adds many elegant features....On-Screen Keyboard is a utility that displays a virtual keyboard...data using a pointing device or joystick. On-Screen Keyboard Magic is intended to improve usability and accessibility...of Microsoft On-Screen Keyboard.
Keystroke Converter

Shareware by SoftBoy
34 x 767Kb downloads

...With it, you can say goodbye to any keyboard layout you dislike. With it, you can make...With it, you can change your common 102 keyboard into a multifunctional one without costing much money....The basic functions of Keyboard Transformation are as follows: 1. Change one key...
keyboard keyskeyboard inputchange keyboard mappingkey changerconvert keyboardkey exchangemouse and keyboardchange keyboard keyschange keyboard shortcutschange keyboard layoutreplace key keyboard
...Hate standard keyboard layout. Want your keyboard more fit for you finger. Yes, Keyboard Commander...wish. You can use it to customize your keyboard layout, redefine any key to the key you...
redefine system keysdisable keykeyboard layout software
...Free Virtual Keyboard is software that simulates the hardware keyboard on...You can change size and transparency of virtual keyboard with one click at any time. The autorepeat...keys would auto-repeat when pressed continuously. Free Virtual Keyboard is a totally portable application; bring your virtual...on-screen keyboard with you from PC to PC....
Swift Keyboard

Freeware by kslabs
53 x 1094Kb downloads

...Swift Keyboard is the most convinient tool for creating keyboard...software enables you to create personal combinations of keyboard keys associated with desired action in operating system....Swift Keyboard combines simple and original user interface with realibility....
hot keyshortcutskeyboard utilitiesswift keyboard
Bill Virtual Keyboard

Shareware by Bill Production
69 x 3653Kb downloads

...RS-232, TCP connection...) ! Support AZERTY and QWERTY keyboard ! Configuration protected by PASSWORD ! Can activate...Target Application ! Simply the best virtual keyboard available !...
onscreen keyboardkeyboard designon-screen keyboardtouch-screenscreen virtual keyboardkeyboard touch screenclavier virtuel
Keyboard Shortcut

Shareware by RTSoftwares
14 x 296Kb downloads

...files by pressing user defined hot key / keyboard shortcut. Keyboard Shortcuts created in this utility are...which can be helpful to view list of keyboard shortcuts along with shortcut key & the program...they are configured. You can remove previously defined keyboard shortcut(s) from the main screen of the application....does not occupies space in task bar. The Keyboard Shortcut Utility will be launched automatically when you...
ceate shortcutkeyboard shortcutssoftwareutility
Keyboard Logger

Shareware by UpClock Software
32 x 562Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...Keyboard Logger is an easy-to-use tool to record keyboard and monitor keystrokes on your own computer. It...can track activities of other people using your keyboard without your permission. KeyLogger runs in invisible mode...every web page, and every program used then Keyboard Logger is for you. Keyboard Logger will record...everything typed on the keyboard. Keyboard Logger not only captures standard alphanumeric keystrokes, but...
Arabic Keyboard Layout Support

Shareware by PCfone Co.,
54 x 3222Kb downloads

...all the packages required for installing the arabic keyboard (arabic Egypt and arabic Saudi Arabia). It supports...
arabic language supportkbarenkeyboard layoutskeyboard downloadarabic windowsarabic keyboard installarabic keyboard support
...A lightweight virtual keyboard on the screen allows you use the mouse...it with the regular keyboard. Key Comfort On-Screen Keyboard Lite features: + Displaying the icons of shortcuts...text without a localized keyboard. + Customizing the keyboard appearance (the position, size and number of keys,...it pressed on the on-screen keyboard! Comfort On-Screen Keyboard Lite will help you control the process of...
on-screen keyboardumpc keyboardtouch-screen keyboardtabletpc keyboard
Voiced Keyboard

Shareware by MPC soft
26 x 1413Kb downloads

...Voiced Keyboard can speak out the text you are typing...completion of each character or word. Using Voiced Keyboard means that you can touch-type and have your...time, can greatly improve your typing speed. Voiced Keyboard can also read an entire document for you....Another remarkable feature of Voiced Keyboard is that it can generate sounds at certain...environments and have fun.
softwaretypespeedtalkkeyboardfastaudiolistenfree typing testtts
Clean and Go

Shareware by DataMystic
26 x 1003Kb downloads

...makes it easy to clean your mouse or keyboard while your computer is on. Ever noticed how...the mouse (or spill a drink on the keyboard and need to mop it up in a...because it can temporarily disable the mouse or keyboard while you clean it! Brilliant for technicians! *...Now disables ALL keys during keyboard cleaning, and there is a separate function for...
SCR Keyboard Emulator

Shareware by CyberD(UK).com ltd
22 x 3062Kb downloads

...The SCR Keyboard Emulator allows the Neuron SCR 5 & 7...magnetic swipe card readers to be used as keyboard wedge style readers. This software allows rapid intergration...of keyboard stroke based software with magnetic card reading without...
Mouse Keyboard Wizard

Shareware by Vsisoftware.com
16 x 3500Kb downloads

...Lets you type using your mouse. The keyboard can be customized. The Keys can moved around,...
controlszamodyinternetright clickvsisystemsmousedouble clickleft clickkeyboard
Jitbit Virtual Keyboard

Shareware by JitBit Software
36 x 463Kb downloads

...Jitbit VirtualKeyboard is an on-screen virtual keyboard. Type text with...unable to use a physical computer keyboard. Virtual Keyboard also protects you confident data by preventing key-loggers...secret information safely with Jitbit Virtual Keyboard. Virtual Keyboard is mutilingual! Current version supports German, French, Spanish,...
Send Keyboard Keys

Freeware by Vsisoftware.com
49 x 1732Kb downloads

...Send Keyboard Keys 1.0 Automatically sends keyboard keys to windows applications. - By: Vsisoftware.com...
...A keyboard instrument is any musical instrument played using a...musical keyboard.Piano, Keyboard Instrument. Keyboard instruments are often classified as percussion instruments because...they play a rhythmic role in some music.Creative Keyboard - Monthly e-zine exploring various facets of piano...