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Shareware by Dataware
27 x 1542Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...game in which you play four quests. Each quest has its own hero, but you choose the...your party. Download a free trial version of QuadQuest that you can use indefinitely! Published by Dataware....
...Discord Times is a well-balanced mix of RPG, strategy and adventure with a straightforward story line. The events of the game take place in a small feudal kingdom. The...
Aveyond I: Rhen`s Quest

Shareware by Amaranth Games
29 x 23369Kb downloads

...A powerful deity, Ahriman, has opened the Demon Portal and dark creatures now threaten the great isles. You must stop the destruction and destroy Ahriman before it is too late....
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War Chess

Shareware by YourGamesWorld.com
36 x 18880Kb downloads

...army to victory in this beautifully rendered 3D fantasy chess battle! Enter a world where brave knights,...of dwarves, elves and other creatures in their quest to regain their kingdom. You choose the battlefield...
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Charmed Words

Shareware by Superluminal, Inc.
25 x 8248Kb downloads

...Charmed Words places you in a beautiful fantasy world where Goblins, Dark Genii, Daemons and worse...use powerful spells in their quest to incinerate your beloved Academy. Create words on...
QuadQuest II

Shareware by Dataware
23 x 1646Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...four quests. As with the first QuadQuest, each quest has its own hero, but you choose the...new quests! Download a free trial version of QuadQuest II that you can use indefinitely! Published by...
Magic Stones (WIN)

Shareware by Winter Wolves
30 x 15500Kb downloads

...Magic Stones is a game based on Celtic mythology, and is a mix between a role-playing game and a card game. It is situated in the land of Aravorn,...
fantasymagiccard gamerpg
To the Magical Pond (Windows)

Shareware by John Howlett ltd
28 x 5717Kb downloads

...Enter a land where dwarves, elves, dragons, and pixies live. Yet in this land lies a problem in a small town. An evil witch has cursed all the children except...
Aqua Pearls

Shareware by Realore Studios
29 x 9588Kb downloads

...Aquatic. This time you are taken on a fantasy adventure deep in the ocean, where you must...accompany your little friend in his quest for stolen jewelry. A magic pearls necklace, which...
Zamby and the Mystical Crystals

Shareware by Kristanix Games
20 x 20698Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...unique puzzle game set in a vast, enchanted fantasy land! Help Zamby in his quest to gather...
Fantasy Quest

Freeware by Download Games Free
13 x 1753Kb downloads

...If you`ve ever wanted to take a quest through a fantasy, then this rpg game is...
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Arvale: Treasure of Memories, Ep. 1

Shareware by Jaybot7 LLC
16 x 77830Kb downloads

...take your time and immerse yourself in the fantasy world of Arvale. * It`s funny. Humorous storytelling...
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The Legend of Vraz

Demo by Zatun
19 x 221390Kb downloads

...and hours of fun filled exciting gameplay amidst fantasy worlds created with stunning hand painted 2D art...lovelorn Vizier and his shrewd accomplices. This epic quest will have the prince take on an exotic...
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Zodiac Online

Freeware by Ingle Games
16 x 760086Kb downloads

...4. Mentor/apprentice system 5. A rich and colorful quest system 6. Many other daily, weekly and monthly...
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Gemstone Dragon

Demo by www.gemstonedragon.com
20 x 27688Kb downloads

...The world was different once. Dragons soared in the skies and aided the kingdom of man. The Empire prospered, magic was in a time of resonance, the Imperial army kept...
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Brunhilda and the Dark Crystal

Shareware by Codeminion
20 x 152022Kb downloads

...Embark upon an epic quest to save the Magic Realm in this delightful...story. The game takes place in a lush fantasy world, known as the Magical Realm, that is...
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