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Mastro Mente

Freeware by Bottomap Software
187 x 516Kb downloads

...as possible. 8 different colors available. A mind game by Bottomap Software. NB: DirectX9.0+ required....
rocciomaster mindfreebottomapbotomaziamandingopuzzleclonecinfa

Freeware by BdR
109 x 251Kb downloads

...A puzzle game for Windows, slide the green snake to the...Nibbler resulting in a completely new game. The game has 50 built-in puzzles and an editor....
Aba Daba

Freeware by Astatix Software
131 x 733Kb downloads

...Daba is modern implementation of the ancient logical game Gomoku, also known as 5 in a row...or Noughts and Crosses. Major game features: Powerful artificial intelligence, Attractive music, Nice sounds,...restart by pressing right mouse button, Quick hiding game window by pressing ESC key, Easy to use,...
renjureversipuzzletictaccrossesboardfive rowgo-mokunoughtsgomokuskinstic tac toeabadabaskill level

Freeware by Pavel Richter
119 x 467Kb downloads

...Babala is a fun and fanciful game suitable for all ages. You fend off the...discrete levels, the first 10 being a tutorial. Gameplay is strictly at your own pace, it`s never...reflexes. This is a simple Logic/Strategy round-based war game of sorts, not lacking in cute animations. The...
bombscore contestshotsfree puzzle gamechallengehigh score postmind gameenemyuser forumfantasymoveslogic gamedifficultystrategy gamesolvearsenalshootcompete onlinefreeware

Freeware by MyPlayCity.com
207 x 1099Kb downloads

...Balltris is an incredibly addictive color matching game - a Challenging New Twist on Tetris! The...major new concept in Balltris is that the game has two entirely different goals depending on the...falling debris together. Rack your brains and have fun trying to manage the unmanageable. Our latest title...appeals to both puzzle veterans and rookies. It features a fat selection...of options to tweak the game to your liking: plenty of sound effects and...
tetrisballtrisdownload tetriseducation

Freeware by BdR
91 x 155Kb downloads

...Arrow Slider is a sliding puzzle game for Windows. Click on tiles to slide them...in the arrow direction. Object of the game is to recreate the goal layout. 3 difficulty...
Golf Solitaire

Freeware by Soft-Central
205 x 173Kb downloads

...Undo option * Customizable background colors This great game is freeware and works on all Windows platforms....

Freeware by Ixis Ltd
102 x 708Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...AbcPuzzles offers two variations on a tile-based puzzle game. Each uses the same basic engine, in...Much like Rubik`s Cube in two dimensions, the games are harder than they first look since you...
logic puzzlesgamesfree gamesabcpuzzles

Freeware by Ixis Ltd
104 x 702Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...AlterJig is a tile jigsaw puzzle game. You select one of several graphics supplied...with the game or create your own puzzle from any bitmap. When you select "new game",...AlterJig scrambles the puzzle and challenges you to restore the picture by...
jigsawgamesalterjigfree gamesfree downloadsjigsaw puzzles

Freeware by Ixis Ltd
81 x 532Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...This is a set of challenging logic games and puzzles. The objective is to arrange the...previous work. It also includes a built-in visual puzzle builder for creating your own games. The graphics...
challenging puzzlesgamescyclanoidfree gamesfree downloads
Jigtopia Jigsaw Puzzle

Freeware by Devicode Technology
116 x 712Kb downloads

...Play, create and share jigsaw puzzle with friends. Comes with 30+ puzzles. Create your...jigsaw puzzle. Eight different templetes to create the puzzle pieces. Select whether to make all the pieces...jigsaws to email to your friends. Organize your puzzles in categories. Showcase your completed puzzle in the...very easy for anyone to use. Jigtopia jigsaw puzzle game is guaranteed to give you hours of...
braingameschallengejigsaw puzzle softwarechildrenpuzzlesonlinekids
...to get somewhere. Match the planets on the game grid to the planets the Green one wants...
free gametilesgamesdownload gamepuzzle gamessinglechatonlinepoppazoppa

Freeware by Frustration Unlimited
84 x 3489Kb downloads

...Exercise your brain with a game that has no rules. Or rather you have...
123 Free Puzzle - Card Games Collection

Freeware by TreeCardGames.com
87 x 2860Kb downloads

...123 FREE Puzzle 2005 is an exciting collection of eight Puzzle...Card Games. 123 Free Puzzle 2005 features a winning layout, fast game play,...sounds, extensive options, and quality help. 123 Free Puzzle 2005 features eight great Puzzle games: Four Sums,...(4x4), Put-Them-In-Order (5x5) and Tower of Hanoy. Each game has more than nine trillion (9,999,999,999,999) possible games...
spiderklondikepatiencecanfieldcard gamessolitairefreecellpuzzle
Sudoku Assist

Freeware by Sudoku Assist
66 x 1018Kb downloads

...DUKU Assist will NOT SOLVE a SO DUKU Puzzle for you. It will ONLY provide assistance and...
Advanced Tetric

Freeware by MyPlayCity.com
170 x 1927Kb downloads

...Tetris is a reworking of the classic Tetris game with some extra features and variations. It`s in...fact nine Tetris games in one: the original Tetris, Pentix, Colour Tetris,...Kids Tetris and Kids Pentix are extremely addictive games for young kids. Children get to work on...Advanced Tetris and Advanced Pentix have two extra game pieces in the shape of Destroyer and Creator....
familysharewarecomputer gamearcadelogic gamefree tetrisplay tetrisfreewaretetris downloadpuzzleeducation
Mah Jong

Freeware by Flash games
119 x 10Kb downloads

...A Classic Mah Jong Solitaire game! Mah Jong Puzzle is the mah jongg - like tile solitaire...game for Windows. It is a fun puzzle game like mah jongg, that tests your mind. Its...few minutes. Combines the best of the ancient game of mah jongg tiles with solitaire to form...enchanting world of Mahjong: Journey of Enlightenment, This game has literally hours of gameplay for the mahjong-minded...individual.

Freeware by SoftAKGames
99 x 1100Kb downloads

...This game is very simple to play, anyone can enjoy...this game. ClickTris is the game for everyone. And this game can be played...tetris game. Rules are very simple. During all game many pieces fall from top of window. Piece...extra 10 points if you vanish more lines. Game ends if there are no place for new...
...Fathom is an multiplayer online game similar to Mastermind. You try to guess the...complete the code. The quicker you complete the puzzle the more points you receive. Up to 10...Lobby from http://www.tams11.com in order to play this game against other players....

Freeware by Ossisoft
30 x 19Kb downloads

...Solves the game Su Doku...