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Byteria Saga: Heroine Iysayana

Freeware by Michael Hoffmann
130 x 9128Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...story-based role-playing game with traditional mechanics, set in the comedic video game world of Byteria. Our soon-to-be...heroine Iysayana is the only elf in the small kingdom of Ashford. Her rather human lifestyle...on bashes, boys and booze – but now the goddess Yw`nafob forces her into heroism. Now Iysayana...has to bear the company of annoying goody-goodies in order to unravel...

Freeware by Top Packages
89 x 1040Kb downloads

...Flatland: A romance in many dimensions. As the wuthor puts it, the stuff that dreams are...made of. This is the fascinating story of a world with only two...dimensions., called flatland. It`s very hard for the people living there to imagine a world with...story about ourselves and about how we lack the imagination to see something bigger than our own...
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Commercial by RoboRealm
73 x 3000Kb downloads

...with a low cost vision software solution to explore the complex world of image analysis and image...
SB Underwater Screen Saver

Freeware by ScubaBoard.Com, Inc.
71 x 7880Kb downloads

...Explore the underwater world with 40 real photos of fish, reefs, sharks...and more taken around the world in this exciting and customizable screensaver! Do you...like fish? Sharks? Reefs? The Ocean? Then the ScubaBoard.Com Underwater Screensaver is what you need on...Customize your screensaver to look how you want. The ScubaBoard.Com Underwater Screen Saver makes a perfect gift...

Shareware by Realore Studios
43 x 9700Kb downloads

...PC. Realore maintains its reputation as one of the best forges of masterpiece shareware games. Robbox is...a gifted robot living in the city of Intradum. Every fifty years robots face...the contest called “The Labyrinth” where they prove their supremacy to each other. Anyone can dare win...the title of the victor, but it takes a lot of money...
Starport Galactic Empires

Freeware by Playtechtonics
37 x 96032Kb downloads

...available and still 100% free to play. Be the captain of a space-ship in this fully graphical,...physics reminiscent of Star Control or Subspace. Meet other people and challenge them to arcade combat, or...team up with them. Start colonies on distant worlds and manage them, explore the galaxy for treasure...virtual items. Creating a character and getting in the game is very quick and easy. We think...
Easy Web Cam

Shareware by UK Software
80 x 4267Kb downloads

...a great looking interface that works `Out of the box`. With its superb `Live Video feed` feature...and the `motion detection` feature you will never need to...use any other cam software. You can have `email alerts` sent...use and set-up but if you need more, then just explore the advanced settings for image manipulation...etc. You can alter the uploaded HTML page or the web cam `Gallery`...viewing.
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...interesting and valuable. When people visit this site, they will see a different site every time. This...system will show a random link in the database automatically according to an algorithm. That is...least every time when people visit or refresh the site. Moreover, when people click on the channel`s...looks like a television, when people turn on the TV, they will see a program. When they...
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...3D Chat World moove online. Create your personal 3D Chat world:...This revolutionary virtual 3D chat world is installed on your own computer - always...and can be used offline. You alone decide the look of your 3D chat world - customize...You alone control access to your 3D chat world - keep your privacy. Furnish and decorate your...receive an unlimited number of 3D rooms. Decorate the rooms with usable, interactive 3D furniture, your own...
Google Sketchup

Freeware by Google
74 x 19000Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...easy-to-learn 3D modeling program that enables you to explore the world in 3D. With just a few simple tools,...once you\`ve built your models, you can place them in Google Earth, post them to the 3D...Warehouse, or print hard copies. Developed for the conceptual stages of design, SketchUp allows for quick...tool-set with an intelligent guidance system that streamlines the 3D drawing process. Some of Sketchup\`s features: •...
Brave Crab

Shareware by Pilot Group Ltd
29 x 4958Kb downloads

...Shifty Crab is upon the look for treasures. A game for children that...involves them into the action, makes them feel real participants of the adventure and shifts...of atmosphere, which makes it a fascinating game world to explore. The crab has a long trudge...before him along the deceptively smooth seashore, in a hot desert, scary...dark catacombs, the impenetrable depths of the sea and even cold space expanse.
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...for 2 to 6 human or computer players. The object of the game is to capture the...battleships, submarines or aircraft carriers) in order to explore the world and defeat your enemies. There`s a lot of...AI in the computer`s moves and every game the islands are randomly generated, so each game is...
Galacticards (Windows)

Demo by Killer Bee Software
23 x 16793Kb downloads

...Galacticards is the new Addictive Card Based Space Strategy Game of...and a hand of five cards with which they begin their struggle to become the largest species...Players must make choices every turn to improve their situation, or defend against possible raids from one...of four other players, as well as pirates, space monsters and...aliens. The final objective for each player is to have...

Demo by SCS Software
44 x 21233Kb downloads

Free Vista Files award
...screensaver and a scuba diving exploration game. Behold the amazing undersea world of the living ocean! OceanDive...takes you on a journey through the eyes of a scuba-diver, showing you stunning sub-marine...vistas, shoals of fish, undersea caves, the coral reef, and much more! Buy OceanDive and...just around that canyon corner, or just beyond the edge of your visibility? The exploration game gives...
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...a refreshingly fun action/arcade game like no other. The object of the game is to shoot your...orb at star-shaped targets located throughout 14 colorful worlds in a race to score the most points....You will score higher and faster as you explore each new world and learn how to best...and magnets can attract or repel your orb. The environment affects your orb in other ways too,...
...use program providing coloring pages for preschoolers to explore the creative world of drawing and coloring. It...Offers coloring pages related to the alphabet. A one click selection from many colors...is easy to use even for the youngest children. Beside click and fill activities the...kids have many other tools to select from like the line tool,...even use your own picture files from within the program`s interface....
childrenschoolcolouring booklearningcolouring pagescoloring pagescoloring bookalphabetkidsgameabc
...use program providing coloring pages for preschoolers to explore the creative world of drawing and coloring. It...Offers coloring pages related to the alphabet. A one click selection from many colors...is easy to use even for the youngest children. Beside click and fill activities the...kids have many other tools to select from like the line tool,...even use your own picture files from within the program`s interface....
schoolcolouring pageskidsabcalphabetlearningchildrencolouring bookcoloring bookgamecoloring pages
...multi-lingual coloring creativity to your PC! Join Quackers the duck on his adventure to bring color back...to the world! Be taken on a wonderful journey through...Splash 3D features real-time 3D graphics, an interactive world to explore and color, as well as dialogue...in the English, Spanish, French and Polish languages....
Wing: Released Spirits

Shareware by White Stone
33 x 22100Kb downloads

...had a dream of unbelievable treasures. He followed the dream to a forgotten cave, but what he...opened was the gate of ancient evil spirits. Kyrama Isles looks...forward to the swarm of the spirits. It has already happen 1000 years ago....That time a smart knight could save the people. He has built a flying machine, and...hunted down the spirits from the sky. Weeks ago Enar the smith has found...
3D Titanic Screensaver

Shareware by Astro Gemini Software
36 x 16690Kb downloads

...She was the biggest and the most luxurious liner of her time. But the...maiden voyage of the "ship of dreams" ended as a nightmare. Dive...into the depths of the Atlantic and explore the world of the Titanic full of mysteries and...See flashbacks of this majestic vessel sailing across the ocean. Behold the glamour in which the wealthy...passengers could travel enjoying their lavishing lifestyle.
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