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...CryptoExpert Lite is a free encryption software. It uses an on-the-fly encryption system to...and decrypt data. Data is stored in the encrypted form, but when it is requested by any...application, it gets decrypted on-the-fly. Conversely, unencrypted data to be stored is encrypted instantaneously and...then stored. The CryptoExpert system mounts a volume file to create a "virtual drive" that appears to...or written to it.
najitool GUI

87 x 377Kb downloads

...full of functions which generate, convert, filter, and encrypt files. It also has a lot of bin2c which makes a compileable source code file out of any file, like picture files for...sentences - Multiplication squares - Random character text files (useful for secure passwords) naji_gui can convert: -...can filter: - Make a copy of a file skipping specified characters - Make a copy of...
Command Line Encrypt

Freeware by Codeode
107 x 102Kb downloads

...This small console utility allows you to encrypt or decrypt a file from the command line....It uses the Tiny Encryption Algorithm (TEA) with a 128-bit key and Cipher...
Free Vista Files award
...Cryptainer LE Ttotally free 448 bit disk encryption software. Simple, easy to use encryption application that...creates encrypted "vaults". One can store any kind of them. Cryptainer LE allows you to encrypt any file or folder on any Windows PC....and any type of data. Password protect any file or folder with strong Encryption. It allows you...can access your data.
drive encryptionfile encryptionusb encryptionfolder encryptionpassword protectfolder lockwindows encryptionencryption softwarehide filesdata securitydata encryptiondisk encryptiondata protectionencryption program

Freeware by WhiteCanyon Inc.
102 x 7629Kb downloads

...Securely manage and encrypt passwords, files, and personal information. MySecurityVault provides the information in your vault. 6. A File Encryption Tool: Don`t just protect your passwords; easily protect...individual files as well. Securely encrypt files so that only you have access to to laptop theft. MySecurityVault`s powerful security and encryption tools were previously available only to major...
password managermysecurityvaultsecurely lock dataidentity theft preventionpassword protectionencrypt filesfree password manager

Freeware by Jetico Inc. Oy
77 x 4442Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...With BCArchive software you may encrypt and compress a group of files/folders to an...single file). You may store all you confidential files in such archive accessing it whenever you All your files are encrypted, i.e. protected from unauthorized access. You...may create self-extracted program containing encrypted archive and e-mail it to your friend. He/she...
Emsa EZ Encryption Tool

43 x 574Kb downloads

...EMSA EZ Encryption Tool is a simple encryption program for Windows. This program uses the Blowfish...algorithm to encrypt files or text chunks. This algorithm is a safe from prying eyes. In order to encrypt files, the user must click on the `Encrypt...File` button which will select the input plain file and the path to save the encrypted output...
decrypttoolencryption utilityencryption tool

Freeware by Systech Software
42 x 36Kb downloads

...DELSPECial is a "DOS world can`t do without" file finder / command invoker plus new deltree -...program / command has provision for, on any file or a particular set of files located anywhere...can be made to be invoked on any files wherever they may be on a drive. DELSPECial...programs can be invoked i.e. those that accept file specifications and those that accept only the of the file can be invoked and DOS pipe characters can...
recursive command invokerfile finderdelete utilityfile managementrecursive command executer
FineCrypt Archiver

Freeware by Crypto Systems, Inc.
57 x 2600Kb downloads

...FineCrypt Archiver is a powerful but easy-to-use file encryption software for protecting files on your computer with...strong encryption algorithms. FineCrypt Archiver integrates with Windows shell so...that you can encrypt and decrypt files from within Windows Explorer or desktop. You can...choose for encryption one of 10 encryption algorithms and one of 4 encryption modes. Package...
file encryptionencryption freewarefinecrypt archiver
...Create self-extracting ZIP files optionally with unbreakable AES encryption. The ChilkatZip Self-Extractor...can safely encrypt the contents of your ZIP file with 128, 192, or 256-bit AES Encryption. To...was used when creating the self-extracting EXE. AES encryption is much stronger than standard ZIP encryption, which...experts as being unsecure. Chilkat`s streaming compression and encryption technology allows the ChilkatZip...

Freeware by SoftMajor
36 x 384Kb downloads

...uses strong and certified cryptographic services, which allow encrypt any type of sensitive user`s data. Only person,...who is owner of encrypted file may decrypt this file. Shell integration allows to...

Freeware by Axantum Software AB
66 x 3413Kb downloads

...Password protection for files using strong encryption for Windows 2003/XP/Vista/7/2008 using the AES algorithm with...128-bit keys. It combines strong symmetric encryption with compression and double-click editing/viewing. Encrypted files have...and are shown with a new icon. To encrypt a file, right-click it in Windows Explorer and...`AxCrypt | Encrypt`. To edit or view an encrypted file - just double-click it.
gplopen sourceapiencryptserverencryptiongnushell extensionfilewindowsaesfreescriptmultiple backup
SecExFile Home

Freeware by Bytefusion Ltd.
25 x 1747Kb downloads

...SecExFile brings one-click file protection to the desktop. It integrates with Windows...securing your personal or corporate data easy. SecEx File can be configured to email the armoured file...once encryption is completed. + Easy to use, password based,...bit SecExMail cipher, incorporating 256 bit Twofish + Encrypt multiple files and folders into a single encrypted...
armoured filefile encryptionsecure file
...a versatile, convenient and optimal text editor and file processor that far surpasses the capabilities of other...

Freeware by RjH Software
116 x 657Kb downloads

...clipboard:Copies the path of the selected folder or file to the clipboard. Shred File(s): Overwrites and then...deletes the selected file or files. Rename Files: The Rename Files extension...allows you to quickly and easily rename multiple files in multiple folders. Encrypt File: The Encrypt/Decrypt extension...allows you to easily encrypt and then decrypt any file using a modified...
context menuwindowsrenameduplicateshredencrypt
Any Password

Freeware by RomanLab Software
54 x 640Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...tree form. The program saves this information in encrypted files which can be protected by a password....
Easy HTML To Any Script Converter

Freeware by easy HTools
22 x 235Kb downloads

...Converter provides fast and easy conversion of HTML Files and HTML Code Blocks pasted from Clipboard to...Templates Editor. Also you can use it for encrypting the email addresses with JavaScript for preventing any...
html phpencrypt emailhtm2jsfreewarehtml2phphtml javascripthtm2phphtml2js

Freeware by Jens Müller
140 x 2140Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...units, let you directly access frequently run programs, encrypt secret texts, change the system volume by hotkeys,...manage windows tasks, and even send notes or files through a network. It has also a powerful...
pinboardwake-up linenotitiescrapbookencryptvolumefiletexttransparentnotepadquicknotejcmbstickiesreminderpostdesktopjotterstickysketchideatask-managernota
Diary Book

Freeware by TSM-Soft Enterprise
62 x 2062Kb downloads

...Diary Book allows you to write a diary on your computer. There is a diary editor, events reminder, alarm clock, address book, picture manager, built-in mailer, HTML, eb diary...
reminderhtml diaryweb diarywritenotesalarmpersonal diarye-bookto-dotextpassword protecteddiary booktodonote editorpimfile encryptjournal
...In this Information age, we have to use Multiple tools to do Day-to-day referencing activities.. And in our fast-paced life, where politeness amongst us is shrinking due...