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najitool GUI

87 x 377Kb downloads

...like bin2c which makes a compileable source code file out of any file, like picture files for...sentences - Multiplication squares - Random character text files (useful for secure passwords) naji_gui can convert: -...can filter: - Make a copy of a file skipping specified characters - Make a copy of...a file using only specified characters naji_gui can also: -...Flip every bit in every byte of a file (0`s to 1`s and 1`s to 0`s) -...

Freeware by Lars Werner
127 x 1333Kb downloads

...for the size of each item. Then it compares that to the given media size, and gives...makes it possible to scan a directory and compare it to how many floppy/zip/CD-R/DVD-discs you need. It...in Explorer Features that will come: * ISO file creation on a disc * CPU expensive calculation...with www.SizeMe". Change the size you want to compare it against. If the directory/file is marked RED...

Shareware by 2BrightSparks Pte Ltd
175 x 13618Kb downloads

...Easily backup, synchronize, or restore your files to another drive, FTP server, ZIP file, networked...or removable media. Highly configurable, SyncBackFree includes: open/locked file copying; file versioning; fast backup option; true synchronization;...log files; email results; simulated backups and restore; file filters; sub-directory selection; copy verification; background backups; auto-close...
backup removable mediabackup utilitybackup programftp backupbackup drivehard drive backupsynchronizationwindows backuprestoreversioningcomputer backupdata backupbackup and restoredisk backupbackup softwarefile backup
Cygnus Hex Editor FREE EDITION

Freeware by SoftCircuits
116 x 284Kb downloads

...as you can in a word processor, edit files up to available virtual memory (up to 2GB),...
editorhexfile comparebinary
...VBA Code Compare allows you to compare and merge any Visual Basic code embedded into...have to export the source code to a file for comparing and import the edited code back....several authors change the code simultaneously. VBA Code Compare allows you to download the source code of...two modules, compare them, synchronize (merge) different parts of code, edit...save the changes.

Freeware by Marek Jasinski
228 x 2387Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...is an easy-to-use alternative to the standard windows file manager. The program helps you with daily work...tree view for each panel * Built in file viewer to view files in hex, binary, text...or image format * File viewer inside archives too * Built in archive...and start menu * Copy, move, delete, rename files and folders * Multi rename tool * Wipe...
Free Vista Files award
...been made between two revisions of the same file or folder. CSDiff is commonly used when analyzing...features in CSDiff: · Powerful folder and single file comparison tool. · Single screen display provides a...and regular folders. · Review mode permits output file editing. · Improved accuracy. Fixes in version 5.0:...
programming toolsrevision control systemvisual compareprogram problem trackingversion controlzipms-word difference analysisvisual difference analysisinexpensive case toolsource change control
RSS Publisher

Freeware by ExtraLabs Software
30 x 993Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
..."Smart Backup": if specified, the RSS Publisher will compare the existing RSS file which is located on...the web server and the local RSS file and if the files are different (the parameters...the user) the program will backup the remote file locally and only after that the new file...FTP support Logging all progress in a log file Low system requirements And more important... IT`s FREE!...
rss publisheratomfreerss feedpodcastingpublish podcastupload rss
Emsa Register Dll Tool

72 x 937Kb downloads

...enough. This program provides extensive information about system files and other binary files, like exe, dll, and...ocx files for example. It also provides ActiveX information for...ActiveX components like .ocx files and ActiveX exe or ActiveX dll files. Using...register/unregister ActiveX dll/ocx/exe files, and you may also compare two ActiveX files having identical filenames. This program...
activex unregisterdll registerdll registrationactivex register
Free Database Compare

Freeware by StarInix Software
29 x 435Kb downloads

...The SQL Compare application will allow you to compare the structure of two SQL server databases and...display all the differences between them. You can compare databases online or you can take snapshots of...the structure of the databases and compare them off-line, which is ideal for when you...
...be times when your firewall is out-smarted allowing files to be secretly installed to hard disk through...no fault of your own. For other reasons, files in the windows and system directories will mysteriously...over time. If you had a record of files before and after, it would be easy to...determine which files do not belong. FileMap by BB lets you take control of the...growing number of files by making a record of those in the...
hijackcleanerremoveruninstallerdllsfile watchcomparephantomboot alertsecurityfreeware

Freeware by Denis Rakita
80 x 10Kb downloads

...tray. Main features of FontsOnCD: Simultaneous view and compare all font faces in selected folder. Show family...and subfamily name of font. Show file name of selected font in status bar. View...to type in text on the fly to compare font faces using exactly the text that you...
view fontsttf file viewerfont browse formcompare fontsbrowse truetype fontsbrowse for font faces
FastTrack FTP

Shareware by FastTrackSoft
34 x 2777Kb downloads

...This FTP client can handle file groups and allows you to change attributes of...FTP-server. The special editor allows you to edit files directly on the server. You can set up...FTPS (File Transfer Protocol using SSL), SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) and many others. The good news...to the following: download resume, log files, directories compare and synchronization with a few clicks (considering local...
resumeftp softwaresshwebsiteftpsftp programtransfersslspftftp clientfasttrackuploadnavigatorsecure ftpcommandserver
Abee Compare MP3

Freeware by AbeeTech
61 x 1012Kb downloads

...program allows you to create mp3 collection from files on your disks and then compare mp3-files and...detect files with the same tags (mp3 duplicates). It also...determine similar mp3 files. For example if one file has "The Beatles" in the author-tag but another...alike mp3 files. Program can discover all similar files on your hard drive, network drives, CD or...DVD-drives.
find twin mp3mp3 tag comparermp3 duplicatedetermine same mp3same mp3 observerfind similar mp3detect similar mp3discover like mp3
FTPShell Client

Shareware by FTPShell Software
9 x 2602Kb downloads

...Secure File transfer solutions to simplify your work. Automate repetitive...features include, * Comparison and synchronization - Easily compare local and remote folders and synchronize them in...Task scheduling - Set up one-time or recurring file transfer tasks. * Integrated zip and unzip -...editor that can be used to directly edit files on a remote server, or on the local...
data transferftp scriptftp clientsecure ftpfile transfer

Freeware by SlavaSoft Inc.
50 x 468Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...application. It works with large size files, supports file drag-and-drop functionality. HashCalc generates hash, check sum, and...HMAC for files of any type which makes it a valuable...download/upload transfers. With this tool you can quickly compare music, audio, sound, video, film, game, image, icon,...

Freeware by SlavaSoft Inc.
49 x 92Kb downloads

...Free command line utility for file multi-checksum generation and verification. It allows to create/verify...popular file hashes/checksums: MD2, MD4, MD5, SHA-1, SHA-2(256,384,512), RIPEMD-160, PANAMA,...(ed2k) software. Its most common use is checking files for corruption (data integrity checking). A hash/checksum calculation...with large size files. Supports .MD5 and .SFV file formats (automatically recognizes the format when verifying). Compatible...
Files Compare Tool

Freeware by S&G Team
52 x 4455Kb downloads

...Files Compare is a visual tool for files and directories comparison. It helps you to compare...makes it easy to understand differences between two files at a glance, powerful editing engine helps you...to merge found changes and edit text directly. Files Compare has a number of simple and convenient...from a comparison program. The main features of Files Compare Tool are: - Displaying files side-by-side; -...
...Convenience. It allows you to select multiple individual files or all files within a folder (and any...words, lines, characters, pages or time and directly compare the results. Easy to install, easy to use...

Freeware by Kirill Zinov
40 x 424Kb downloads

...FastSum is an extremely fast utility for your files integrity control. The high accuracy and speed attains...is developed for easy processing of a huge files count and has usable command-line interface. To make...provides special filters, which allow selecting only specific file types. It is an analogue of a famous...allows you to build a list of altered files for review while demonstrating an incredible speed of...