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Stock Screener Lite

Freeware by Zeebob Software
87 x 3319Kb downloads

...software that can Screen, Scan & Filter Stocks. Stock Screener Lite covers over 30 stock exchange worldwide...including NASDAQ, AMEX, NYSE, LSE (London Stock Exchange), TSE, TSX, OTC BB, Pink Sheet, HKSE,...SGX, ASX, NSE and many more. Stock Screener Lite can screen and display famous Technical...DMI, Chaikin Money Flow, Accumulation/Distribution, Rate Of Change. Stock Screener Lite contains 4 build in filters and...
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Shareware by GoldenGem
35 x 1943Kb downloads

...one of the best of the neural network stock prediction programs. It is a simple no-nonsense program,...successfully used by a few top traders. Its StockDownloader downloads free data. Select tickers, in capitals, separated...to analyze. Press the File: button to load data from the internet. Select your ticker to display...across the graph. The red trace is the historical price of your chosen ticker. The blue trace...
predict stocknetwork predictionneural networknet prediction
TrendCatch SP

Shareware by TrendCatch L.L.C
37 x 3565Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...TrendCatch SP monitor Stock Indices and compute live Trend Signals (TREND-Change) for...position. TrendCatch follows and monitors more than 600 stocks and financial futures and computes Sell and Buy...6 trading strategies to choose from. Access to historical performance based upon active day trading, showing the...TrendCatch`s ticks` intraday history for S&P500 E-mini. All data can be saved to spreadsheets for further analysis....
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Stock Predictor

Shareware by Ashkon Technology LLC
31 x 11541Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...Stock Predictor is an advanced stock charting and investment strategies backtesting software for financial...on the same chart, maintains selected lists of stocks and indices and backtests your own investment strategies....period of time. The software includes built in data downloader, external stock quotes data import and export...modules. The software includes extended stock quotes report including earnings per share, market cap,...
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Free Vista Files award
...This software designed for stock traders downloads intraday and end of day historical...quotes of stocks and indices traded at US and international exchanges....It gives data output in a customizable ASCII format which is...as MetaStock, Omega TradeStation, Microsoft Excel and others. Stock quotes are simply stored on your hard drive...applications. NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX and international exchanges data is available, e.g.
callcommoditiesstockputtradestationdownloaderoptionshistoricalday traderpricehistorical stock dataintradayquotescurrencymutual fundfuturestechnicalanalysisstocksmetastockhistorical stock pricesomega
DownloaderXL Package

Shareware by OLSOFT
27 x 3998Kb downloads

...Powerful stock quotes downloading software for Microsoft Excel. DownloaderXL package...DownloaderXL, RTQuotesXL, OptionsXL and PortfolioXL. DownloaderXL downloads free historical stock, index and mutual fund data into Microsoft...Excel spreadsheets from Yahoo Finance. Historical data goes back at least 15 years and is...
free historical pricesmutual fundreal-timemicrosoft excel add-ininvestmentfuturesyahoo financecharttickerportfoliofree stock quotesoptions
TraderXL Pro

Shareware by OLSOFT
29 x 7235Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...speed of building trading systems. DownloaderXL downloads free historical stock, index and mutual fund data into Microsoft...Excel spreadsheets from Yahoo Finance. Historical data goes back at least 15 years and is...countries. DownloaderXL easily builds charts. BulkQuotesXL downloads free historical end-of-day data for stocks, indexes and mutual funds...
nasdaqrsineural networksinvestment portfolioadd-instock chartmutual fundreal-timeoptionsanalyzerxlintradaystock quotesddespreadsheetsexcel spreadsheetstechnical analysisbacktestinghistorical quotes

Shareware by OLSOFT
29 x 5005Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...Powerful technical analysis and data downloading software for Microsoft Excel. AnalyzerXL Package includes...a fraction of the time. DownloaderXL downloads free historical stock, index and mutual fund data into Microsoft...Excel spreadsheets from Yahoo Finance. Historical data goes back at least 15 years and is...Zealand, India and more countries. BulkQuotesXL downloads free historical end-of-day data for stocks, indexes,...
optionsanalyzerxltickerreal-timeintradaytechnical analysisddemutual fundexcel spreadsheetsstock quotesadd-innasdaqreal-time quotesrsiportfoliocharthistorical quotesbacktestinginvestment
HQuote Pro Historical Stock Prices Downloader

Shareware by HQuotes.com
39 x 1004Kb downloads

...Download free historical stock quotes and store historical stock prices in metastock format. Intraday and End-of-day quotes...for mutual funds, market indices and stocks. Metastock and ASCII format supported. Split adjusted historical data...from Yahoo and other free web services. The stock quotes data can be charted and analyzed in...
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Shareware by EZTradingClub
36 x 16353Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...EZQuote allows you to download historical end-of-day quotes for virtually any stock, index, ETF...traded in USA and other world markets. The data can be stored in Metastock or ASCII format...easily analyzed in any charting software package. Features: Data is downloaded in Metastock format. Therefore, you do...not need to waste your time for data conversion. Download quotes and analyze data right away...
...a proven, disciplined, well thought out plan. And Smartstock offers you all this in one easy to...manages all your investments, whether they`re mutual funds, stocks or bonds. You research and choose the investments...that go into your portfolio, Smartstock then takes over to efficiently manage your holdings....take about 2 minutes daily to update everything! Smartstock also offers you the power to back-test thousands...
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Build an Automated Spread Trading System

Commercial by Financial-edu.com
30 x 195Kb downloads

...interval. You are shown how to build a data "hub" with a DDE link, or run the...model with free .csv data files from Yahoo! Finance or another source. A...is a complete backtesting model -- simply import historical data and see statistical and graphical results for...materials Benefits - Integrate Excel, VBA, formulas, and data sources into a profitable trading tool - Acquire...
Build an Automated Stock Trading System

Commercial by Financial-edu.com
39 x 195Kb downloads

...shows you how to build a sophisticated automated stock trading model using MS Excel. Microsoft`s Visual Basic...files available on the internet, or a subscription data service. Can be used alone or in conjunction...separate pre-built Backtesting Model is also included for historical analysis and testing various stocks and time periods....- Learn to integrate Excel, VBA, formulas, and data sources into a trading tool - Acquire unique...

Demo by NeuroDimension, Inc.
25 x 62301Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...includes 10 neural network models and the end-of-day stock data for those models so that you can...powerful trading tool allows you to 1) Download data directly from the Internet or import from a...6) Evaluate trading models for profit potential using historical backtesting, 7) Optimize your models for maximum profit....
ITLocus Charting

Commercial by ITLocus.com
23 x 10000Kb downloads

...charting application for graphical analysis of financial and stock market. It supports any number of windows with...charts may be saved and printed, and the historical stock quotes may be exported for independent analysis....Locus Charting works with end of day (EOD) data and with realtime and historical data from commercial...VERSION: The demo works with end of day data from Yahoo or intraday data from QUOTE.COM and...
stock marketcharting toolsockanalysischarting software
TrendMedium Add-On for MetaStock

Shareware by TrendMedium Group
37 x 15029Kb downloads

...computes simulations of the current situations using only historical data, and presents models as open systems that...create "open ephemeral models" that describes the current stock movements and performances. Using that algorithm TrendMedium searches...the models that fits the states of the stock in the conditions of the stock market right...work the same way in real life. All data after the test starting day are deleted from...the system.
HSQuote Stock Quote Downloader

Shareware by HSQ Digital Products
72 x 5429Kb downloads

...Downloads free historical end-of-day stock quotes, indices, mutual funds, money market funds, bonds...metals, on major exchanges AROUND the WORLD, in MetaStock (auto conversion to MetaStock data files), ASCII text...Advanced Get, CandlePower, Excel, and more... - Choose Metastock data format or personalized text output format. -...Flexible Data Converter to convert data sources between MetaStock and Excel and almost any...
gannalyztsuperchartselliott waveamibrokereodadvanced getfree downloaderhistoricalanalyzertradestationelwavetechnical analysisquotetrackertc2000metastockend-of-dayhquotequotes
...Stock Aides 1.5 is a stock charting, analysis, and information retrieval tool which runs...on the Windows desktop. It uses freely available historical and delayed or real time information available from...the Internet as its data sources. The finest time line on charting is...one place for easy viewing. Company profile, fundamental data such as P/E, PEG, short ratio, earning report...
timingshort ratioanalysisstockindexvolumeindicatorfundamentalchartmarketsupportetfrsioptionrevenueoscillatoradxstochasticresistancetrendpricetechnicalstatisticcandlestickvolatilityearningohlcmoving ave
...principal components analysis to search out potentially underpriced stocks by analyzing a user-supplied database of historical stock...is hoped that any user who can download stock price data into MetaStock text format will find...into spreadsheets is also a plus. Economists and stock analysts may be able to utilize the program...into the powerful principal components analysis engine that PickStock incorporates by replacing...
arbitrage pricing theorystocksprincipal components analysisstock analysisprincipal component analysisarpackstock picker

Shareware by DITEC International
36 x 12235Kb downloads

...comprehensive downloader for historical, end-of-day and intraday data. DataBull directly passes the data into your TA-software. DataBull...allows you to download data from over 50 international exchanges. This breadth of...financial data was heretofore either unavailable to the individual investor,...All downloads can be scheduled. In one click DataBull downloads, converts and passes the data into your...
investingeodoptionswall streetdownload stock quotesindicesintradaymetastockomegadow jonesrealtimefuturestechnical analysisamibrokertraderasciisoftware