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Freeware by Bottomap Software
99 x 163Kb downloads

...frames from the original animation. Really handy for game programming. Convert-back feature allow the user to get...for BlitzBasic`s LoadAnimImage() function as well as other game developing software which read animated images from a...

Freeware by Pavel Richter
119 x 467Kb downloads

...Babala is a fun and fanciful game suitable for all ages. You fend off the...discrete levels, the first 10 being a tutorial. Gameplay is strictly at your own pace, it`s never...reflexes. This is a simple Logic/Strategy round-based war game of sorts, not lacking in cute animations. The...
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Renju World

Freeware by MyPlayCity.com
94 x 704Kb downloads

...the old popular TicTacToe game! In this two-player game your golas is to create a line of...5 stones on a square grid. The game is a draw if there is no enough...spare grid squares to complete a row of 5 stones...intersections of the board. The winner of the game is the player who will be first to...attain five in a row. Game requires attention and smartness! Are you up for...
renju worldeducationdownload tetrisballtris

Freeware by BdR
91 x 155Kb downloads

...Arrow Slider is a sliding puzzle game for Windows. Click on tiles to slide them...in the arrow direction. Object of the game is to recreate the goal layout. 3 difficulty...must also place them in correct order. The grid size and tile order are adjustable, as well...
...to get somewhere. Match the planets on the game grid to the planets the Green one wants to...
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Just Sudoku

Freeware by Sudoku-Puzzles.net
112 x 1492Kb downloads

...paper - Just Sudoku 1.0 is a free game with lots of different puzzles to solve. The...the digits from 1 to 9 in a grid with 81 cells without repeating them in rows,...can easily be installed and uninstalled. A simple game - but unbelievable addictive!...

Freeware by Ossisoft
30 x 19Kb downloads

...Solves the game Su Doku...
Lap Timer 2000

Freeware by Gregory Braun
30 x 616Kb downloads

...Timer 2000 includes hardware interfaces for the Joystick Game Pad, Parallel Printer Port, Keyboard and the RS-232...to export race log files in the Full Grid Online Racing Series format are also included. Screen...

Freeware by Tom Murphy 7
47 x 1035Kb downloads

...Escape is a tile-based puzzle game in the style of "Adventures of Lolo" or...all on reflexes--it`s all about your brain. The game is played on a grid in which the...Although Escape comes with hundreds of levels, the game places an emphasis on the composition of new...
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Freeware by Simplism Games
30 x 470Kb downloads

...Nonosweeper is a cross between the popular Windows game Minesweeper and the hidden-pictures logic puzzles known as...and placed outside the grid, giving completely different gameplay - but the other rules are the same,...so don`t click on a mine or it`s Game Over! You can upload your record times to...

Freeware by BdR
30 x 343Kb downloads

...The famous 15puzzle sliding puzzle game with custom picture (any .BMP) and grid from...3x3 up to 15x15, toggle numbers and grid on/off (incl. BlitzBasic Source) requires Direct X...
...Scrambled eggs is an action-puzzle game emulating a popular style of hex-grid color matching...

Freeware by MomSoft
33 x 933Kb downloads

...movements are permitted. Once you have mastered the game you can submit us your high scores to...

Freeware by JCE Consulting Inc.
35 x 1438Kb downloads

...Squares is one of those games that I played in grade school with a...pencil and a piece of paper. The game is played on a rectangular grid of dots,...between any two dots. The object of the game is to complete a box. The player completing...the most boxes at the end of the game wins! Playing Squares is simple. Turns are taken...continues between the players until the entire playing grid is completed at which time the player with...
Adjunct Blaster

Freeware by StudyLamp Software
36 x 1220Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...In this addictive game you must rotate and move falling tiles and...
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Thanksgiving Sudoku

Freeware by Thanksgiving Sudoku
12 x 9905Kb downloads

...stops with hundreds and hundreds of free sudoku games at several different levels. Play easy, medium, hard,...times just keep on Plymouth rocking with 24/7 Games strategic web sudoku puzzles. If this is your...is your lucky day. Sudoku is the puzzle game to top all puzzle games! It is the...Sudoku is played on a nine by nine grid which is broken down into 3x3 boxes. The...objective of the game is to complete all the empty spaces on...
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Expert Thanksgiving Sudoku

Freeware by Thanksgiving Sudoku
10 x 9905Kb downloads

...the mecca - Expert Thanksgiving Sudoku! This sudoku game is at the highest level you will find...you begin to play. This expert web sudoku game is for anyone who enjoys very advanced and...column, row, and 3x3 square on the sudoku grid only once. According to sudoku expert there are...use the same strategies to win this expert game as you use to win an easy sudoku...
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S2 Zoop

Shareware by Sinedsoft
21 x 224Kb downloads

...action as colored pieces appear randomly along a grid and move toward the center. You must eliminate...gem. Stunning graphics, non-stop action and a superb game concept will have you coming back for more....This arcade puzzle game has a seriously high PLF (Productivity Lost Factor)....

Demo by Nyassa
18 x 3035Kb downloads

...Amazingly enough, a very different new board game was still possible. Symmetries includes 2 options or...few different types in the cells of a grided board. The shape of the board may be...triangle or an hexagon. The density of the grid can also be chosen. In the case of...into four symmetric zones. The goal of the game is to draw the axes in a way...color are put into the same zone (sub game 1) , or, contrarily, the same type of...
Sudoku Puzzles Ace

Shareware by Sudoku Puzzles Ace
21 x 1151Kb downloads

...program based on Sudoku - a Japanese numbers game initially introduced in 1986. The Sudoku-mania really took...- the player has to fill in a grid so that every row, every column, and every...number of "known digits" initially displayed varies from game to game. And, because Sudoku Puzzles Ace is...
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