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PRTG - Paessler Router Traffic Grapher

Freeware by Paessler AG
247 x 29884Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...can be used to monitor bandwidth usage of routers and switches port-by-port as well as device readings...The NetFlow protocol is supported by most Cisco routers to measure bandwidth usage....
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Paessler SNMP Tester

Freeware by Paessler AG
69 x 1488Kb downloads

...With Paessler SNMP Tester you can run simple SNMP requests against a device in your network. During the test each single step of the SNMP request is logged into a...
monitoringgraphprtgsnmpnetworktrafficvolumefreewarefirewallpacket sniffingcisconetflowrouterbandwidthusagepacket sniffermrtg
Paessler Netflow Tester

Freeware by Paessler AG
59 x 680Kb downloads

...be enabled and configured on the router. The router must be given the IP address of the...NetFlow data (e.g. due to misconfiguration of the router or a firewall blocking the packets, etc.) ....
firewallfreewaremrtggraphusagepacket sniffingmonitoringvolumetrafficpacket sniffernetflownetworkbandwidthroutersnmpciscoprtg
Gate-and-Way Fax

Shareware by Gate-and-Way
53 x 927Kb downloads

...The Gate-and-Way fax service allows you to use one or more faxmodems and one or more telephone lines to send and receive faxes. Any enabled user on the...
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Gate-and-Way Internet

Shareware by Gate-and-Way
23 x 927Kb downloads

...Quiet navigation, with the safety of a powerful firewall, using only one account with your ISP for all the users on the LAN. Redundant connections in order to obviate to...
lanfetchmailinternetfaxrouterpineraslinuxnetworknetscapeserverbackupareamuttexpressclientunified messaging systemfirewallethernetnavigatoroutlookvoicelocalwindowsremote accessmessenger
...internet using a dial-up account or through a router in the local area network. Several network connections...
Gate-and-Way Mail

Shareware by Gate-and-Way
19 x 927Kb downloads

...An internal mail server to store all your company`s messages. Powerful and integrated with shared folders and personal folders for internal use only. Automatic download of mail from the...
remote accessrasservernetscapeexpressrouterethernetlinuxfirewallareanavigatorunified messaging systemvoicelanoutlookfetchmailbackupfaxmessengerwindowslocalpineinternetnetworkmuttclient
Gate-and-Way Voice

Shareware by Gate-and-Way
54 x 927Kb downloads

...Automatic voice autoresponder. More personalized messages for more hour bands. It Can be turned on/off automatically or manually. Other modules included on the Gate-and-Way Package are: - MAIL:...
linuxrouterfirewallethernetwindowsremote accessmessengernavigatorlocalnetworkinternetnetscapeoutlookvoicemuttexpressrasfaxfetchmailclientpinelanbackupareaserverunified messaging system
Embedded VOIP SIP Developers Kit

Demo by Research Lab Inc
79 x 2470Kb downloads

...users only] Embedded IP Phone ----- Ethernet ----- Router ---- Internet ---- VOIP Service Provider...
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Gate-and-Way RAS

Shareware by Gate-and-Way
11 x 927Kb downloads

...Password protected remote connections to access the LAN and all the Gate-and-Way services. Imagine "being" at the office while at home, away on business or on vacation. Other...
remote accessfaxlocalwindowsareanetscapemuttpineethernetnetworkinternetbackupnavigatorexpressfetchmailvoiceserverunified messaging systemlanoutlookmessengerclientfirewalllinuxrouterras
Gate-and-Way Backup

Shareware by Gate-and-Way
18 x 927Kb downloads

...Backup all your LAN`s data in once. Automatic, Simple, Client/Server Each day of the week will have its own online backup, automatically copying the data contained either in...
linuxmessengerinternetunified messaging systemfetchmailrasnavigatornetscapevoicemuttbackupfirewallethernetlanlocalserverpinewindowsclientareaexpressoutlookrouterremote accessfaxnetwork

Shareware by Research Lab Inc
51 x 3054Kb downloads

...with a direct IP Address (provided no NAT Router or Firewall is set) or use the Gateway...with a direct IP Address (provided no NAT Router or Firewall is set) or use the Gateway...
openh323ciscosip stackrfc standards voipasteriskrtc apiweb phonesipphone
...applications together across the Internet, regardless of intervening firewalls or NAT`ing routers. From the client application point...those connections will be allowed by most consumer-grade firewalls or NAT`ing routers. Thus, echoWare-enabled applications can connect...with each other without any "port-forwarding" or firewall adjustements required at either end of the client...
CoffeeCup Web JukeBox

Shareware by CoffeeCup Software
23 x 7295Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...No more hassle with opening ports on your router or working with your firewall -- just create...
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Free Vista Files award
...additional player), Recording Level Indicator, NAT (Router) & Firewall friendly (upload recorded Mp3 with HTTP post), Comes...
voip toolkitconaitointernet telefonievoip componentvoicemail sdkvoice overtext conferencevoip chatmp3 recordingvoip conferencerecording appletvoice conversationmp3 sdkvoice conferencevoip sdkvoip developer toolkit
...additional player), Recording Level Indicator, NAT (Router) & Firewall friendly (upload recorded Mp3 with HTTP post), Comes...
voip sdkmp3 sdktext conferencemp3 recordingrecording appletvoip chatvoip conferencevoicemail sdkvoip componentvoice conference
SolidShare Analyzer

Shareware by SolidShare Inc
18 x 2412Kb downloads

...profiles, so manage several computers all running SolidShare firewall is quite easy. Download the log files automatically...
proxy serverrouter softwarefirewall analyzerfirewall routernetwok securitysharedinternet securityinternet connection sharinginternet sharingmodem sharing

Demo by MikroTik
79 x 12544Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...MikroTik Router Operating System will replace your hardware router and will provide more functions at a fraction...
...internet using a dial-up account or through a router in the local area network. Several network connections...
SolidShare Firewall

Shareware by SolidShare Inc
21 x 4229Kb downloads

...SolidShare Firewall secures your network, allowing you to implement your...single Internet connection. Serves as a firewall, the built-in firewall can prevent resource exposure and defend against from...cache & filter functions. SolidShare includes the following firewall and NAT features: Content filter. Application filter. IP...adminstration Cache Event log. Log Analyzer. The NAT Router gives transparent Internet access to all computers in...
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