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Freeware by Stringer Software
36 x 1012Kb downloads

...the best and easiest to use feet and inches (Architectural) calculator. The feet and inches calculator accepts...all commonly used types of feet and inches input. The simple interface makes it extremely easy...Inches, Decimal Feet, and Millimeters. This feet and inches calculator has the ability to run in compact...and accepts all input (including the feet and inches designators) from the numpad which make it extremely...
feet and inchesconstructionengineeringcalculatorsarchitecturalfreewaresteel linksteel-link
Inches to Centimeters Converter

Freeware by Brilliant Owl
26 x 1798Kb downloads

...easy way to visually discover the difference between inches and centimeters? Inches to Centimeters Converter is the...easy. You will soon discover general relations between inches and centimeters visually. Inches to Centimeters Converter is...
inchescentimetersmeasurementmeasurement converter
Mihov DPI to Pixel Calculator

Freeware by Miha Psenica
47 x 205Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...how it is done - there is no inches or centimetres. But when you print out an...size in inches. How do pixels, DPI, and inches go together? An example: an image should be...
utilityphotocalculatesizemihovpictureppicalculatorprintprogramdpi2pixelfreewareconvertpointssoftwarequalitydots per inchpixels
JR Screen Ruler Pro

Shareware by Spadix Software
32 x 710Kb downloads

...The JR Screen Ruler is a great tool that allows you to accurately measure anything on your screen. This is especially useful when measuring graphics, web page browser sizes or...
web measurementscentimeterspixelsgraphics toolswebpage designmeasuring graphicsweb toolsdisplayinchespicasscreen rulerweb graphics design
Jewelry Rings Size Converter

Freeware by JewelryKind.com
20 x 35Kb downloads

...sizes between USA/Canada, UK/Australia, Japan and Swiss, using inches or millimeters (mm) for diameter and circumference. How...
ring size calculatorring size conversionring converter
...Have you ever need to convert millimeters in to inches, or Miles in to Kilometers then this utility...
flowtorquevolumeconcentrationpowerdensitylightenergyareacomputermassspeedvolume drypressureangledistanceforce

Shareware by Athnetix
170 x 665Kb downloads

...Sports Tools is a software application for the Pocket PC which provides many of the common sports timing functions used in athletics. RADAR GUN - Measure speed in MPH between to...
stopwatch timingcalorie counterradar timingsportspedometerevent timing
...The Measure Converter calculates measurement conversions such as Yards to Miles, Feet to Inches. The...

Freeware by Coder Ltd.
16 x 590Kb downloads

...size and all margins in pixels, millimeters and inches for any of your printers. Those may be...
Area Conversion and Price  Calculator

Freeware by Real Estate Noida
28 x 759Kb downloads

...Area converter and price calculator software is a freeware and simple to handle. Area converter software converts different plot and land area of various units and calculates value of plots,...

Shareware by Michael Robinson
49 x 4918Kb downloads

...and one four radar types: reflectivity, composite, rainfall inches in the last hour, or rainfall inches for...
weather forecastscreensavermeterologyweather predictiontemperaturewind speedradarweather conditions

Freeware by Charten Software
30 x 2068Kb downloads

...BitRule is a free screen measurement tool. Simply click on two points to get their horizontal, vertical and diagonal separation, as well as the angle of the diagonal to the...
...Freeware unit converter and price calculator software is very powerful tool that contains important features which are helpful for realtor needed for rapidly and easily conversion from one unit to...
softwareyardslandfeetrealtorpropertiesconvertermilesellcommercialmeterpropertyinchflatreal estateplotunitshopsfreewaretoolcalculatehouseacrepricearealengthutilitysquare
Shoe Size Converter

Freeware by Mason Shoes
35 x 76Kb downloads

...shoe size systems or countries. Converts even to inches and mm systems....
shoe size conversionmason shoes
Real Estate Price Calculator

Freeware by Real Estate Noida
26 x 757Kb downloads

...Data Doctor’s Free Area length Unit converter and Price calculator utility performs conversion of all major area length unit and price calculation of lands plots flats for properties real...
feetsoftwareconverterflatreal estateacrehouseutilityyardsresidentialsellpropertycommercialinchlengthcalculatesquareofficepropertiesrealtormilemeterarealandsnoidapriceshopsplot
Screen Compass

Shareware by Iconico
34 x 814Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...controls to measure precisely - Measure in pixels, inches or define your own units - 37 different...from the list of predefined units including pixels, inches and centimeters. You may also configure your own...
My Tattoo ID

Demo by Integrated Software Design
28 x 20994Kb downloads

...My Tattoo ID contains all of the features most useful to small businesses with standard bar coding and connectivity needs. Design professional labels with text, pictures, shapes and bar codes....
labeling softwarebarcodesbar code softwarebar codesupcbar coding software
...Advantage™ is a Unit Aware™ calculator that lets you work with feet-inch-fraction dimensional values. Unit Aware™ means that you can effortlessly compute with units (not just convert). Advantage...
...Ultimate Advantage™ is a Unit Aware™ calculator that lets you work with feet-inch-fraction dimensional values and includes advanced math functions, automatic solvers, and much more. Unit Aware™ means...
Open Fitness

28 x 6736Kb downloads

...Open Fitness tracks workouts, supplement usage, diet, measurements and more. Open Fitness is perfect for people who want to lose weight, bodybuilders, athletes, personal trainers, and anyone else serious about...